House Redleaf

House of Chaos Elves


Rumors and mysteries surround the origin of Logrus Keeper Rose and her companions, one of whom, Lord Auriverdin, founded House Redleaf. In the aftermath of the Day of the Dead, he travelled around and united the major clans of Elves of New Chaos, and formed them into a potent house after crafting Alfheim, the home base of the House.

Lord Redleaf


"My kind of mage, my brother is! He carries a sword, and his spells reduce things to a fine ash. And he wears armor, not a bloody dress like that pansy Merlin!"

- Malcolm

A mage and proficient fighter, Auriverdin is a formidable foe. Luckily, he seems to be a fairly nice guy. Auriverdin is one of the greatest mages of New Chaos. He is also a skillful swordsman, and a crafter of items.

He spends a lot of time leading exploration missions into Shadow.

He is, like everyone else in the house, an Elf (technically, he's half-elven).

House Aptitudes

Hunters, sorcerors, and explorers, the elves of House Redleaf have a knack for nature magics and for shadow exploration. They are also experts of guerilla warfare.

House Geography

Alfheim is a beautiful forest shadow, full of small tree cities and endless swathes of largely untouched natural beauty. It rains a little each day and has a moderate climate year round; the woods teem with game animals and fruits and berries.

The result is that much of the time, the inhabitants live dispersed in small communities, following a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that makes them expert in forest warfare, nature magics, and guerilla warfare.

Notable Redleafs and Residents of Redleafways

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