Quotes Three

Jacqui says, "Congratulations, Juri, you're a father."
Random says, "....."
Juri says, "No. No. No."
Random stares at Juri
Random asks, ".... wha?"
Jacqui says, "I scried for 'the child of Juri and Madoka'."
Random stares at Jacqui.
Random asks, "Wha? Eh? Hah? But.... hah?"
Juri says, "But I don't even HAVE SPERM!"
-- Maybe it was....

Random asks Juri, "You were joking about the impregnating gaze thing, right?"
Juri says weakly, "Actually, I could, in theory, do that, though it would take a while."
-- The Pattern Powered Impregating Gaze!

Mutsumi says, "I called Momma this morning. She's in a bad mood, but it's to be expected after the whole Nemuro Hall mess."
Random glances at Juri to gauge the situation
Juri sighs. "She's pregnant. I'm the father."
Mutsumi pauses.
Mutsumi extracts a pair of q-tips and carefully cleans her ears.
Mutsumi says, "Let's try that again."
Juri sighs. "She's pregnant. I'm the father."
Mutsumi says, "But you don't have any sperm!"
Mutsumi says, "Were you using a Pattern strap-on or something????"
-- Or maybe it was that.

Motoko says, "It is, however, not our plan."
Random raises an eyebrow as Motoko speaks up. "Brief him on... our plan."
Corey says, "I expect your plan involves us all capturing them with group sex or something. I'm game."
Smoke comes out of Motoko's ears.
Suzuka says, "The group sex is usually reserved for after a successful plan."
Random says, "right plan, wrong occasion corey."
Corey says, "Right, right. When we're all worked up and hot and sweaty."
Motoko attempts to communicate, but nothing actually comes out of her mouth.
-- How to know when you've had too much group sex to save the universe.

The Heralds now announce, "Prince Ramon and Princess Keiko, parents to the Bride of the Dragon, have arrived. Princess Nanami Minor, sister to the Bride of the Dragon, has arrived. Princess Suzuka and Princess Anya, daughters of the Bride of the Dragon (the herald sounds rather confused by this) have arrived. Princess Chloe, daughter of the accused traitor, Princess Kozue, has arrived."
-- The fun of social standing in Chaos.

Loewen says, "In a war, you do not wander away from the front line just because there is currently no combat in progress on the assumption you will hear the screaming when it commences."
-- Loewen on Suzuka skipping out on the Embra mission to come to the Ball.

Ayame says, "I have spent several months learning the seductive dances of the Pishtan. Now, tonight, I shall UNLEASH them in all their glory!" He begins to dance in a very hip-grinding fashion."
Chloe says, "What a sexy dance."
Nanami Minor says, "Chloe, you have the weirdest fuckin' definition of sexy ever if you think that is sexy."
Chloe says, "His pants are shiny, and they glint in the light when they undulate."
-- Ayame and his magic pants

Corey says, "Damn. I bet Aeris told you I was coming."
Violet says, "We could sense the approaching wave of primal testosterone."
Nanami Minor grins. "Yeah, you missed me and Special Agent Violet soaping each other up." She tosses the bar up and down in her hand. "Man, the places this bar of soap has been..."
Chloe gets wide-eyed.
Nanami Minor says, "And then Chloe showed up, and first she just seemed to want to get her feet a little wet, but it didn't take her long to get right in there with us..."
Corey's eyes bulge ever so slightly.
Yuki poofs in a cloud of smoke, turning into a mouse.
-- Obligatory Bathhouse Fanservice Scene

Corey gets up. "Hey, where did Qwawoor go?"
Aeris says, "She's certainly not run into the middle of our reconstruction of the Sidar Tomb complex of Tithis-Ra, and I'm certainly not making the animatronic mummies chase her around."
-- Something she obviously didn't learn from Beowulf

Yuki says, "Someone will need to hug me or try to embarrass me now."
Chloe says, "Minor, please embarrass him. I wish to see what happens when the curse tries to activate."
Nanami Minor grabs Yuki's hands and puts them against her breasts.
Yuki's eyes widen and smoke comes out of his ears. He does not, however, turn into a mouse.
-- Doctor Chloe and Nurse Minor, Specialists in Love

Nanami Minor does handstands on the tips of her fingers while talking to Asuka. "But it's hard to recover from a bad first impression. Especially with someone like my sister, or my mom."
Asuka nods. "Yeah, exactly. Some people are like that."
Far away, many pots accuse kettles in unison.
-- Irony - Not Just a Metal Anymore

Nanami Minor grabs Keiko's hand and pulls her through. "Asuka and Eowyn are fightin'," she says, in the same manner one might say, "the weather is dry today".
Keiko sighs and strides over to them. "Asuka, shut up."
Nanami Minor says, "Oooh."
Asuka says, "You can't tell me to shut up!"
Nanami Minor exclaims, "Hey, you can't tell my mom she can't tell you to shut up!"
Chloe asks, "Can't we all just get along?"
Nanami Minor says, "No."
-- Just a little family squabble.

Yuki says, "Hauling this many prisoners is going to be a bit of a pain."
Nanami Minor asks, "Chloe, did ya bring a pair of those, uh, magic pants?"
Keiko says, "I suggest someone return to our inn room, and we can pass them via trump so we don't have to wander the streets carrying unconscious people."
Chloe pulls out a pair of tan, pseudo-military cargo pants.
Chloe says, "If you wish to change into these, I can take them inside and secure them in the brig."
Nanami Minor says, "Huh... I have to... umm... okay. This better be safe."
Chloe says, "It is perfectly safe."
Nanami Minor says, "Turn your back, Yuki."
Yuki turns his back.
Nanami Minor slides off her slippers and drops her trousers, then slides into the cargo pants. "Wow," she says. "They're... roomy."
Keiko . o O (...)
Asuka says, "Magic pants?"
Nanami Minor does a head-height kick. "Nice an' loose, too."
Chloe says, "And stylish, too."
Nanami Minor asks, "They shielded and stuff?"
Nanami Minor says, "If I'm gonna be storing prisoners in my pants, I sure as hell don't want anybody being able to reach in through 'em."
Chloe says, "Yes. I'll ride with them, though, just to make sure nothing funny happens. But trump and Logrus don't function inside."
Nanami Minor says, "That ain't all I'm worried about."
Chloe raises an eyebrow.
Nanami Minor sighs. "Abyss, Chloe."
Chloe says, "I'll put up a shield vs that as well."
Nanami Minor frowns slightly. "You're _sure_ this is safe?"
Chloe shrugs. "We could just transfer them by trump."
Chloe says, "But it is as safe as having them, say, in this room."
Chloe says, "Or in any other room in this shadow. Safer, actually."
Nanami Minor purses her lips, then looks over at her mother. "Mom, should I let Chloe put the prisoners down my pants?"
Keiko studies the pants. "It should be fairly safe."
Nanami Minor takes a deep breath. "Okay; go ahead and get into my pants, Chloe."
Chloe hefts the prisoners, and then in a mildly disturbing image steps into Minor's crotch.
Nanami Minor wriggles slightly. "Whoah--damn--that tickles..."
Keiko says, "Alright, let's go."
Keiko says, "I expect people downstairs will be showing up soon once they get the courage to come up."
Nanami Minor asks, "Out the way we came, then?"
Nanami Minor picks up her old pair of pants and folds them over her arm.
You slip out the way you came, down the building, round through the streets, and back around to where you started without any trouble.
Nanami Minor walks back with somewhat exagerrated care.
Shortly after everyone returns to the room, Chloe pokes her head out. "Are we back?"
Nanami Minor stares down at her groin with the expression of someone half-convinced they're living through a dream. "Uh... yeah."
Chloe says, "Good. I'll bring them out." She vanishes.
Nanami Minor pulls the pants out by their waistband a little and stares down into their depths. "Daaaaaaamn."
Chloe emerges from the rear doors a few minutes later with the prisoners.
Keiko says, "It's a rather nice little trick with shadow manipulation."
Nanami Minor giggles involuntarily like a schoolgirl. "It feels really weird."
Chloe says, "It was a smooth ride."
-- The Pants Scene, in glorious detail...

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