Quotes Six

Nanami Minor says, "Huh. Oh. Well. So I'm not just sharing with Hanajima, I'm sharin' with everybody. I'm a slut-soul."
Anthy says, "I think that is perhaps a bit of a crude way of putting it."
"Sorry, Mother," Nanami Minor says, not sorry.
Hanajima says, "You would have needed a larger piece of Miroku to be the slut-soul."
--Q: Why is Minor's soul like fruitcake? A: Because everybody gets a piece even if they don't want one.

You come upon one band of Oompa-Loompas, who are singing a song as they work on repairing a building. o/~ Nanami Minor, she's got big muscles and a tiny brain / when she stood in the line, she asked for a train / her ass, it's so fat, fatter than a house / Couldn't get no lovin', not even from a mouse/ o/~
{Puppet Gallery} Mercutio exclaims, "Break it down!"
-- The last part isn't true...

Katherine says, "What's a Synthetic God? We talking 'Unicorn-in-a-Can' here?"
Shiori says, "Not.... quite." She grimices a little, and waves her hand in an iffy gesture. "The details are -far- beyond me, but in essence it involved using Cosmic-Levels of Technology to modify lifeforms, then bind them to cosmic forces, and then specialized education afterwards to get them up to speed."
Shiori says, "Of course, this is like saying four wheels and seats makes an automobile."
-- God-Making For Dummies

Anya rubs her forehead. "They're just mannequins. Not people of any kind, let alone..." She frowns.
Suzuka says, "After you have been to Tir'na Nog a few dozen times, you will become entirely inured to butchered simulacra, Anya. "
-- She's right, you know.

Ota says, "Yomiko, as you'd expect, tastes like paper."
Random says, "......."
Random says, "get. out."
Random says, "You. Yomiko. No way."
Ota grins. "The women, they cannot stay away."
Random says, "You lie! You so lie you big lying liar."
He laughs loudly. "o/~ Random is jealous o/~"
Random yells, "oi! shut up!"
-- No way.

Juri says, "NEXT topic."
Random asks, "you'll kick my ass if I tell Ota how you taste, right?"
Juri says, "So hard your ancestors will die."
Random says, "see? told you."
Ota says, "I'll just have to make shit up and tell people."
Random says, "Like you did with Yomiko."
Ota says, "She tastes like paper. TRUST me."
Juri says, "She most certainly does not taste like paper."
Random stares at Juri
-- No way, pt2

Random says, "I just dove into a flaming building for meat pie."
Random asks, "can someone explain this to me?"
-- It was Primal Meat Pie. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Akari says, "I wish for Random to turn into Sailor Random."
Random stares at Akari in horror
Kerblinkie, Random is now wearing an orange striped Sailor Senshi outfit.
Random exclaims, "I'm going to eat all your frickin dolls, woman!"
Akari exclaims, "Ooh, that's cute...ack! Turn her back! I wish for Random to go back to normal!"
Shabazz is now a gaudy looking rod with a big red heart on the end.
Blink. Random is back to normal.
-- It's Random Dressup Day, courtesy of the Arcadian Pattern.

Akari says, "I wish Random was in a Shinsengumi uniform."
Blinkie, Random is now Shinsengumi Random.
Akari says, "Now you can gatotsu the elves properly."
Random shakes her fist at Akari. "It's a Dios Lunge, dammit!"
Akari says, "Gatotsu."
Random exclaims, "Gra'am Utenaaaa! Akari's misnaming the move you taught meeee!"
Utena says, "It is the Dios Lunge. The Gatotsu is merely a shadow of it."
Akari grumps.
Random exclaims, "Ha!"
-- Gatotsu or Dios Lunge? You decide!

The waiter says, "Let me explain how our portions work."
The Waiter says, "This is a family restaurant. That's why we design our music to be compatible with the screaming of babies and he sound of children stabbing each other with knives."
The Waiter continues, "Further more, we have Family Portions."
The Waiter says, "So that the entire family can share. When I say the 'entire family', I mean, say, the entire royal family of Amber can share one order."
The Waiter says, "Then feed Ethiopia with the leftovers."
Yomi stares in horror.
The Waiter says, "I hope you both remembered to hollow out a leg. We have miniature shadows you can use to take your left-overs home with you."
--Shapeshift Le Boca policies

Aburatsubo says, "Well, the front room is pretty innocous, although a few of our kin might lose it if they leafed through the book collection."
Aburatsubo says, "Like the 'Juri Does Amber' book."
Shiori's jaw tightens a little, and then she smiles, relaxing. "Yes, that would be a safe assumption."
Orien shrugs. "If they are unable to cope with the fact that in infinite shadow, there is infinite smut featuring them ... their problem."
Aburatsubo says, "Infinite badly-drawn smut. Or 'Bader' as they call it down in Chaos."
Shiori says, "... it says something when a culture has a single word for that concept."
Aburatsubo laughs. "The Chaosian tongue has long adapted to the existence of Shadow."
-- Cross-Shadow Socioeconomic Dynamics -- and YOU!

Katherine says, "Hey Magi, who's the sexiest person in the universe?"
Caspar says, "Computing."
Balthasar says, "Question too subjective."
Orien rolls his eyes at that question. "Really, Kat ... "
Shiori blinks at Kat's request. And then giggles softly. "Sorry, dear." She winks. "-I- still think you're damn sexy..."
Katherine laughs. "Had to try."
Orien shakes his head, smiling a bit. "You two ... "
Aburatsubo says, "Besides, everyone knows I'm the sexiest."
Shiori says, "Based on the fact I haven't seen Orien in leather pants yet, I can't yet judge."
Fuyutsuki says, "I can put orien in leather pants, if you're curious."
Aburatsubo says, "That's what we need. Black Leather month."
-- Sexy Leather Pants At The Primal Pattern?

Chloe takes out the medallion she used in the Tower of Metal. "Tohru, lend me your strength. I'm going to try and seal the breach. Tomos, do you still have that bullet?"
Tomos looks up from where she is loading it into the gun. "I do, Princess."
Chloe says, "If you could shoot Yog with it, it would be interesting to see what sort of noise he makes."
Tomos says, "By the Jewel, Princess, I nearly think you have read my mind."
-- Tomos and Chloe, the Two-Man Fire Team of Yogfest '32

Drake says, "I'll put this bluntly."
Drake says, "Dad, remember how you swore you'd never fuck Mom again?"
Drake says, "Well, you broke your oath."
Drake says, "I hope she was good, 'cause she's surely fucked you and the kingdom up the ass in return."
--- even in the Dream Castle, Drake's mouth reigns supreme

Aburatsubo says, "In Melnibone, even the bathrooms radiate evil."
Shiori glances over at Abu. "You're kidding... right?"
Orien says, "Not really."
Aburatsubo says, "I wish I was kidding."
Shiori says, "Oh."
Aburatsubo says, "Damn toilet monster."
Shiori blinks, slowly.
Aburatsubo says, "You don't want to know. Just...always best to fire a lightning bolt down first, before you use it, there."
Shiori says, "I will take that under advisement."
--- Not a member of the Melnibone Tourisim Board

Shinobu Major LEAPS for the wheel of light, while Kosh's Sign is still trying to get there. And passes right through it. And nothing happens.
Then Orien leaps onto her from behind, knocking her down again, and beating her into the floor.
--- Naru is starting to get over her issues

You find a clear space and summon up the demon, which is a multi-colored butterfly with the letters 'MSN' on each wing.
Akari OOCly says, "I'd have more taste than that, John."
One takes what one can get in a frozen wasteland.
Akari OOCly says, "Bah."
Akari sends the butterfly forth, and settles down to get some rest.
Shiori OOCly says, "Hey, MSN is suitably demonic..."
--- Fun With Summoning

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