Quotes One

Ramon takes the trump. You can see him standing over the bodies of a lot of busted up undead creatures. You can see Keiko, glowing with little Patterns all around her; She is holding a skull with gemstone eyes and teeth, bashing it against a wall and shouting something about, "Hah! I'll mount these to be MUCH prettier than this ugly skull."
-- Keiko and Ramon versus the Tomb of Horrors.

The grey-clad woman nods. "Better to be wounded, but alive, than to be whole and dead, I tell you. But best yet to have both." She sounds slightly wistful.
-- Few they are who can philosophize while someone chews on their hand.

Uotani says, "We were starting to wonder if you and Corey had decided to see who could drink the most rubbing alcohol or something."
Tomos says, "If the woman I encountered in the vision had chance to be correct, 116 shots of Wrolish vodka were the prime reason for that."
Tomos says, "I nearly think that I should not like to look at another drop of liquor."
Tomos says, "At least.... until after lunch."
-- He beat his previous record by 23...

Akio says, "Man, Tohru's rose-colored glasses are enormous."
Theresa asks, "This surprises you?"
Ivan the Mad says, "Tohru shoots rose-colored eyebeams that stain large swaths of countryside rose for miles around."
-- Discussing Tohru's Bright Shinyness.

Chloe says, "I continue to follow him, flailing my undead fists of rage in punishing blows that reveal the torture of my twisted twilight existance!" She sounds quite happy.
-- Chloe enjoys LARPing.

Nanami Minor takes another glass of wine. "So why can't sis just call the Serpent and tell him to get Akari's soul back?"
A note of intense bitterness comes into Minor's voice, for a fleeting second. "He's supposed to be in charge of that kind of thing, isn't he?"
Nanami says, "The Serpent said she had something to learn where she went, and would not intervene. I am not quite so willing to sit around and wait for that unless I must."
Nanami Minor says, "Good thing you're wiser than the Serpent, Grandma."
Nanami says, "My goodness, you sound just like your sister for once."
Nanami Minor says, "It'll pass."
-- It did.

Damask says, "You see? Marvelous. You are a scholar and a gentleman, Prince Telemain. Shall I begin the extraction? It will be almost entirely painless."
Damask drops the sword to his side and flexes his free hand. Six-inch bone needles sprout out of every finger. He stares at them for a moment, then flexes it again. They retract. "A ha."
Michelle whispers in Damask's ear. "Honey, it's not polite to do things like that in front of Akari's very worried and emotionally overwrought and capable of turning you into hamburger parents."
Shizumaru and Rimururu both twitch in unison.
-- Paging Doctor Damask.

Random sighs. "Ah, well... what was I going to... oh. Ah... this i'll be telling the parentals, so I wanted to share this with you as well, though perhaps you've already guessed."
Jewel says, "You're going to finally confess to them about who unleashed the killer teddy bears?"
Random says, "Don't be silly, I'll never admit to that."
-- And she doesn't know about those bears in the walls either....

The Omnian Ambassador passes Random a pamphlet. It shows a giant rampaging Random on the oover. It is titled: How Not to Be Eaten By Random
Random's dwarven breadstick dangles limply in her mouth. She blinks at the pamphlet. "Father, may I eat him?"
Thoric sighs. "Feel free to eat the man, Random."
Random opens her mouth far wider than humanly possible, exposing rows and rows of needle-like teeth.
-- Old habits die hard.

Alan says, "Well, at least we can all take comfort in the fact that the real-life basis of Moriya's killer wrote the standard biography of one of the greatest writers of the Harlem Renaissance."
-- We sure can.

Kanako grimaces, then decides to bow to the inevitable. "All right." She considers. "As long as I am talking to you anyway, could you see if you can trump Vice from where you are and patch her to me? Then I would not have to come to the Museum, and you would not have to scan me."
There is the sort of brief pause which usually is the universe's way of saying you have said something foolish.
Aeris says, "I could put you in contact with Vice. I could also beg Anno to please flood me with Primal Chaos, then tell Morgenstern that I have hidden Abba inside my central processor and only a blast of pure primal fire will get them out. I could ask Kuonji to put a tap in me and hand it over to the worst enemies of Amber he could find. And I am likely to do any of these things before I put you in contact with that filthy little worm who tried to murder my parents, who helped arrange for Jacqui to be raped and brain-eaten, who is only still alive because King Tylor and Jacqui are too kind for their own good. I am insulted that you would dare to ask such a thing of me, and I am amazed that you are so stupid as to even ask, knowing that there are few people I despise more in all the universe. But then, you are stupid enough to associate with her, knowing her to be a cold-hearted snake. So I am taking away your trump privileges for a while as punishment. You aren't trumping anywhere until I say so."
and then the connection goes dead, and your trump deck quietly vanishes out of your grasp.
Kanako watches it do so. "Hnnn."
-- Um... oops?

You pass a room in which chibi-Minor, and lots of Chibi-Soumas are busy running around a room, hands on each other's shoulders, making train noises.
Random says, "...."
Random then nodes sagely, as if she Understands. "Harem."
-- One Word. Mantrain.