Quotes 11

{Shiori exclaims,} "Powers of the ancient times, I invoke thee! Masters of the hidden powers, I call upon your might! Holders of the sacred fires, I ask to wield your flames! Darkness holds lies, deception, corruption, and manipulation. Light reveals what is hidden, strips away the caul of domination, and drives away the night. I call upon the Light of Ariel to banish the darkness and bring the clarity of the day, and by the grace of Ariel, Kakaral, the Pyricorn, Pindin, and Rinbu -- Let There Be The Truth Of *LIGHT*!!!"

FAWOOSH! Shiori is consumed by flames as she abruptly shines like the sun. A VERY startled Aburatsubo finds himself changing back into human form as he explodes through Shiori's clothes -- fortunately for Shiori's modesty (such as it is), the remains of her outfit reform into her Pretty Princess Ember costume as Aburatsubo tumbles to the ground in front of her. The flames die down, but she is still glowing with Ariel's Light, her eyes like gas flames and her hair no longer usually bobbed but in a more wolfish, upswept cut. Ariel's Light flares outward to permiate the hall and drive away the shadows, both physical and mental.
-- Now that's an invocation.

You now see a rabbit, chased by a tiger, chased by Kisa, approaching.
Random asks, ".... rabbit?"
Chloe offers Juri and Kaname a mint, mechanically.
Chloe says, "It's Mentos."
Random scratches her head. "Kisa's supposed to be the tiger.... so who's...."
Chloe asks, "Should I bring them down, Random?"
Random asks, "with what, the mighty power of Mentos?"
Chloe says, "Could be."
Chloe casually flips the Mentos pack, lets two mints fall into her palm, and makes a flicking motion. There is a sharp WHIR, and the rabbit and tiger fall to the ground, both stunned, a mint between each of their eyes.
-- Mentos!

Juri says, "I also want an apology. I do not simply fuck everything in sight."
Kisa says, "No, not really, but I've been with the animals."
Kisa begins to drag off the pets.
-- Taken out of context, but Kisa still has the worst timing...

Chloe asks, "Are you going to change into a vampire unexpectedly, Tohru?"
Random says, "More like collapse from hunger, though I suppose going berserk is a remote possibility."
Random says, "Chloe, we're already vampires."
Chloe asks, "You are?"
Random says, "Unfortunately."
Chloe says, "But I don't like cheese."
Tohru says, "I am unfortunately suffering from were-vampirism also, but I am good at restraining my hunger."
Asuka says, "Cheese? What cheese?"
Random asks, "Did someone let Chloe drink the wine again?"
A giant block of cheese forms ahead of you, tumbling with you into the vortex.
-- No more wine for that woman.

Mother Hubbard says, "Anyway, they found out the hard way, NEVER GET BETWEEN A SAILOR AND HIS WHORE."

Chloe rubs her forehead. "I wanted that planet. And a harem. And Kozue said she was going to buy me a puppy and then never bought me a puppy."
Kaname says, "I could make you a water puppy."
Chloe says, "PUPPY."
Kaname makes a cuddly puppy out of water with her wand for Chloe.
Chloe drinks the puppy.
-- Chloe just isn't good with pets

Chloe says, "Great." She rubs her head again. "Did I drink a puppy?"
Random says, "yes. I must say, I'm rather envious I hadn't done that first."
Chloe says, "..."
Chloe says, "I had been sure that was a hallucination."
Random says, "i mean, i'd ripped bat-heads off with my teeth back in my more metal days, but _drinking_a_puppy_, it's such a very novel concept"
Chloe says, "Puppies seem to have bad luck with me."
-- As we were saying...

Tohru says, "You touch something deep and dark and mysterious and powerful and hungry, terrible and wonderful at once." Her voice sounds a little tight.
Random looks at Tohru for a moment. "She needs more drink."
Chloe says, "You need more alcohol, Tohru, you're getting profound on us."
-- Chug for each time she gets deep and profound.

Asuka says, "You should get a history book, do battle drinking."
Random says, "dooooooooork."

Kyou finally says, "Ki...aaargh, can't ask Kisa...Chloe. What fight do you most regret having?"
Chloe says, "I most regret having to beat Altena unconsious." She looks at the ground, then chugs.
Kyou winces and looks a little uncomfortable and drinks.
Asuka sighs and watches the nine and the eight circle each other widdershins."
Random exclaims, "aaargh, buzz dying. Chloe, go!"
-- Buzz Killer Chloe

Ota strides over to Chloe. "Have a little confidence. Everyone deserves a little Ota in their life."
Morgenstern says, "A....too easy."
Chloe says, "Hmm."
Random facepalms
Random says, "TOO EASY"
Chloe smiles sweetly at him.
Random goes over to Ota and shakes his shoulders. "TOO! FRICKIN! EASY! This is why they pick on ya!"
Chloe sways behind the bar, pushing the bartender to one side.
Ota looks over at Random. "Huh? What are you talking about? UGH, YOUR BREATH SMELLS."
The bartender says, "Looking for something, ma'am?"
Ota says, "..."
-- It was too easy.

Eowyn/Orien mad sexxor on the deck of a zeppelin starts to play.
Random says, "whoa, there's Asuka's mom."
Morgenstern says, "Dammit, where is the Tohru footage."
Chloe says, "HOT."
Asuka says, "MORGY!!!!!"

[Nanami] studies Akari for a moment, then says, "Do I correctly conclude by the examination of your bustline that you are currently strong but stupid?"
Bust Akari says, "Uh...yeah. Am I gonna have to think?"
Nanami says, "Please become flatter but brainy for this conversation, yes."
-- Bust Akari gets no respect.

Chloe says, "Imagine trying to have sex, as fast as possible, in an uncomfortable position, while doing your tax returns in your head and juggling red-hot waffle irons."
Random says, "i'd think, 'Damn tax returns, stupid government thinks it's so big OW IRONS oooooo orgasm, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.'"
-- Everything goes better with orgasms.

Setsuna says, "Your coffee will be as black as the heart of the dread forest Da'ka'goon, which lives entirely on the heart's blood of the innocent."
Nanami gives Setsuna a thumbs-up. "Cool."
--Setsuna, Barrista of Darkness

Chloe pays careful attention to the ID carried by people around them, does some brief forgery, motions for the team to follow, and then minces up to the guards. "WELL! And where is my latest masterpiece?"
The guard says, "She's engaging in freakish barbarian rites with her...baby."
The second guard says, "She's inside. Be careful, she may try to claw your eyes out."
Chloe says, "I hear you have a barbarian princess for me to work on. I do LOVE barbarians. They're so wonderfully... oh, BARBARIC! It's very, very RUGGED."
Mercutio updates Mercutio's @doing... Chloe Eye.
-- The Fab Five rescue Kozue

Bling, a fur bikini-clad Kozue appears, holding a baby.
Chloe exclaims, "May you drink the blood of the other contestants!"
Barbarian Kozue announces, "I will drive my enemies before me!"
-- Tremble, Conan.

Tomos turns up Route 99 and heads for the Region center. "What's the plan for this one? I'm almost suspicious at how easy this is going."
Nanbara says, "It's going smooth like butter because I am the smartest man in the entire Arcadian universe whenever I visit, and because you have supreme destiny power and Hanajima is too hot to lose."
Nanbara says, "Also, my gospel of silver cannot be stopped by God or Man."
-- This universe will not be crucified on a Cybercross of GOLD!

Nanami asks, "Chloe..." She looks out the window at the hyperspace trails. "You ever heard of the Grand Dance of the Stars?"
Chloe asks, "Are you referring to the popular Chaos disco boogie routine, the yearly Zodiac Rite that ordered the firmament, the Arcadian pay-per-trump porn movie starring shadows of Anthy, Dios, Jacqui, and Shinobu Major, or the Souma custom?"
-- Never hurts to clarify

Tomo is beating the ever living crap out of Shiori, who can begin to see spectral figures...all her childhood toys have come to her aid...sadly, only in her mind, though the little plushie Vaaprak would bite Tomo if he could... And then...
There is a suddenly burst of...porno music...
And then Tomo gets shot in the butt five times by a red-haired man in a tuxedo.
Tomo's head spins 180 and stares at him, then screams in rage and charges at him. He says, "I am Tuxedo Jerry, come to save my belo..." He does not finish his speech before Tomo lets go of Shiori and jumps on him, then begins beating the crap out of him.
Shiori, you will likely collapse if you so much as stub your toe, but you are conscious.
-- A Daring Rescue?

--Mike on the Asuka - Alars reunion.

You come to an intersection where the road off is a crude sled path. The sign reads of all things 'Winter Nymph Orgy For Random'
Random stares at thet sign
Random exclaims, "UNIVERSE, WHY DO YOU MOCK ME?!!??!!"
Shiori glances at the sign, and rolls her eyes.
Anthy sighs, "Best not to address the universe, dear."
Shiori says, "Don't bother, Random, they'd likely melt in the heat of passion anyway."
Katherine laughs loudly at that.
Random says, "stupid universe, thinks it's so big....."
-- Be careful who you ask questions of... you just might be answered.

There is an audible shap,.
Akari OOCly says, "..."
Sammy (Soujiro) says, "OOC Okay, I take 3 second break."
{PG} Tobias says, "..."
Akari OOCly says, "Snap. Yes. Okay."
{PG} Tobias says, "I think John snapped."
Sammy (Soujiro) says, "OOC AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
{PG} Tobias says, "..."
{PG}Uguu Desu says, "Geez."
{PG}Butterfly Nurse Super Taft says, "o snap"
-- There's just something about that word tonight....

Chloe says, "With luck, cutting it off will sanp it back to normal."
Chloe says, "OOC: nsap."
Akari OOCly says, "............."
Chloe says, "OOC: SNAP"
Sammy (Soujiro) says, "OOC ..."
-- As we were saying.

Chloe says, "Palpatine is rather a nastier customer than we thought."
Touga says, "He seems to have grown stronger of late."
Chloe says, "He has a mind on an order with you or Anthy, he appears to be a Dream-Master, tinkering with AByssal and Outsider lore, has a massive secret army and a warehouse of Outsider artifacts, was building a lion spikard, and was planning to wake up an Outer God."
Touga says, "But I hadn't realized THAT much stronger."
--- Even the best can underestimate.

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