Made the Potato

Keen of eye
sharp of tongue
you know more than you tell
and see more than is known
but your wisdom
remains your own
for all fear
the angry sage
--The Prophecies of the Serpent

Blonde and thin with a bad attitude, Nanami heads the social vultures of the court, wrecking havoc on lives with her meddling and prying. Too many people hate her for her to ever claim the throne, although she's clamed down in recent years. Known to be a close ally of Makoto, her full brother, who is one of the few people she seems to like. Nanami is also known to be fond of her nephew, Prince Shizumaru. She treats him with more respect than she does the King, in fact. As might be expected, this makes some tongues wag, especially as she is said to have made out with him on the roof of City Hall at the end of the Day of Darkness. Nanami is, however, publically linked to General Tsuwabuki, father of Prince Ramon. Shortly after the end of the Herald Crisis, she finally married Tsuwabuki after a seventy year long romance.

Nanami continues to oversee the functioning of the City of Amber and dabbles in its byzantine politics with great skill.

Nanami played several important roles during the Annadil Crisis. She engineered the destruction of an evil Chaos Sorceror, Jade Mask, and the defeat of Lipun's fleet with the assistance of Prince Ota and her son, Prince Ramon. She also rescued Queen Yuriko from Kashfa and cured Wakaba of some hideous disease. Finally, she aided Prince Makoto in freeing and unleashing the legendary bad ass, Stagger Lee, whose aid proved important during the Second Day of Darkness.

During the Herald Crisis, Nanami is known to have somehow lost or destroyed the Lion Spikards of which she was long the guardian, and acquired Magnus the Unseen during the rescue of Drake from the hands of the Cyberpope. (Some assert she had to be rescued herself). She is known to be quite proud of her long time lover Tsuwabuki's promotion to Marshal of Amber. Nanami is known to have accompanied the assault on Hel's Primal Pattern on the Day of the Dead.

Nanami has mellowed somewhat since the Succession Crisis, and in fact often seems downright cheerful. Despite this, she is known to have enmity towards several Princes and Princesses of the Blood: Princess Mutsumi, who once publically humiliated her and Princess Michelle, known to have slapped her in public. She also is on bad terms with Duchess Yumi and her daughters Duchess Lily and Mitsune because they're too...forward. She seems to have somewhat softened towards both of Yumi's daughters, since their marriages to Beowulf and Motoko respectively. She is also known to gravely dislike Princess Hiko though she rarely expresses it any more, given she hates to speak ill of the dead. (Some whisper she somehow caused Hiko to explode at the Battle of the Courts of Chaos...). She and Kozue have moved from dislike to barely restrained hatred these days.

Nanami greatly favors her son Ramon, her daughter-in-law Keiko, and her granddaughter Motoko. She seems to respect Kanako's skills, but doesn't seem to like her much personally. She seems confused by Nanbara, generally displeased by Miroku, and a little disappointed by Deirdre. She gets a strange look on her face when Shiori comes up, and alternates between being aggravated by Random and somewhat impressed by her. She seems to view Kaname with favor. Nanami tries very hard to avoid Setsuna and Ota Minor. Oddly, she at times seems to favor Captain Special Agent Uotani over her own granddaughter and namesake, Nanami Minor. She is known to respect Yomiko and Telemain's intellectual skills. She's also known to dislike Violet intensely for some reason. Nanami has become friendly with Haru in recent years, but doesn't seem to like Aburatsubo.

As of Day 4 of the campaign, Nanami is dead, slain by the primal chaos explosion during the battle against the Hemingway gang. Her spikard passed to Motoko and then back to Anno.


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