Quotes 10

Random mutters to Shizumaru, "I like your son. He's cool, like me."
Moriya says, "Yes. I will be working on its behalf to help to right the balance which Suzuka has tipped. Hopefully, this will involve a giant cosmic orgy down the line."
Motoko winces slightly, then says, "It may be that you are correct."
Shizumaru buries his face in his hands.
Akari copies her father.
Random nods approvingly
Kei says, "Boy doesn't waste any time."
-- Moriya 2.0, now with horniness

And then those notes fade away. The Stag passes by you, pausing to tap each Amberite briefly with his horns.
The Serpent slithers through, to touch each Chaosian, and finally to curl around Motoko.
And the Phoenix settles down from the sky, shrinking and becoming smaller, and lands briefly on the head of each Liefe Knight, Yomiko, and Akari.
The Turtle attempts to do this as well, but is not the best of drivers. Instead, it sort of crashes into Random, who ends up tangled with the Turtle, Jacqui, and herself.
-- New god on the block, and it shows.

Random asks, "Suzuka.... do you have a God in your heart?"
Suzuka blinks slowly. "I beg your pardon?"
Random asks, "have you, perhaps, read the literature of your brother, wiggly?"
Random asks, "do you love the unicorn?"
Yomiko puts her hands in her face for a moment. "Random..."
Suzuka says, "That would be grandfathers job."
Random asks, "have the elder gods, perhaps, found their way to your soul?"
Yomiko looks curiously at Suzuka. "Did he...with the Unicorn????"
Suzuka says, "Evidently. There was some manner of excursion to the Unicorn's lust-den."
Random asks, ".... huh?"
Suzuka says, "Which lies, in fact, within an entire lust-grove."
Random asks, "waitwaitwait, are you telling me ol' Tsuwabuki got his groove on in the grove with the Unicorn?"
Suzuka says, "Yes."
Random says, "...."
Random strokes her chin. "I confess a feeling of envy."
Yomiko says, "My goodness."
Yomiko says, "I just...wow."
Suzuka says, "We were all very impressed."
Random shakes her head. "Anyway, we're getting off track. I..... oh, fuck it. Yomiko, can you do this any better?"
Yomiko says, "I think that if I kidnapped a five year old off the street, they could do it better. Let me try."
-- Random tries to talk religion, part two.

Moriya mutters, "I'm hot and I don't even have a shirt on."
Random says, "stop bragging, Moriya."
-- The Random and Moriya comedy hour, part 1

The priest bows. "Welcome, Song and..." He stares at the huge horde, then stares more intently at Moriya and Kitsune, with a look of 'who let the dogs out?'
Random mutter to Moriya, "This is why you should wear a shirt."
Moriya says, "Some people simply can't handle my manly chest."
-- The Random and Moriya comedy hour, part 2

Alright, most of y'all head up to the roof. Asuka and Chloe follow the Phoenix's directiosn to another roof, where they mount up on the Wind Dragon and take to the skies. Juri forms up your brigade o' people on the roof of the temple, forming a perimeter around Random. You can see, in the sky, Daffyl has appeared, and soon is joined by the Serpent's Aspect Coatl, and by the Alicorn and the Phoenix himself.
Random stares up at the sky. "Akari, ever get the feeling you're in over your head?"
Akari says, "Oh yes."
Random says, "Today is a lot like that."
Akari says, "Very."
-- And they were, too.

-- Chloe, directed by George Lucas

Random says, "Suzuka, can you see Annadil's soul? They just, uh, killed him."
Suzuka's limbs snap back into operation. "Soul! Who! What? Annadil! Where! I'll hurt it!"
Random kicks Suzuka mildly. "Snap out of it!"
-- Late for the moment

Random says, "Everyone is SO walking the pattern after this"
Suzuka says, "Hell no."
Random says, ".... except you."
Random says, "Yes. Please. Stay away."
-- For the sake of the universe.

Terebithia says, "My brothers are all constantly angling against each other, except for Jerry, who I think is more interested in sex than he could ever be in rulership. As I understand it, he's sworn an oath to get Shiori into his bed, which I expect will happen shortly after Father becomes a monk and spends the rest of his life sitting on a pillar."
-- "And in foreign news, Moorcock II of Melnibone has abdicated his throne to become a Stylite..."

Akari says, "Hmm...they look like the guards at the Duke's place."
Random says, "rather do, don't they."
One of them says, "That's probably my cousin, Thoth-Amon. I am Thoth-Re."
Chloe says, "I expect they're to keep out the riffraff."
Akari says, "Ahh."
The other says, "We are here to devour the hearts of the unworthy."
Chloe says, "Close enough."
-- Cathuria's Finest, on duty for YOU!

Julian says, "Since the only red haired woman among you lacks elegance and none of you are blue-haired men or have goatees, I must assume my hounds lost the trail and decided to obsess on something else in the hopes that I would not care."
Asuka says, "Hey! I can be VERY ELEGANT, DAMMIT!"
Julian says, "Unless cursing is a key component of elegance, I doubt it."
-- Speaks for itself.

You page, "What does Julian look like with my various sights?" to Akemi.
Akemi pages, "Julian looks to be riding the balance between Fate and Destiny, and seems to be tilted in balance towards Sarcasm." to you.
-- That's our Julian.

Orien murmurs, "Say, pops ... would it be possible to borrow Tincoya for this? I realize it's a somewhat out of the ordinary request ... but we could use the edge it would give us against Hawkmoon. He was already a dangerous man before the Eye, and now ... " He gestures at the room, indicating the state everyone is in.
Fuyutsuki says, "Given your last encounter with him ended with you running like a whipped puppy, what guarantee do I have that loaning you Tincoya won't end up with it in Hawkmoon's hands, aiding his reign of terror?"
-- One would think Fuyutsuki is a little annoyed with current events...

Inside, you find a huge pile of treasures, and atop it, half-asleep, a huge white dragon.
Windy stirs and regards you all with one eye.
Orien . o O ( Yes, definitely a Dragon. )
Crab says, "Hello, Wind Dragon. Long time, no see."
Windy looks at Crab the way many in your family look at Corey. "THERE WILL BE NO DRUNKEN ORGIES IN MY LAIR THIS TIME."
Crab says, "Not if you can't find better guys for us, no." She makes a face.
-- Well.

Crab says, "Anyway, we're going to go kick some ass, so if you could join us..."
Orien says, "Great-Grandmother? ... Ah, thank you."
Windy studies Crab, then Lily, then Orien.
Crab says, "I promise, no hitting until the victory orgy."
Crab says, "Yeah, yeah, no problem."
-- They'll fit into this family just fine.

Orien nods and takes it. "Lily it is, then. Thank you, pops. I can imagine how difficult this must be, especially ... " He pauses, grimacing slightly. "Especially considering my family history."
Fuyutsuki says, "Yes, it does rather concern me, especially since you spend much of your time hanging out with Shiori, who has a probably unhealthy obsession with your mother."
Fuyutsuki says, "Though her native common sense from her parents has kept her from doing anything foolish so far."
Orien says, "Don't worry on that account, at least. If she were to do anything foolish along those lines, I'd knock her out myself. "
Fuyutsuki says, "I certainly hope so."
-- Nor particularly happy about that, either.

Master Fly Biles Beautiful says, "OOC AAAAAA"
{Peanut Gallery}
Friend Computer says, "Moment of intense brain-death."
Uguu Desu asks, "Huh?"
Friend Computer says, "One of those moments where my brain is multi-tasking NPC thought processess too well. ^^;;;"
Friend Computer says, "I tried, just for a moment, to page Asuka to see what she was going to do next, then stopped myself in mid-typing."
Uguu Desu says, "..."
Tobias says, "..."
Uguu Desu says, "No more drugs for that man."
Friend Computer says, "Yeah, I know. I know."
-- Game on the brain

Anno says, "Well, Chloe, this is either a brilliant idea or we are about to fuck ourselves. If it works, I will owe you greatly. If it fails, and I live, I will likely be needing to pop your head like a zit. But I am hoping for the former."
Chloe says, "Given that I am going to be at ground zero with the detonator in my metaphysical mouth, Lord Anno, I doubt you will be able to do any head popping. But thanks for the thought."
-- Two very tense people.

Shiori hehs. And then raises a curious eyebrow at Yurika's new accessory. "New Friend?" She pulls Kosh out a bit so that he can get a better view.
Finrod says, "Hello, Kosh. I assumed you were dead."
Kosh says, "Good day, Finrod. I was not dead, merely for sale."
Finrod says, "Booty of war?"
Kosh says, "Precisely."
Finrod says, "Well, I'm surprised to be alive myself, but you have to take each day as you find it."
Shiori says, "Strange paths for all of us, these days."
Kosh says, "I expect you will be safer than I in the days to come. But to each of us, our duty. Advise her well."
-- Just another day in the life of Melnibone Jewel Demons

Shiori now considers... the dead parrot.
Shiori resists the obvious jokes.
Random stares at the dead parrot. "I have such a filthy mind."
Shiori says, "..."
Juri says, "What?"
Katherine makes a face. "UGH. I'd managed to forget I knew about that."
Random says defensively, "Well hey, you're a filthy smelly pirate at sea for months on end and your only companion is a parrot......"
Juri's eyes cross.
Random says, "I'll, uh, stop there."
Shiori says, "Too Much Information"
Random says, "that being said, I, er, have no idea how to, um, test the parrot."
Shiori now considers the parrot... and with a gloved hand, tries to perch it on Random's shoulder.
Katherine says, "You perch it on your shoulder, of course."
Random says, "..."
Once the bird is propped into place, it suddenly comes ot life, digging its claws in a little painfully
the Parrot pronounces, "Polly wants a cracker."
Random exclaims, "Zombie parrot!"
-- refugee from the Zombie Zoo.

Random says, "well it's going to be a bit inconvenient if I have to call Lady Katherine every time to make my shoulder melt and my parrot go stiff." She pauses and blinks. "Let me rephrase that....."
-- Katherine has that affect on some people.

Hayate turns and says, "It is unfortunately, easy for me to put my feelings into words. I love you, and you did things which made me feel you loved me in return, but now you've told me that you prefer the company of a man who wears a false grin, who is a traitor to his own house and who has done horrible things to your own family. Even though yesterday you were willing to kiss me. And now you want me to feel sympathetic for your pain over telling me that my dreams are all but delusions and wraiths which now fade in the light of the sun. And to make matters worse, I'm going to have to watch him with you." He looks at the outstretched hand,then turns away again. "You have your hollow man now. Fill him with your pain so you can hide from it; he's not good for much else. Assuming he doesn't just evaporate the next time he comes near Ariel." He glances off towards where the others are. "I will do my duty. Just don't expect me to go out of my way for him." He begins to walk away again, looking angry and morose.

-- But he's not bitter.

Soujiro says, "It would generally seem that you are inclined to dictate the terms of our relationship without any input from myself. Which I suppose I should have anticipated after having to sit and wait for you to make up your mind for so long. As you don't seem to have even considered what I might want." He pulls away from Akari. "I am going to have to go think long enough to talk calmly about this. We will have to resume this later."

-- But he's not bitter either.

Koshi says, "In the end, I came to understand that our existence only comes by the suffering of others in this world. The only thing that can be done is to end it, that a new and better world might arise from its ashes in the next age."
Koshi says, "No one is large enough to absorb all the sins of the world in some sort of crazy attempt to redeem it. The only escape from suffering is death."
Koshi says, "What will come will be a better world, where we won't be driven by urges we can't control, a clean world of order, with no pain, no suffering, no unpredictability."
Arthur says, "It is entirely typical of you to think that corn is murder, but genocidal apocalypse isn't."
Koshi says, "The entire wood faction is inherently corrupt, enslaving innocent plants to be their flaves and war machines! CORN IS MURDER!"
-- Making the ALF look good.

Akio says, "We're also treated to Oberon being forced to fight his own Patternghost to the death, and the winner gets his life."
Akio says, "It's not at ALL like the same exact scene with Merlin, except in all the ways that it is."
--But he's not bitter.

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