Nanami Minor

Dream-Warden, Chain-Breaker, Child of Seven and Princess of Amber

To the Land of No Return, the realm of Ereshkigal,
Ishtar, the daughter of the Moon, set her mind.
To the dark house, the abode of Irkalla,
To the house which none leave who have entered it,
To the road from which there is no way back,
To the house wherein the entrants are bereft of light,
Where dust is their fare and clay their food,
Where they see no light, residing in darkness,
Where they are clothed like birds, with wings for garments,
And where over door and bolt is spread dust.

"The weave of things is before me now like a map of the world. It makes it difficult to care sometimes, but also hard to hurt."


In a hall of mirrors, a tall, curvy blonde stood poised on the ball of one foot in a complex martial-arts stance, her long braid swinging down near her knees. She wore a plain outfit of black trousers with gold piping and a man's white shirt in the Cathayan style, with silver gauntlets on her hands and golden bracers on her wrists. There was mist about the floor, curling round her bare feet, and the whole background seemed dreamlike and uncertain, as though it might change around her at any time. The mirrors hung in steel frames, some elegantly swept like the wings of butterflies, others jagged and vicious like the blades of sacrificial knives. Seven mirrors were prominently displayed, but they held only shadows and fogs, not clear reflections; I had the impression that there were more, many more, lost out of sight down the corridor. Nanami Minor (or just Nanami now, I suppose) had changed in more ways than the physical. She had feared dreams once, but now they were her domain, and she moved in them as gracefully as she did in unarmed battle. And upon her brow, in gold, the sigil of a broken chain.


Nanami Minor was born some time before the Day of the Dead. Realizing Keiko's pregnancy, her parents took a brief stop in a very fast-timed Shadow to get the childbearing over with, in order that Keiko would not be several months pregnant during the defence.

Named after her grandmother because of the startling physical resemblance she had (according to Makoto) to the older Nanami, she was an active and curious child with a tendency to grab-- with a very strong grip, from an infant--anything put near her and not let go. As she grew up she displayed no talent whatsoever for sorcery like the other women of her close family, but took to the martial arts her father taught her with great aptitude. She was a tomboy and a scrapper, sensitive to any teasing about her small size, and rather rough around the edges. The abbreviation of her name to "Minor" by her father quickly stuck, and it is under this name that she is generally referred to by the family.

Sent to Ohtori Academy for polishing, she took to the atmosphere well until the summer vacation before her final year when, to all appearances, she got a very bad case of Teenage Stupidity, took to hanging out with her disreputable Uncle Corey, and nearly got expelled.

The year that followed was very unpleasant for those who got near her, as she seemed determined to demolish any goodwill anyone had towards her. Eventually, however, she apparently hit bottom after a hideous public brawl with her father over her desire to attempt the Pattern and the desire of the rest of her family not to let her, and, slowly, began to drag herself back up. The Harad City Military Academy seemed to provide the structure she needed to get her life back together, but the carefree and good-natured young woman who had reminded everyone of her father seemed gone forever.

Since her graduation from Harad City, Minor has been a semi- regular member of Amber's Infantry Corps, serving with particular distinction in the Melnibonean War (1386-1391 AY), where she was a great bane of Melnibonean sorcerers. Other notable life events include her assistance to Shinobu Major in Kashfa when the Fronde was crushed (1408 AY), her single visit to Arcadia to train under Saionji during the Blue Turban War (1366-68 AY), and her attendance and role in foiling the assassination attempt on her parents at the Hundredth Anniversary of the Good Diet in Wroland (1395 AY).

Personality and Aptitudes

Nanami has changed greatly in the wake of the latest crises. After many decades of estrangement, she has reconciled with her immediate family (the ones still alive, that is), and has ended her feud with Uotani. Her tongue can still be sharp and her manners crude, but she seems to have reined in her temper to a considerable degree, and her overall personality is rather more cheerful and open.

Minor is one of the best unarmed fighters in the universe, good enough to fight and defeat formidable armed fighters with only her bare hands, although she does not have the same sheer physical strength possessed by some others. She can also take huge amounts of damage and keep going where others would collapse. Having walked the Pattern, she has the usual powers that those who do not delve into the higher arts possess. She has also recently begun to delve into the deeper lore of the Dreaming as part of her new role as Keeper of Dreams, under the tutelage of Anthy. Her mind seems to have strengthened of late, though not considerably.

Heraldry and Dress

Nanami's colours are black, white and gold, and she favours plain outfits that allow her to move easily in battle. When she dresses up for formal occassions she can look quite nice, especially if she lets Keiko dress her up, but she utterly refuses to wear dresses under all circumstances.

Her sigil when she uses it as a device or otherwise is a white serpent twined round a golden rose on a sable field. She has begun to tell selected people openly about her true origins in the Dream Castle of the World of the Dead, through the intervention of King Dios and Anthy; it now seems likely the sigil is a reference to her early time with Dios. In dreams, her workings frequently manifest themselves as metallic butterflies, usually of polished steel.

Recent Developments

Nanami is a god now, just like everybody else.

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Notable Items

In the course of her life and recent adventures, Nanami has acquired a number of artifacts.