The blades of Order, Primal Weapons of the Pattern. They contain pieces of the Pattern within themselves and can ignite the blood of those who are descended of the Blood of Chaos. Each is aligned with one of the Patterns and possesses and elemental affinity to it; they are also each associated with a specific time of day. Six Patternblades are known to exist for sure, and they kill things (especially Chaosians) very, very dead. They are counted among the [Great Weapons]?.

Two of the Patternblades Greyswandir and Werewindle, were used by Annadil to open the Gate of Revolution beneath the Air Pattern of Tir'Na-Nog on the Second Day of Darkness. These two Patternblades, along with the Logrusfoils Thought and Memory, appear to be the 'keys' neccessary to open the Gate.

They are the elder cousins of the Arcadian Patternblades.

At the time of Forth the Nine Riders, the disposition of the Patternblades are as follows:

Two new Patternblades have arisen during the course of F9R.