o/~ My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
     And all I remember Is thinking, I want to be like them

Ever since I was little, ever since I was little oh it looked like fun
            And it's no coincidence I've come
              And I can die when I'm done

                 But maybe I'm crazy
                 Maybe you're crazy
                 Maybe we're crazy
                     Probably o/~

"Orbis non sufficit"


"It was time for a change, really. And I had changed, on many levels. Gone is the Dios costume, gone is his cape, gone is the ring I modeled after his. A more stern look, for more stern times, or something like that. Black with the white, darkness along with light, simply because that's the way I see the universe. It balances out. The new rose signet of my own design, it will hopefully evolve into something my dreamers can embrace as their own movement, forged by their own hands. The old symbol was fine, but it was too big, if you get what I mean. The people would always see it as His, and I wanted something they could call Theirs, and, well, something I could call mine, too. The blue hair is... but of course I've always had blue hair. I've always shifted it to white before, part of my hero worship to Him, though not any more. Why? Well, same reason as the new rose signet. Time to stop focusing so tightly on following someone else's path. I'll blaze my own. What? You think I kinda look like Miki? Don't be ridiculous."


Random is the firstborn child of the royal family of Arcadia, daughter of Jacqueline and Thoric, raised by them and Mutsumi as well, and their influence shows in her dabbling in trump (obviously Mutsumi's influence), music (from Mutsumi and Thoric), leadership (once again, Mutsumi and Thoric), and utter lack of magical ability (her mother's influence, following the Do as I say, not as I Do school of thought apparently). She also hugs every bit as much as Mutsumi, and some speculate she is, in fact, a genetic experiment blending Jacqueline, Thoric and Mutsumi's genetics into one being.

She was sent from the Arcadia universe originally to be properly educated in military matters from the Harad Military Academy and the Amber City Naval Academy, and has served in various military campaigns with glory and distinction. However, a military career is not what she has been pursuing.

Random is, in fact, one of the most famous celebrities on both sides of Yig, if not the most famous, thanks to a long career as a pop star and fashion model, an impressive career spanning 85 years. Some, like her uncle Drake, scratch their heads and sigh at Random's career choice.

To the royal family of Amber she is very friendly, though she adresses them using formal titles, such as 'prince', 'princess', 'lord' or 'lady'. To those whom commanded her in the military, she simply adresses them as 'commandah' (she has a somewhat continental accent). The only ones she addresses with more familiar titles is her more immediate relations, Kasumi, Utena, Anthy, Michelle and Saionji.

Her long military history incudes successful military campaigns in the second Melnibonean War, the Blue Turban conflict of Arcadia, and the incursion of The Dark.

She currently holds rank of Captain in the Amber Navy, Lieutenant General in the Arcadia Army, and General of the Armies of Amber.

She also holds court over the famous Raves of Arden, and her universe-travelling concerts are always a big event.

While her primary interest (the music career) is fairly obvious, she is also deeply curious about the nature and function of the major powers and gods of the universe, the Logrus, the Pattern, the Serpent, Unicorn, and Turtle, and is a great believer in naturally enforced cosmic balance and something called 'Chaos Theory', in which there's order in chaos, and chaos in order, or something like that which just doesn't make sense to reasonable people. She also delves into the history of Annadil, comparing it to the history of her own world's King Dios, studying the hows and whys of Dios falling from grace.

While normally a pleasant and cheerful soul liked by all, there is one phrase that, if uttered by her, will make most people who know her cringe and fear.

"I Am Bored."

The result of Random boredom varies, from yet another rave in Arden, wild shopping sprees in CAFAM, or strange nonsensical rampages through shadow. Mercifully, she's been a lot less bored since settling down in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn.

The last thirty years have seen a remarkable mellowing out in Random's demeanor. While her music and concerts will still be fairly noisy, her civilian demeanor has been lowered down from a gabbing whirlwind to a leisurely cheshire cat, though she still is terrible when she's bored. Some speculate that twenty years of life without having to pick up a sword is the cause. Others believe she's finally on prescription drugs. The recent revelation that she is engaged to Juri of Harad probably has a lot to do with it.

Random has recently founded an organization in Chaos known as the Order of the Rose, which, in the wake of the Logruswreck, is now the primary source of peacekeeping, law enforcement and medical aid in many sectors of Chaos. She is a demigoddess of song, and has displayed the power to temporarily move the stars to her will. She is a part-time vampire, christened Victoria by the lady Lillith, but working on fixing this condition. She also now sports a long braid, after a session with Uotani talking about boys, though usually keeps it under her hat.

A Random Century: The Best Of Random Tenjou (released 1332):

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