House Olympus

Party Animals of Chaos


Cronos was the third child of King Dios, and the third of Dios' children by his first wife, Minalia. The two eldest were bitter rivals, and Cronos got along poorly with both, who were a century older than him, anyway. Where they had gone into warfare and logrus mastery respectively, he set out to become the best shapeshifter.

After his mother's assassination in 251 AY, he vanished into Shadow for nearly a hundred and twenty years, returning with a wife, children, and a band of followers. He then claimed and shaped Mount Olympus to his liking.

Thirty years later, Olympus suffered heavy losses during the Reaver War, and Lord Cronus sank into paranoia. Many in the house turned to pleasure to forget their pains, while Cronus began to eliminate those he feared sought to supplant him.

The result, in 695-703 AY, was a civil war in House Olympus. Lord Zeus and his brothers overthrew Lord Cronus and took over the house.

House Olympus was gutted by the Wrack due to its fast-time habits and ancient leadership. Every figure of note except for Hercules and Plato died; the two proceeded to commence a destructive civil war that only ended when the assassin team Noir killed Plato. Hercules became the new Lord Olympus, and has set out to make the house great via drinking and fucking.

With a military backbone even Aesir could bitchslap and a drunken frat boy at the helm, House Olympus seems destined to lose its status as Great House and be absorbed within a generation or two, barring a miracle.

Lord Olympus

Died in the Logruswrack
Zeus was a horny old bastard who liked to shapeshift, had great appetite for both men and women, and was, in general, a total slut, the slut of whom all other sluts were mere shadows. When not busy spreading his legs, however, Zeus was also a fairly strong warrior and a reasonably competent politician who had kept his house a free agent in the games of Chaos.

He was married to Hera, who liked to assassinate his lovers and make the lives of his bastards hell; it remains unclear why he put up with this.

Lord Zeus and his brothers served as the ruling council of the House; in practice, Zeus usually got his way, since Hades was depressed most of the time and Poseidon was too busy living in a dreamworld to notice the real one much of the time.

He has been replaced by Hercules, the new Lord Olympus.

House Aptitudes

House Olympus is best at throwing really wild parties. Beyond that, it has a lot of experience with conducting raids into Shadow and produces a lot of people good at one-on-one combat in various forms. And the house is full of people with artistic skills, producing fluent poets, painters, sculptors, and other makers of things beautiful.

House Geography

Olympusways is a giant mountain with many trails leading up it to the top, which stands in a mountainous peninsula claimed by its allied houses. A great complex of palaces sits inside the caldera at the top of the mountain, surrounded by a vast pleasure garden. Plutoways is a great cavern complex inside the mountain, whereas Poseidonways is a port city which sits along the coastline at the 'north-eastern' side of the mountain.

Notable Olympians and Residents of Mount Olympus (Olympusways)

Apollo, Court Bard

Died in the Logruswrack
Blonde and handsome, he was a singer and lover of great note. His epic poem about the battle of the Pelenial Fields, "The Triumph of Hope", is taught in every House of Chaos since the battle. Apollo was one of Zeus' distant nephews.

Ares, Marshal of Olympus

Died in the Logruswrack
A grim, cranky man, rumored to have been the lover of the now deceased Lady Aphrodite. He was rather violent, but very good at his job. Ares was one of Zeus' legitimate children.

Athena, Head of House Security

Died in the Logruswrack
A noble warrior, she was less horny than most members of her house. She was noted for having an intelligent owl as a pet, and a magical shield which can turn shadow folk to stone when unveiled. Zeus seems to have somehow given birth to her without outside help, or so the rumor goes...

Cerebrus, a huge 3 headed dog which protects Plutoways

Huge and powerful but not too smart, he is the ferocious guardian of the approaches to Plutoways.

Cupid, Chaplain of Olympusways

Died in the Logruswrack
He was a High Priest of Kundali. You can rather guess the rest.

Demeter, Court Mage

Died in the Logruswrack
Dark-haired and stout, she was an expert in plant magics and a kindly woman who enjoyed helping others. She also enjoyed gardening. She was Zeus' cousin.

Hades, Lord Pluto, brother of Zeus

Died in the Logruswrack
Gloomy and depressed, Hades spent much of his time brooding with his wife, Persephone, in his underground fortress, Plutoways. Certain rumors claim he had delved into the arts of the Abyss.

Haephestus (Lord Vulcan), House Artificer

Died in the Logruswrack
Ex-husband of the now dead Aphrodite, he was a hunchbacked artificer of great skill. He was assisted by many animated statues he had constructed. He was one of Zeus' legitimate children.

Hera, Wife of Zeus

Died in the Logruswrack
Born into house Danaani, Hera hated her marriage, hated her husband, and generally wished she could get out of this madhouse of adulterers. However, by staying married to Zeus, she could do more to make his life hell than if she left, so she never tried to get a divorce. Instead, she devoted herself to making Zeus' life difficult.

It remains unclear why Zeus put up with her.

Hercules, Drunken Strongman

A drunken, moronic lout. Who is strong enough to rip most people in half. One of a few people in the universe who could go ten rounds with Ramon and have a chance. He is one of Zeus' illegitimate children, and is the new Lord Olympus, which says something about how desperate they were.

Hermes, Lord Mercury, Herald of Olympus

Died in the Logruswrack
He was a noted Logrus expert, capable of incredibly swift shadow travel. He acted as herald and chief messenger to his father, Lord Zeus.

Nike, Special Agent

Died in the Logruswrack
A noted warrior who had never lost a fight, she acted as a special agent, using her shapeshifting skills on many infiltration missions.

Plato, Son of Lord Pluto

Died in the post-Logruswrack Civil War

He was a thinker and philosopher, who was engaged in a long-term political experiment in his shadow of Platopolis.

He was assassinated during the Olympian Civil War.

Poseidon, Lord Neptune, commander of Olympus' fleets

Died in the Logruswrack
Youngest brother of Zeus, Lord Neptune commanded the fleets of Olympus from Poseidonways. He believed his fleets the equal of those of Jesby and Darios. This was due to his vast capacity for self-delusion and the fact that he was only vaguely living in the real world. He was growing old and senile; it remains unclear why age ravaged him more than his brothers.

Allies and Subordinate Houses

House Olympus is unusual in that many of its subordinate houses are semi-democratic 'free cities', smaller, weaker versions of the Great Free Cities. In local parlance, they are called a 'polis'. They are typically ruled by a government democratically elected by the body of citizens, who usually make up about 10-20% of the population. Another ten percent or so are free men who are not citizens, often foreign in origin and sometimes citizens of nearby Ways. The remaining population are usually serfs or slaves, usually gathered by raids on the shadows of the Chaos end of things.