House Nurgal

Garden House of Sorcerors


Jetta was the twelfth child of King Dios, his first by his last wife, Graendal. Her father was very busy, so she was largely raised by tutors. Not being very physically potent, she chose the road of sorcery to master, recieving some special instruction from her aunt Anthy, the Keeper of Dreams.

She also developed an interest in architecture and gardening, and so once she walked the Logrus, she spent about a century in Shadow, studying many forms of it. She then returned in 768 AY, and began to build Nurgalways. It took her thirty years of experimenting before she finally settled upon its current form. She then threw a very grand party.

Unfortunately, in 953 AY, Nurgalways suffered the doom of being the first House to fall under assault during the Gibberlings war. While the House managed to repel the assault, Lady Jetta was slain.

She was succeeded by her daughter Geahavi, who ruled from 953-1132 AY, when she blew herself into small bits in a lab accident. She was succeeded by her son Anglese, who ruled from 1132-1297 AY. In 1297 AY, he decided to conquer the Shadow Kingdom of Blackmoor, being interested by the technomagics they weild. The conquest was abandoned after some unknown fool in the house managed to accidentally set off a chain reaction in one of the conquered cities technomagical reactors that resulted in an explosion which blew Lord Anglese into a fine spray of atomic particles.

The last Lord Nurgal, Anabaxius, third child of Lord Anglese (his two elder sisters both blew up with their father), then took the throne in 1297 and managed to evade blowing up until the Logruswrack, in which he and much of the rest of Chaos died. His son, Anabaxius Minor, has now claimed the lordship of the house and has yet to detonate.

Lord Nurgal

Died in the Logruswrack
Anabaxius, Lord Nurgal, looked like a troll, and this is true of his wife and children as well. He was a sorceror and conjurer of substantial skill with an especial interest in alchemy. He was not a very good manager, as he was easily distracted by his lab work, leaving many of the day to day decisions in the hands of his wife, Windela. He and his wife fought a lot, due to her having rather a wandering eye.

House Aptitudes

House Nurgal is known for its work with magic, particular in the form of runes. The house also produces noted gardeners and landscapers and mountaineers.

Nurgalways is noted for its large stock of a very strong and versatile type of glass; many structures are built out of it there.

Certain sarcastic people claim members of House Nurgal also have an aptitude for blowing themselves up.

House Geography

To reach Nurgalways, one rides rimward from the Courts, through the great forest, and then out into plains, which rise into hills, which turn into high spires connected by bridges. One such bridge arches over a great chasm to a gate house, and up the spire on which it stands, you can see a great palace of glass and steel. This is Nurgalways. Below the palace spread out a series of terraces on which houses stand and crops are grown. There is also an elaborate garden, which seen from above, resembles a series of interlocking infinity symbols.

The houses are made of special forms of glass and metal, both mined from inside the nearby mountains.

Nurgalways possesses a great hedge maze, of which it is said that two people who walk together to the center will never be parted if they share true love.

Notable Nurgals and Residents of Nurgalways


I hit you with the table, instead of the chair, because I knew the table wouldn't break.

Childhood friend of Davros; she is now married to a carpenter named Alexander and has two children, Margaret and Diniya.

Anabaxius Minor

It would appear that the recent influx of beings of extra-universal origin is the result of the imminent conjunction of the Million Spheres.

Eldest son of Lord Nurgal. He is a sorceror and conjurer of fair skill, and is noted for his keen insight into metaphysical matters. He has written many verbose books on such topics.

He seems to have survived and claimed the throne.

Davros the Chaos Stylite

I believe myself the luckiest man in Chaos.

Davros has his own page here.

Malia the Chaos Stylite

I hate idol singers.

Younger sister to Lord Nurgal, she is a member in good standing of the Stylite Order. She is known to have spent several years after Second Altamont gibbering in Arkham, but has since recovered and returned to her pillar.


You can make the most amazing creatures using the blood of the Serpent People of Sargasso.

Eldest daughter of Lord Nurgal, she is an expert in the use of the Logrus and a student of the art of blood creature making. She spends much of her time out in Shadow, exploring and refining her Logrus use.

Rengor the Tall

Never settle for second best.

The tallest man of House Nurgal, he was also its greatest swordsman and the usual weilder of its logrusfoil, Thought. He was Lord Nurgal's second son. He had only once lost a duel, against Lord Loewen.

He was slain by 'Twilight', who took Thought from him, possibly in his second and final lost duel, possibly as he lay helpless due to the Wrack.


I hope my humble home is sufficient for your needs.

Romar is Davros' elderly father; he is a gardener of great skill. Physically, he is a short, stocky man with dark hair and a hawknose.

Lady Windela, Wife of Lord Nurgal

Died in the Logruswrack
Please come to my lab later tonight for an experiment.

Lady Windela was a ranking member of House Formorian and a member of House Nurgal only by marriage. She was not on very good terms with her husband because she had rather a wandering eye, so to speak. Despite that, she had the knack for management which Lord Nurgal lacked, and so they remained married.

Allies and Subordinate Houses

House Nurgal is allied to Hendrake, the royal house. It is also quite friendly with House Jesby.

Subordinate houses include: