The Red Knight

Avatar of the Fire Pattern

Incarnate Protector of the Fire Pattern of Ember, Husband of Queen Corrine I of Ember, Father of Gabrielle and Kanna, and Grandfather of Shinobu Minor and Shiori.

It did not come as a surprise when Corrine and the Red Knight were married soon after the end of the Annadil Crisis. It did come as some surprise, however, when she became pregnant by him. (Though not as much as could have been expected, given the relationship between Hiko and the Green Knight of Arden). Now he was a father in fact as well as name, and he adapted admirably to the changes this wrought in the Ember Royal Family.

Of course, this doesn't mean everything goes entirely smooth, but what Father/Daughter relationship ever does?

The Red Knight continues to serve as one of the last lines of defense in Ember, protecting the Fire Pattern and hanging out in various places across the kingdom. He has not had much contact with the current generation (the family has been getting rather big), but he is known to be fond of his Granddaughters, Shinobu Minor and Shiori. After all, he's the only Pattern Knight who has grand-children...