Quotes Four

Random wags a finger at Vice. "And you, you are so in need of a patternwalk. Or a stomach vaccuming. Or something."
Vice says, "I feel fine."
Random says, "you _ate_ them"
Vice says, "Tasted kind of like rattlesnake."
-- On Eating Shoggoths, pt1

Random says, "okay, going to walk mister pattern now. come with or stay here, do as you wish. Except you, Vice. I mean, come on, you _ate_ those things."
Vice says, "They needed salt."
-- On Eating Shoggoths, pt2

Juri reaches down and puts her hand on Random's shoulder as they sing together, o/~ Love me - that's all I ask of you... Anywhere you go let me go too... Love me - that's all I ask of you... o/~
They hold the note, slowly rising, leaning towards each other, and then...
The window glass shatters inwards, and a man comes through it, wearing a dark cloak and expensive dark clothing, a cane in one hand, his face mostly hidden by a white mask, though a dark beard bristles under it. The man points the cane at Random and sings o/~ I gave you my music... made your song take wing... and now how you've repaid me
denied me and betrayed me... She was bound to love you when she heard you sing...Random...Random... o/~:
Juri freezes up, staring in abject disbelief.
Random's strumming jangles to a halt as she stares as well.
He continues, o/~ You will curse the day you chose to do all that the King forbade to you! o/~
-- Phantom of the Gendo

Chloe has the glazed look of someone who now sees babies lurking in every stomach.
Nanami Minor pauses, then asks, desperately, "Chloe, I'm not pregnant, right?"
Chloe stares at Minor.
Nanami Minor asks, "RIGHT?"
Chloe says, "You are not pregnant."
Nanami Minor looks enormously relieved, then says, "Check Tohru."
Chloe's eyes bulge.
Yuki's eyes widen. "But Tohru is a virgin." He pauses. "Isn't she?"
Nanami Minor exclaims, "JUST CHECK TOHRU, GOD-DAMN-IT!"
Chloe exclaims, "Minor, you didn't!"
-No, she didn't. Honest.

Cyprine asks, "Is groveling a point item?"
--That's our Sean.

Major Minor says, "Bad thing happens. Fallout dealt with. Someone has sex with somebody else. Other bad thing happens. More fallout dealt with. More sex. Fallout from sex. John says, 'I'll be really surprised if <x> happens'. <x> happens. Fallout from <x>. <y> happens. John says, 'I wasn't expecting <y> to happen'. Sex. More sex."
Major Minor says, "John says, 'Well, <x> and <y> happened, but I'll be really surprised if <z> does. It's more likely <insert anime woman/women here> will come to my door and form my harem. <z> happens. Players begin to notice Pattern."
--Alan on the Campaign so Far

Susanna says, "I was just a housewife, until I came here, but now i'm trying to learn more about how to be a proper princess."
Nanami Minor says, "Bein' a proper princess is pretty boring. Most of us are improper, 'cause it's a lot more fun."
--Well, it's true.

Tohru smiles. "It was a lot of fun. You squeal really loudly, Random."
Random puts a hand over her mouth. "Do I? I didn't realize," she says, sounding honestly embarrassed.
Tomos blinks, looks at Tohru and Random, then shakes his head.
Miroku pauses, stares at Tohru, then dismisses a thought.
--naaaah, couldn't be.

Random puts an arm around Uotani and Hanajima. "Come, let us braid hair and gossip. We'll leave the boys to talk about football and sex."
Tomos turns to Miroku, and says, absolutely deadpan, "I rather enjoy football, and no, we may not have sex now."
Miroku says, "..."
--Miroku's reputation preceeds him.

Shiori realizes her crew's just killed a Major Outsider Manifestation. AND Evil Demmy. AND His Ship. And took out a Carcosa in the process.
Shiori just goes quietly "Whoah," in a very Kenau Reeves fasion.
-- Victory is Sweet

Nanami Minor says, "Listen, Setsuna, what you gotta do is make your interest clear."
Chloe says, "But not too forcefully."
Nanami Minor says, "But somewhat forcefully."
Chloe says, "Somewhat."
Nanami Minor says, "But not too much."
Chloe says, "You have to be sincere."
Nanami Minor says, "But don't gush."
--Dark Angels of Love

Akio says, "My philosophy is, if something is empty, fill it with cream."
--Don't ask.
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