Scheduling Queues

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Queue #1

  1. Travis
  2. Phil
  3. Dan
  4. Chris

Queue #2

  1. Drew
  2. Merc
  3. Mike
  4. Rod
  5. Alan

Queue #3

Guest appearance counters:

Cycle Iteration: 53 (Cycle iteration is which cycle the current one is in number.)

Number of Muck Explode Disasters this Cycle: 0

Number of limbs severed this Cycle: 0 (Max 11 in Cycle 41)

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Queue Rules

There are three queues; the first, the second and the third.

At the beginning of an optimal cycle, everybody begins in Queue #1. The person at the top of Queue #1 has priority to play on any given night.

After playing, if you were in Queue #1, you drop down to the bottom (below anybody else in it at the time) of Queue #2.

Should the person with priority in Queue #1 not be present or decline the oppurtunity to play, priority goes to the person after them in the Queue.

Anybody in Queue #1 automatically has priority to play over anybody in Queue #2.

Should everybody in Queue #1 pass, priority moves down to the first person in Queue #2; should they pass, priority proceeds down the queue as normal.

Playing a session as the primary while in Queue #2 sends you to the bottom of Queue #3.

A cycle resets whenever Queue #1 empties, or whenever John declares it. When a cycle ends, everybody effectively moves 'up' one queue; everybody in Queue #2 becomes Queue #1 (while maintaining their queue order) and everybody in Queue #3 becomes Queue #2.

Appearing in sessions not your own (where you are not the primary) are Guest Shots. Immediatly after your third Guest Shot, you move to the bottom of the queue you currently inhabit; this also happens on each subsequent Guest Shot after three. You do not move down to a new queue as a result of Guest Shots. When you are appearing in a Guest Shot, keep in mind the camera does not follow you, but follows the person who is primary in that session.

If you hit your third guest shot in the session a queue cycles, you now do not move down. For example: If Bigfoot has two Guest shots, and guests in Wendigo's session, and Wendigo was the last in Queue 1 causing the Queues to cycle, Bigfoot does not move to the end of the queue.