Strong Guy

It remains a mystery as to how two short people like Nanami and Tsuwabuki managed to produce a hulking man like Ramon. He's tall, with short dark hair and bulging muscles. He tends to wear martial arts clothing, and is noted for his skill in those arts. Ramon is an easy going guy and somewhat easily exploited, which usually results in his mother lecturing him. He bickers constantly with his mother, who has been known to use him as a human shield.

During the Annadil Crisis, Ramon assisted Prince Ota on several missions into Shadow, one of which led to his love affair with Keiko, to whom he is now married. Their love may not inspire epic love songs, but one hundred and forty years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at either. In recent years, he and Keiko and Captain Uotani work out together most mornings, and he seems to be very proud of his wife's growth in strength. He and Keiko are Motoko's parents, and while neither of them really understands her, they both are known to care for their daughter quite a bit. He is also Nanami Minor's father, and is known to care for her quite a bit, although her temper frustrates him.

Ramon's house in Shadow is generally open for anyone who wants to come and party, much to Keiko's annoyance at times. Just clean up after yourself, please.

During the Herald Crisis, Ramon fell into the hands of House Darios, resulting in his being held hostage until Moriya and Motoko engineered an operation to rescue him. He also delivered a heart-felt if not very well written eulogy for Prince Ota at the Marching ceremonies. On the Day of the Dead, he is known to have killed some six or seven of Hel's Wu, more than any other member of the family, an act which seems to have greatly elevated his status in the eyes of Drake and Shinobu Major.

Ramon is a very easy-going guy, and is on good terms with just about all of the younger princes and princesses, though he seems to especially favor Kanna (who he is known to have trained), Jacqueline (who he seems to treat as his own daughter), Thoric (who he enjoys wrestling with), and Moonshade (ditto). While he doesn't see her much, he and Shinobu Major are on good terms as well.

In recent years, he seems to regard Captain Uotani of the Watch as a protege, and spends a lot of time helping to train her in unarmed combat. In fact, he's on rather better terms with her than he is with Nanami Minor, and almost certainly sees her more often. Uotani seems to show up a remarkably large number of Belgalad family gatherings where one might not expect a simple guardswoman to appear. This has led some to speculate that Uotani quietly shares Ramon and Keiko's bed, though Uotani becomes violent when people ask this, and Keiko just laughs at anyone who suggests it. Ramon simply glares. Others speculate that she is an illegitimate child of one or the other of them, though given that no one else seems to bother hiding their bastards, this seems unlikely.

Ramon has trained an immense number of people in unarmed combat over the last century, and generally cemented his position as quite possibly the strongest man in the universe. He is known to have won best three out of five rounds against Lady Suroth, generally considered the strength champion of Chaos. Tylor has appointed him 'Royal Physical Trainer of Amber'. He seems to view Orien quite favorably, and Random as well, along with the rest of the Arcadians, especially Makoto Minor. Ramon sparred with Kanako at times before her disappearance. He seems to view Deirdre and Miroku as if they were his own grandchildren. And to lecture both of them, as if that was the case. He seems utterly baffled in every way by Nanbara.

Ramon recently helped raise his new grand-daughter, Anya in fast-time.

Ramon has gone on to fight in the Kong Fang and help take out one of the Ascended Masters, been slapped around by Wu-Hurin, and has been, of late, in the Castle of Dreams.

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