Quotes 8

Setsuna concentrates, and then a wary looking Corrine takes the call. You can see Juri standing next to her, blade in hand, the other hand on Corrine's shoulder. There is some man none of you recognizes on the other side of Corrine, studying you all through a monocle that seems to have a messed up image of the Pattern in it. He is skinny and a little above average in height, with short black hair and a goatee that looks faintly ludicrous.
{Peanut Gallery}
Hostilalan says, "Ahhh, so this is Matthew."
Pimpdaddy Droo asks, "Matthew?"
Hostilalan says, "Queen Haruka mentioned him to Nanami."
Pimpdaddy Droo says, "Ah."
Akio says, "Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute...."
Hostilalan says, "Apparently some romantic interest of Juri's that she's wavering on."
Akio exclaims, "My goatee does not look faintly ridiculous!"
Pimpdaddy Droo says, "..."
Iron Chef DaR howls and howls and howls.
Cyprine laughs
Iron Chef DaR was wondering how long it would take for that to sink in.
Akio says, "I'll kill you all."
Cyprine asks, "With your goatee?"
Akio says, "Starting with those of you in Japan and working gradually eatsward."
-- We love you, Merc, really we do.

Akio says, "DAMMIT."
Tobias asks, "?"
Akio says, "I want to go to ARCADIA."
Tobias says, "o/~ Automobile in Arcadia! o/~"
Hostilalan says, "o/~ Everything free in Arcadia! o/~"
Tobias says, "o/~ You should join me in Ar-ca-di-a! o/~"
Hostilalan says, "o/~ (for a small fee in Arcadia) o/~"
-- Chaos Side Story night in the peanut gallery

Alice (Akari) starts chanting and waving Count Roger around, culminating with her lifting the teddy bear high over her head and saying, in a cute little voice, "Wise fwom youw gwaves!"
-- Such an adorable necromantic moppet we have.

{OOC Theater}
Namura grabs the mic and begins to sing to Akari. o/~ You're sweet, but you're just four feet, and you've still got your baby teeth / You're too young and I'm too well hung, but Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight! o/~
-- Lyrics from Spinal Tap, courtesy of Sean. Sean, drink your tea.

Mature says coldly, "I owe my allegiance to the King of Amber and take my orders from Commander Misato Katsuragi. I am under orders to find Tomos and bring him and Inigo back safely to Amber. My orders do not say anything about taking commands from the insane, irresponsible daughter of the Queen of Arcadia. While you have been busy making men pregnant and trying to bring on a war between Arcadia and Helgram by attacking an engagement party, I have been working for the good of Amber, protecting members of the royal family, fighting off attacks on the castle, and helping to uncover a treason plot by multiple members of your extended family."
Mature continues, "You may not believe that my loyalty belongs to Amber now because of what I did a century ago. Well, I can't believe you're good for anything except sex and mindless destruction because of things you've done in the _last few days_. You are a worthless parasite, and I think the world would have been a better place if you had been strangled in your cradle. You want me to leave? Too bad. I'm going to stay here and make sure you don't do anything stupid. Or more precisely, when you do something stupid, I am going to beat you like a red-headed stepchild, and then I am going to fold you like origami and give you to Drake. You remember Drake, don't you? The man who only let you leave Amber on the terms that you wouldn't come back for a very long time until you stopped being the stupidest woman in Shadow? Or in other words, never?"
-- Mature tells Minako how she feels in the most tactful, diplomatic manner possible.

Orihime says, "I'm sure we'll be fine. I don't intend to let you get me killed like you let Moriya and Lian die, Beowulf. But I expect if this is too scary for you, you can go home and rut with your half-naked wife and make another baby who will grow up to accidentally slaughter his relatives."
-- Wow. Just... wow.

Beowulf says, "As for Lian and Moriya, I could hardly be expected to do anything about Lian when I was not present. I might ask why YOUR relatives decided it was a good idea to assist in the murder of innocents and construction of an Abyssal Submarine from their corpses. I certainly can't understand what the hell Lian was thinking when she did it, but I refuse to be the target of your ire because I didn't prevent your relatives from becoming murders and paying the price for their crimes."
-- Wow. Just... wow (again).

Tobias says, ""Azalyn, you will be trained in politics and gunboat command by John Kerry, speechifying and positive rhetoric by John Edwards, military tactics and objective thinking by Wesley Clark, theology by Joe Lieberman, primal screaming by Howard Dean, and moon logic by Al Sharpton.""
--Nine Candidates in Amber

There is a distant sound. A sound of many feet, and something mumbling, "Cuuuurrrrssseee...."
Beowulf says, "Aeris, honey, that's not the sound of the animatronic mummies, I hope."
Aeris says, "Of course not."

Akali-chan exclaims, "Hey, we can get Nanami Croft, like from that one Davies fic!"
Bishonen Kendo Genericus says, "Fuck you, Merc. Fuck you x 10000."
Akali-chan says, "..."
Bishonen Kendo Genericus says, "I'd almost managed to completely forget about that and HOLY FUCK IT WAS MINOR IT WAS NANAMI WITH A BRAID OH GOD I'M DIRTY INSIDE NOW."
Akali-chan says, "Dude, if you just called me Merc, I'm going to have to be very upset. :("
-- Always Dirty Now.

Then the flames die down, and a somewhat different looking Akari emerges. The shirt of her mikowear is pulled open, exposing some very generous cleavage; a blue magatama jewel is nestled right in the valley, drawing people's eyes toward it. Her hips sway a bit as she strides forth. Oddly, she has a pair of goggles on top of her head. She stretches, and says, "Hmm...you know, I never realized just how good I looked."
-- Bust Akari LIVES!

The scream goes on and on and on, as Akari has very good lungs, given her training, before she finally runs out of breath and slumps on the ground. "...uguu."
Harmonia (Nanami) comes over and kneels down beside Akari. "Okay," she says slowly. "With that done, good job. Now it's time for more work. You up for that?"
Akari says, in a strangled voice, "I'm still HORNY. Ohgod."
Harmonia (Nanami) looks shocked. "Are you coming on to me or something?!?"
Akari says, "..."
-- Definitely uguu.

Fuyutsuki says, "I hereby declare tomorrow to be Sex Day."
-- Here we go.

Morgenstern says, "You wanna score with Violet, you just have to do it the right way, Random."
Random says, "Whatev- WAIT A MINUTE"
Random exclaims, "NO! NOT YOU TOO!"
Asuka says, "Hello, Random, Chloe. I heard incoherent yelling. Anything wrong?"
Random says, "YEAAAAAAAAAGH"
-- Yeagh.

Asuka says, "I understand there's some very hot ABBA / Morgenstern doujins out these days. What did you think of them?"
Morgenstern says, "WHAT????"
Asuka says, "They even come with a soundtrack. I always did like Waterloo for some reason."
Random grinds the dwarven breadstick between her teeth.
Chloe grins horribly, and pulls out a manga, the cover showing Mo in a liplock with the Male ABBA lead.
Morgenstern shouts, "NO! IT BURNS IT BURNS!"
Chloe exclaims, "Infinite things in infinite shadow!"
And then you sense he is gone.
Asuka says, "Thank you, Chloe."
Chloe laughs horribly, one eye twitching spasmodically.
-- They got him good.

Chloe says, "I should probably avoid any prolonged contact with Yurika. And I have things to do Asuka with." Pause. "Things to do with Asuka."
Random blinks at Chloe. She blinks at Asuka.
Random says, "Oooooooh. Interesting."
Chloe says, "As in, a mission."
Random asks, "missionary?"
Chloe exclaims, "Ye- NO!"
-- Chloe isn't going to hear the end of this

Random says, "I'm gonna be blunt."
Akari says, "I'm not using the gohei, Random."
Random says, "Okay."
-- It's exactly what you think. You sick freaks.

Akari says, "But I said that I'm a miko, not a magica...oh. Damn. Sailor Mars."
-- Irony smacks Akari upside the head.

Diamond's forehead glows with a tiny Phoenix sign, and a beam of light fires off through the ceiling without damaging it. A few seconds later it goes out. "You will become Busty Pretty Soldier Song."
-- Uguu, part two.

Nanami asks, "What, Magical Girl Nurse Palm or something?"
Akari twitches a few more times.
Nanami asks, "What the hell kind of magical girl companion shows up in the middle of THAT?!?"
-- Nanami weighs in her restrained and considered opinion.

Akari exclaims, "Aurgh! HENSHIN!"
Dee says, "I am suddenly wondering if Blackie ever gave Kanako a magical girl brooch."
The magatama bursts into flames, which engulf Akari.
Dee jumps back in surprise.
Nanami exclaims, "Look out, she's gonna use her Pretty Masturbation Sparkle Attack or something! I remember these shows!"
Nanami dives behind a table.
-- Akari responds to Nanami's restrained and considered opinion.

Suzuka says, "Bleah, I used up all my good spelling during the sex."
-- Apparently Minako is pretty good in bed.

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