The Phoenix Prophecies

A few select passages of interest from the Prophecies of the Phoenix.

The Soul That Wandered

In the Time of the Restless Dead
Shall Come the Soul that Wandered
Cut Off From Her Destiny
She Seeks a New One.

Born to the Wrong Parents
In the Wrong Place
At the Wrong Time
For the Wrong Reason

One Eye Open
One Eye Shut
In the Land of the Blind
The One-Eyed Woman is Queen

For She Stands At the Border
Because She Was Lost
She May Help Others
To Find Their Way

The Blind

She is not Alone
For the Sins of a Few
Have Cast Much Destiny
Into Chaos

Twice-rejected Destiny
Shatters a Mighty Soul
Makes Many
Where Once was One

Now Some Cannot Be Born
And Others Are Born Wrong
And Destiny Slips the Tracks
And Heads for the Cliff

Four Lie Caged by Blood
Four Await Liberation
Four Seek Escape
Four Cannot Do It Alone

The Blade is Flawed
The Blade is Tainted
It Holds Them Now
Until They Find A Key

Deep-Diver Suffers in the Pit
A Siren Song to Those
She Left Behind
Luring Them to Follow After

Kingfisher Hears the Call
Dark Shadows Hears the Call
The Innocent Hears the Call
Which Will Answer and Fall?

Many Have Lost Their Destiny
Some Find Other Roads
Others Need Guidance
A Guide Who Can See

And Still Others There Are
Who Must be Stopped
Before Their Blind Furies
Can Kill

One Refuses to Die
And Steals a Body
To Live Again
And Seek His Vengeance

Blood Shall Aid Him
Blood Shall Oppose Him
He Weaves a Web of Order
To Catch His Foes Within

Guf's Master is Doomed
The Curse of Blood is Upon Him
How Long Will the Restless Dead
Remain Chained by Him?

Their Freedom is Our Sorrow
Their Freedom Brings Death
Drawing Their Victims
Into Their Embrace.

Mother of Two Houses
Moves Her Pawns in Darkness
Reaches Forth From Sanctuary
To Pit Prince Against Prince

For She Would Be Free
No Matter the Cost.
The Blood of Kin
Will Open the Way

Nine Bar the Door
Descended of Three
The Keeper of the Keys
Seeks Their Death

They Would Taint the Nine
Make of Them Living Gates
Or Make of Them Sacrifices
For Either Will Suffice

The Chosen of the Phoenix

Many are the Tests
Hard is the Way
One Must Surrender
In Order to Conquer

The Song of the Phoenix
Rises to the Heavens
Calls the Soul That Wandered
To Become His Child

If You Would Heed the Call
Seek Ye the Phoenix
If You Are Truly Called
You Will Find the Way

But Be Warned
That to Be Beloved
Of a Living God
Is Neither Easy
Nor Safe
Nor Cheap

For the Phoenix's Child
Must Learn
To Let Go of Self
In Order To Be Reborn
In the Fires of the Phoenix;
And Letting Go of Self
Is the Hardest Surrender of All.
But If You Fear Death
You Cannot Live Again.

The Time of the Restless Dead Comes
The Dead Walk the World
The Living Study the Signs
The Fair Folk Rise Up
And War Comes
It is Time for Rebirth.