Quotes Seven

Aburatsubo says nervously, "What news of House Alars?"
Orien winces at the news, glancing to Abu and Touga.
Shiori looks over at Abu-chan, and carefully puts a hand on his shoulder to reassure him, looking concerned as well.
Violet says, "We have unconfirmed reports that Talia and Xaemyl went berserk and killed each other and that some of the Gears have come loose and are starting to crash into each other."
Shiori winces.
Violet says, "Also, the main building of Alarsways appears to have transformed into a giant robot which is now rampaging through Chaos."
Touga frowns. "Possibly due to Hoard going out of control."
Shiori groans. "I sense another spikard hack in my future."
Violet says, "Quite possible."
-- o/~ ooooh-oh, Chaos' got to go... go-go-Suuzilla! o/~

Sousuke asks, "OOC Can I aim to disable hard enough to knock out?"
John says, "OOC You can't really knock someone unconscious with an apocalyptic damage crossbow bolt."
-- Pity, that.

Nagisa says, "So how did things go with Sousuke? You two get along okay?"
Chloe says, "Oh yes. He's a good fellow, very professional. Helgram will be fortunate the day he takes over."
Nagisa says, "He's a good boy. Needs to learn to be a little more assertive, but he's a fine fellow and I think he'll rule Helgram well."
Kyoko says, "He's fun to tease too."
Chloe says, "He's very patient, self-effacing, and calm. Very different from his father."
Chloe says, "He is also not a sociopathic religious fanatic."
Nagisa nods. "He's not much like either of his parents, except in so far as he's a fairly good fighter, like his father."
Kyoko says, "His father is a 'warrior'. Sousuke is a 'soldier'. I think that sums it up pretty well."
Chloe says, "His father is a 'fruitcake'."
-- Chloe expresses a desire for Helgram regime change.

Shiori sighs, shrugs, and wipes her hand down her face. "I feel tired, Kat. But I have a long way to sail before I can truly rest." She reaches over to grip Kat's hand, tight.
She holds your hand tightly. "If the Abyss Monks have overrun Helgram, then I fear we have much worse to see," Katherine says. "They're probably using the Sacred Flame to cook their meals. Which may well be made out of the locals."
Shiori murmurs, "No, they wouldn't cook the locals. The entire 'eating the flesh of the living' is sensationalisim. I can see them using the Sacred Flame to cook, though."
-- So, no Flesh for Shiori, then?

Random scratches behind her left earlobe. "Well, aheheh... the first time I ever.... well... the first time I had earned in-depth the arts of sex, was at Lady Michelle's house. Where, with her talented harem, I learned all about boys, you know. All about. Boys."
Random says, "And I, er, was taken under the wing of Lady Atsuko. So to speak."
Akari stares at Random.
Akari says, "You."
Akari says, "Did."
Akari says, "My."
Akari says, "Grandmother."
Random puts her hands up defensively. "Now now, that's a _crude_ way of putting it."
Akari says, "You shagged my grandmother."
Random says, "she is a wonderful woman, my first, actually, and I would call it more 'making love' than 'shagging', really."
Akari's eyes glaze over.
Random asks, "I... ah... Akari? You okay?"
Akari says, "You did the...with...Grandma...."
Akari says, "Strawberry ice creammmmmmmmmmm.........."
Random pokes her fingers together nervously. "Aheheh... er.... wha?"
-- Honey, I broke the Akari.

Anthy takes a deep breath. "Utena, why are you here having sex with your nephew and your uncle????"
-- There really is no right way to ask this question

Utena says, "I don't suppose we'll all forget this ever happened?"
Nanami says, "Probably never ever."
-- Some things can't be forgotten

Ibn Hafsun exclaims, "TELL US THE TRUTH! Or we shall get out... the lemon juice and hamsters!"
Abdul looks terrified. "Look, I'm telling the truth! The bottle's right under my bed!"
Careful examination shows there is, in fact, a rune-carved bottle under the bed, against the far wall.
Tomos exclaims, "One lie, one truth!"
Ibn Hafsun exclaims, "Who put that bottle there? Tell us!"
Ibn Hafsun asks, "Who is behind this plot against the Monks of the Pink Lotus?"
Abdul says, "I hid it there because I didn't know how to dispose of it safely!"
Tomos exclaims, "LIE!"
Abdul says, "If I'm lying, why is there a Djinn bottle under my bed???"
Ibn Hafsun exclaims, "You cannot lie to us! Do not even try! You are taking the fall for someone!"
Ibn Hafsun slowly produces a squirming hamster from one pocket.
He stares at the hamster, gibbering in fear. His skin twitches. You may be about to drive him into enough panic for him to go Primal. He says, "I am not taking a fall for anyone!"
Tomos booms "LIE!"
Ibn Hafsun says, "You are very convincing... I might... almost believe you..."
Abdul scoots away from the hamster in fear.
--No! Not the HAMSTER!

Shabazz says, "I am the cutting king."
Shabazz says, "I slice, I dice, I circumcise."
Shabazz says, "And make Julienne fries."
Random asks, "..... you didn't make the fries after circumcising, did you?"

John says, "The Pattern has decided you are obviously the result of Ramon, Keiko, Anthy, Dios, and Dream-Eowyn having a dream orgy during his rescue from The World of the Dead's Dream Castle. You have a double dip of Haradian genetics as a result, and you have the red hair which is the mark of Eowyn's line of Harads and of their ties to the Dreaming."
Nanami says, "FUCKING AWESOME."
--Metaphysics : John Explains, Alan Responds

Michelle says, "Hmm, if Akari helped, we could stage an Orgy for the Dead, so they could be with their loved ones one lst time..."
Michelle says, "I'll have to ask her about that."
Shiori says, "I rate the chance of Akari and her family helping for -this- matter extremely low, Aunt, so best not to ask."
Michelle says, "I think it's the best idea ever."
Michelle says, "I should have thought of it years ago."
Orien asks, "Will Akari think so too, though?"
Michelle says, "Akari will find herself stunned by my impeccable logic."
Orien says, "Stunned, yes. By your logic, no. Forget it, Michelle. Not gonna happen."

Tobias grins the somewhat sickly grin of a man who's discovered that what he thought was a deer is actually the Giant Cow of the Altan Tepes, back from the dead and out for revenge.
--Mike, in the peanut gallery, discovers a minor miscalculation.

Random says, "You realize I'm being the voice of reason while you are not."
Random says, "There is something inherently wrong with this."
Juri says, "Hmm. We haven't been mind-switched and not noticed, have we?"
-- Always a going question in Arcadia...

{Peanut Gallery}
Pimpdaddy Droo says, "I HAVE A SPIKARD OMGWTFBBQ."
Pimpdaddy Droo exclaims, "I HAVE A SPIKARD!"
Pimpdaddy Droo asks, "How the hell did I end up with a spikard?"
-- Forgive him, he's a bit slow on the uptake at times.

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