Dr. Princess Naru

Doctor of Shadow Geography and Cavalry Tactics, Professor at the Harad City War Academy

A graduate of Ohtori and Panopticon, Naru is one of the premeire swordswomen of the family. Trained in elite cavalry tactics by her mother, Shinobu Major, she combines weapon use with Power Words to make her quite dangerous in battle. She's also one of the strongest members of the family, and possesses many strange Elder-powered weapons, including flying star blades and a giant butter knife. No, really. She got it from Kanna, who first got it from somewhere in Shadow.

Her relations with her parents tend to be rather variable, as both she and her mother are hot-tempered, and her mother wanted her to go into the Amberite army, rather than running off to Panopticon University just because she was tutored by someone from there. Her father quietly supports her when her mother isn't looking.

Naru is known to be on quite good terms with Travis, Haruna, and Yumi, all of whom she's roped into helping her study at some point in time. She went to Ohtori with Mitsune, and they remain close friends. Despite Naru's disapproval of her fashion sense, Lily and Naru spend a fair amount of time in scholarly discussion these days.

Naru's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Shortly after the events of UnS, Naru entered Panopticon, staying there for nearly twelve years as she worked her way through a Batchelor's, Master's, and Doctorate. She then vanished into shadow for a decade, then returned to Amber. She then accepted a post as a professor at the Harad City War Academy, where she teaches Cavalry Tactics, Power Words, Philosophy, and Geography of Shadow related courses. She takes periodic sabaticals into shadow which seem to involve large amounts of Outsider cultist killing. She is known to have delved into the lore of the Elder Gods and to take a very pro-active stance against Outsider worshippers.

While Prince Kentaro periodically tries to seduce her, Naru remains single at the present time. She's seen with Haru an awful lot, though.

Naru is very friendly with Juri these days, and the two of them can often be found with Travis, Haruna, Yumi, Seta, and Franich, arguing some point of history, philosophy, or theology. She is also on quite good terms with Prince Beowulf, though she still doesn't like his wife. She makes periodic visits to Chaos to hang out with Mitsune, and while she seems to disapprove of the Quartet marriage, she's on relatively good terms with its members.

Naru and Asuka are known to extremely hate each other (for no good reason), and have fought several Rose Duels. Naru generally wins, angering Asuka more. Naru seems fond of Captain Tomos of the Guard, and there are periodic rumors of something more intimate between them. She is known to have trained Yomiko and Kaname, and is on good terms with both. She and Yomiko are known to have gone on several Outsider-slaughtering missions together. She and Kyou have beaten each other up in the streets of Amber City for no good reason at least twice. She got in a brawl with Uotani once, but they seem amiable enough these days. She and Aburatsubo went through a period of being close friends, but are not quite as intimate these days.

Naru seems quite unhappy over her mother's treason, and has now headed into shadow with Haru and Nagisa to go hunt down and eliminate any threats her mother may have unleashed.