Pretty Princess Wands

In the now long-fallen Broken Pattern Kingdom, the Silver Millenium, Queen Serenity forged the Jewels of Power of her shadows into the Six Pretty Princess Wands. They eventually fell into the hands of the now deceased Beryl and from her passed into the care of Princess Yurika of Rebma, who has since passed them mostly into other hands:

The Wands have several powers:

Each wand is a two foot rod of some appropriate material, tipped with a silver crescent moon with the appropriate jewel set into the crescent.

It also appears that, due to the nature of the Pretty Princess wands, each Pretty Princess gets assigned a 'Knight-Protector' who will show up to rescue them in dire situations and shout words of encouragement. They become tied to the wielder's destiny, but minorly so, due to their Broken Pattern design. The means by which the wands select their Princess's knights is... buggy, to say the least. As an example, Prince Jerry of Melnibone is Pretty Princess Ember's Knight-Protector due to the fact that she had sex with him before she first used her wand in combat and everything went to hell. It is uncertain how either of them will react to this...though Tuxedo Jerry did rush to Shiori's rescue during the Battle of HOS KUGAR.

One may hypothesize the others as follows: