Patternshaper, Shadowwalker, Artificer, and Werepanther About Town

"I'm a lover, not a fighter."
--- Orien
"Pull the OTHER ONE, fuzz-butt, it's got bells on!"
--- Shabazz


"The card showed a man sitting on a barrel in some dim place, a goblet of wine in one hand. He was tall and well-built, dressed in a casual black suit with a red shirt underneath. Red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, revealing a steel hoop in his left ear. His expression was one of good humor, but there were shadows in his eyes. Leaning against the barrel was a saxophone, and barely visible behind it lay a sleeping panther."
--- Orien's trump, pre 1432

"The tall, well-muscled man stood on a rocky seaside cliff that overlooked several rocky islands and technological pyramids. His dusky skin was revealed by the fact that he had no shirt on, which revealed his well-formed chest, but it also demonstrated the fact that life had not been as kind to him as we had once thought. For his entire right arm had been replaced by a magical, metal arm, grafted onto his shoulder. He looked at the viewer with a stern expression in his dark eyes, as if to challenge the viewer to comment about his new 'accessory'. His left hand rested against his hip, catching a red trenchcoat in the wind, while his lower half was clad in black leather pants and boots.

"Orien. I had had my suspicions about him, but now they had been more than confirmed from his actions in the current crisis. Far from being the lazy, cowardly playboy he had pretended to be, he had finally revealed the hard, sharp core of steel within him. This was exemplified by the new trump I had painted of him, at Shiori's insistance."
--- Orien's Trump, post 1432


Believed to be 100% true before 1432

Born in 1332, Orien spent his youth in in Jade and Ember, before entering the Harad City War Academy at age 16. He graduated four years later with the rank of lieutenant, and joined Shinobu Major's army for the last two years of Bagok's war. Those two years also saw him promoted to Captain and placed in command of one of Shinobu's mercenary units.

When that unit's contract ended in 1355, Orien left the army and joined them as their captain. Some minor engagements followed, and then the Ashante campaign that left the mercenary company shattered, Orien with a dislike of war and unwilling to talk about the reasons for this, and the ambassador from Ashante with a twitch whenever he and Orien meet.

Over the following decades, he earned a reputation as a playboy and arranger of good parties. When Amber went to war against Melnibone, his publically stated opinion on the folly of war led to him having to leave Amber at a hurry ahead of a mob.

He eventually returned and took the good life up again. He seems to have recovered somewhat in recent years, as the frequency of parties and girlfriend changes goes down, and eventually he joined the diplomatic service, travelling all over the Golden Circle and beyond on Amber's business. That he gets to see strange new places and exotic women doesn't exactly hurt either.

Cover Personality and Aptitudes

Orien is generally good-natured, charming with ladies, friendly with the men. Calm and patient the way many strong people are, even insults won't get much reaction beyond a pitying smile from him. He's got a weakness for beautiful women and good drink, but can usually control it.

Orien is counted among the stronger people of his generation, and is, or was, reasonably skilled at leading men in war. While he has walked the Pattern, he shows no particular mastery, or interest in mastering it.

While best known for his parties, he's also a quite skilled sax player, and occasionally performs in some of Amber's bars, as well as in similiar establishments out in shadow.

Actual Personality and Aptitudes:

[This is a tall order...]

Recent Activities:

Orien recently returned from a trip into shadow, apparently to Kadath, and is in the process of preparing for yet another extended trip.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

[And so is this one!]

Reactions to others:


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