Notable Skills and Signatures

I must give thanks to Dan for these concepts, though I will use them slightly differently.

You may pick one notable skill for every ten points you've invested in Attributes (Ignoring Amber, Chaos and Human ranks).  In addition, you get one notable skill for just being alive.  Notable skills are areas where you have particular expertise. You may make them as broad or as narrow as you like; the more narrow, the higher the boost they give to appropriate attributes when you use them.  If two people with 30 points of Weapon Skills face off with Rapiers, the one with 'Fencing' will beat the one with 'Swordsmanship', and either will lose to the one with 'Rapiers' as a speciality.  These skills don't cost any points.


Roderick has

This gives him 105 points of attributes.  (He's a 250 point char, though...)  This gives him 11 Notable skills.  He decides his skills will be: Acting, Archery, Etiquette, Fencing, Hang-Gliding, Horseback Riding, Poetry Writing, Sculpting, Swimming, Style, Tailoring.

You can also choose to take a Signature.  This is something you are especially noted for, the quality for which you are famed.  It might be a job you do, a personality trait, or a simple skill.  This also costs no points, but has the disadvantages which can come with Fame...

I would advise you to make sure you take a signature you can actually play out. If you take 'Unflappable', then you run away all the time, howling in fear, you've wasted your Signature.

As with Notable Skills, the more narrow the Signature, the more benefit conveyed.

Your Signature may change in play, subject to GM/Player? agreement, as characters have been known to evolve in unexpected directions.


Roderick decides his signature will be 'Look Good At All Times'.  No matter what happens to him, he can at least look graceful and impressive, even if he's being caught in a Primal Chaos explosion at the time...