Quotes 6.5

The Shiori and Orien Sessions

Orien smiles slightly, watching Shiori with half-closed eyes. "My ... I can feel my ego growing already."
Shiori, before she can stop herself, asks "Among other things?" with a sly grin.
Orien blinks, stares at Shiori, and turns an interesting shade of red for a moment before getting himself back under control. "Aren't you a bit too curious there, my dear? Admitedly, you -are- quite nice to look at yourself ... "
--- Cat Scratch Fever, anybody?

It is at this point that there is a loud FWAKOOM, and an Imperial Star Destroyer appears about 500 feet above your island.
There is a brief pause, in which you can almost feel the Shadow writing out a 'This Item Will Not Work Here' report.
Aburatsubo looks up. "FUCK."
--- Not Their Day (for either side).

Orien takes the contact after a moment of waiting. He looks somewhat singed, and is covered in blood, though it's difficult to see on the dark rags that once upon a time might have been a ninja costume. "Yes?"
Shiori blinks. Then blinks again. "Ah. Erm. I, ah, take it you're going to be taking a pass on dinner tonight, Orien?"
--- Don't you just hate being interrupted in the middle of work?

Shiori hrms, quietly. "Hrm. So. Orienbutt. Tail, or no tail?"
Aburatsubo says, "No tail. Gets in the way."
Katherine says, "I think the tail's kind of cute."
Shiori asks, "What if it was trained to be prehensile?"
Katherine says, "The best tails are."
Aburatsubo says, "I see a tail. I think 'pet'."
Shiori says, "Well, he -is- very pettable when furry..."
Katherine smiles. "And he does that little thing when you skritch behind his ears."
Shiori nodnods to that, smiling.
--- On the merits of Werepanther Posterior.

Shiori pulls out her Aunt Gaby trump, and gestures for Kat and Abu to put hands on shoulders so as they can be in the call but so that she herself has both hands free.
Gabrielle takes the call. "Hi, Shiori. I'm busy trying to ensure your father doesn't end up a corpse. Can you call back later?"
--- Not the words you want to hear first thing in a trump call.

Gabrielle says, "If you'd like to come help, I can send you to his squadron.'
Shiori looks at Kat and Abu. "You good with this?" She has a slight edge of nervousness that indicates she's trying to weigh two lives she cares about on who to assist.
Katherine says, "A Naval battle? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"
--- She's good with this.

Ruka sees the two of you, then says, "Hello, daughter! I don't suppose you've got an extra fleet in your pocket, by any chance? And who's your lovely friend?"
--- Even married, he's still dashing and charming.

Thorica says, "Words do not exist to express how much I wish I could rewind by seven days and do it all over again."
Shiori nods slowly.
--- A wise man, King Thoric is.

Orien levels his plane out and pushes speed up to max to put some distance between his fighters and the pursuing dragons, then shifts to were before accepting the call.
There's a hideous four armed Melnibonean hunter/killer demon on the other end of the trump. It immediately leaps at you.
Orien dives behind his seat as the demon comes through. It lands on the seat. Orien triggers the eject button. The top of the figher pops open and the pilot's seat ejects with the demon on it.
The demon tumbles off on the chair, utterly surprised.
--- PULL!!!

Shiori . o O ('Oh, hey guys, there's an evil Outsider-controlled version of Uncle Demmy running around with full Abyss Powers AND a full Outsider City inside his sub that needs to be taken down! Any volunteers?' Suuuuuure, Shiori, pull the OTHER one...)
--- Windmills, anybody?

The behemoth has had its memories erased. However, Anthy is able to reconstruct most of them. It encountered a vehicle like your ship months ago, and has been following it around ever since. It followed said ship into battle against a bunch of Abyss Monks, who got zapped by the powers of the ship it followed. They tried to turn some abyssal monsters loose on the ship, and a big battle ensued. It ate many tiny people, then decided to stay here and eat the survivors of the fight.
Shiori OOCly says, "Awww. Poor baby."
Shiori OOCly says, "... good lord, I'm saying 'Poor Baby' about an Abyssal Behemoth."
--- The first sign you've been in the Abyss a little too long...

Shiori says, "We couldn't have done it without your help. Period."
Orihime says, "It was very dangerous, but we succeeded. I'm just amazed no one was hurt."
Katherine says, "I just pray I'm never in the middle of something like that EVER again. This has been one dangerous week."
Shiori nodnods. "As am I, as do I. May the next week be reasonably less stressfull, Unicorn, Serpent, and Elder Gods willing."
Katherine says, "And have more sex than fighting."
Haruna stares at Katherine.
Anthy says, "Well, it's had its share of babies being born."
--- Little do they know...

"Here's hoping next week is better than the last, Uncle Tylor." Shiori quirks a smile, both at her comment and Kat's.
Tylor nods. "Amen to that." He hugs Shiori firmly. "I hope next week is better than this one."
Orien murmurs, "I'd rather not think about how it could be -worse-."
Orihime says, "A giant dragon flies out of shadow and eats the Pattern."
Shiori looks back at Orien, and sticks out her tounge. "Don't tempt Reality, please." She lets go. "Ori-Chan!"
Orihime laughs. "It'll never happen."
Shiori says, "..."
Orihime says, "What?"
Orien says, "Well, it hasn't snacked on the Pattern ... yet."
Shiori says, "Um, Ori-chan? When we got back from Kadath, the first thing we heard from Aunt Utena was that a Dragon appeared on Kolvir."
Shiori says, "I don't think it snacks on Patterns, though. I hope."
--- Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.

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