Quotes 9

Chloe says, "Maybe you have to sex people up in their dreams before Anthy will take you on. Or maybe Anthy watches."
Asuka says, "What might be connected?"
Asuka says, "..."
Asuka says, "You...you really think so?"
Chloe says, "Well, she is the Serpent's daughter. And she does have that sort of creepy, passive stare. She's very nice, but... um... well, I don't know, really."
-- And Anthy? Anthy WATCHES.

He {Katherine in male form} says, "You can just call me Kat. No good male equivalent for my name, that I know of." He glances over at the still sleeping Orihime. "How did it go?"
Shiori nods slightly. She considers this question, and idly checks to determine if she's still got her underwear on.
A quick check reveals you are as clad as when you went to bed.
Shiori quirks an amused smile up at Kat. "Chastely," she murmurs.
-- Not your usual awakening for Shiori...

Shiori nods again, and then tweaks her forelock, absently. "As for other things..."
Tylor says, "Go on."
Shiori mmms, and takes a deep breath. "I feel I owe you an explination, Uncle... sir. Relating to the events regarding the recovery of Uncle Vash... and pertaining to various incedents in the reports I've provided."
Tylor stretches, leaning back in his chair. "About how you've been studying the arts of the Abyss?"
Shiori swallows, and -- stops in mid swallow.
Shiori tries to finish swallowing.
Shiori manages to after a bit.
Shiori says, "... ah, yes," she squeaks out.
Shiori . o O (He's the King, of COURSE he'd know about that! Yes, but allow me my delusions, dammit!)
-- Your Shori Has Encountered An Error -- Abort, Retry, Ignore?

Akari jerks slightly, and looks down at her leg.
Nanami asks, "Um, Akari, you okay there?"
Hanajima says, "Oh dear, this is not a good time for you to start having your period."
Akari says, "................."
-- It's just the Cup of Life malfunctioning slightly. Really.

Nanbara says, "If I was going to sleep with a member of that generation, I think I'd do Eowyn or Juri about 3000000 years before I had sex with Aunt Kozue."
Chloe says, "Juri's taken. I suppose you could go for Eowyn."
Nanbara tumbles across the room.

Nanbara says, "I doubt Ota could resist anything female that actually wanted to have sex with him without him having to use Patternon them."
Suzuka says, "Actually, Ota has standards. I was surprised."
Chloe says, "..."
Chloe asks, "You tried to score Ota?"
Suzuka says, "..."
Suzuka exclaims, "NO!"
Nanbara says, "Man, he turned you down?"
Suzuka exclaims, "I just hung out with him a lot!"
Suzuka says, "There were only about seven of us in there, you know, you do not get choosy about your company."
Chloe says, "..."
Nanbara says, "Hey, I managed to avoid having sex with Ota. You could have too."
Chloe asks, "How many people DID you try to sleep with?"
Suzuka exclaims, "There was no sex with Ota!"
-- Poor Suzuka.

Shiori patpats Kat, and gives her a reassuring squeeze. 'And your eyes will always be beautiful... no matter how many you have.'
--Shiori to Katherine, who is about to have to shift into a beholder as part of a plan.

Nanami says, "It's like imagining Chloe sedu--like imagining Akari sedu--like imagining something not very seductive seducing something."
-- How times have changed.

Anno says, "Good. First thing we're going to have to do for you is to create a cover identity. As you walking around as yourself creates too much temptation for someone to just chop your head off, which would relieve my stress, but if the Serpent and I have to spend all our time keeping your head attached to your body, then we won't get anything done."
Suzuka says, "The problem there is my Pattern imprint, which I have no way to hide."
Anno says, "I'm going to give you a shiny coating which will mask your mind, your Pattern Imprint, and everything else that would give you away. Your own mother won't recognize you."
Anno says, "You'll be like an M&M, if the chocolate inside was hated by many, many people."
Suzuka says, "..."
-- mmmmmm, M&M...

{Peanut Gallery}
Tobias says, "I had a nightmare concerning Merc."
Tobias says, "I had this dream that I come across Phil, who is sitting in a chair sobbing, and when I ask him what's wrong he points at a door."
Tobias says, "I very warily open the door, and behind it, Merc is banging Shiori. I very quickly close the door and try to talk Phil out of jumping out the window."
Theresa laughs
Akali-chan says, "..."
Akio asks, "Dammit, why can't -I- have that dream?"
-- F9R Nightmare Theater

The guy wobbles. "The Pacifist Liberation Front avenges its own! We would have saved the world from destruction, but you damned us all!"
Jorlan says, "Yeah, sure you would have. Next time don't try killing a chemical management tech with a chemical. Or was that supposed to be all symbolic?"
"Destroyed with your own source of power," he gurgles. "Now we'll have to resort to cruder measures..."
Jorlan says, "Symbolism is for losers and crack addicts." He bangs the man's head into the wall hard enough to knock him out.
-- Some people just don't have a sense of style

Master Fly Biles Beautiful says, "OOC Aaaah. BRB"
Master Fly Biles Beautiful says, "OOC Sorry about that. Managed to fall out of my chair, tangle myself in stuff, and pull things down on myself."
Master Fly Biles Beautiful says, "OOC Followed by bathroom."
Master Fly Biles Beautiful says, "OOC IT was a high bad stuff moment."
Akari OOCly says, "..."
-- Several things happen at once.

Nanami scoops up Fate Shizumaru under one arm and calls out "Kafuin : VILLAINOUS SHUTDOWN CODE, Password: BUST AKARI IS SEXY." Then she sprints for the gate in case it doesn't work.
Bust Alice exclaims, "Fate Daddy, YOU'RE A SICK MAN!"
-- "Am I Pretty?": The Revenge.

{Peanut Gallery}
Iron Lung Tomos ponders what he's going to say to Corum and Kirika.
Artificial Nose Form Random asks, "hi guys. orgy?"
Iron Lung Tomos says, "I would rather Tomos stick his dick in a meat grinder than sleep with Corum or Kirika, let alone both."
Artificial Nose Form Random says, "tomos' dick can now actually endure that."
Friend Computer says, "Tomos' dick vs. most meat grinders results in the meat grinder losing."
Uguu Desu says, "Golly."
Iron Lung Tomos says, "..."
Cyprine asks, "Even a Primal Meat Grinder?"
Iron Lung Tomos says, "I'm... really just not sure what to say to that."
Iron Lung Tomos says, "God. The Merc part of me now wants Tomos to find a meat grinder and try it."
-- "In tonight's news, a man was found violating meat grinders at the Oscar Meyer food processing plant..."

Asuka says, "The universe needs its share of Order as well as of Chaos. You have your place."
Order says, "Indeed. Ordering all things, chairing all bodies. I was reduced to a mere tool last time, but this time I'm in control."
Lust leaps out from behind a rock and GLOMPS Order. "A SEXY TOOL!"
Order twitches.
Lust says, "Chair my body, baby."
-- Not just inner conflict... SEXY inner conflict.

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