Former Priestess of Frostspire

Rimururu was a shrine maiden/priestess of Frostspire, the ice kami which represents her home shadow. She met Shizumaru during his second quest for the Seed of Hope; his party helped beat off a pack of Chaos demons chasing her. She decided to accompany them (she had just finished off a mission of her own) in trying to recover the Seed. During the quest, she demonstrated a remarkable ability of power and control over ice and some rapport with nature. (She insists that her sister, Nakoruru, is far better at the latter.)

Evidently, she worked rather well with the Amberites, and returned with them to Amber, spending quite a bit of time with Shizumaru in particular. She also came along on the ill-fated reconnaisance mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds, barely managing to escape back to Frostspire after the ship was attacked and sunk. She was soon reunited with Shizumaru, though, and it was at this time that he first proposed marriage to her, apparently. As she was still sworn to celibacy as a shrine maiden, she had to refuse him for the moment, but said that she would be able to answer him yes the next spring. In the meantime, Shizumaru would court her; they exchanged rings--she gave him a ring of magical, unmelting ice, while he gave her a ring of still-living wood--to mark their pledge. This story still makes the chambermaids of Castle Amber sigh wistfully, even forty years later.

Rimururu is a slightly diminutive woman, appearing to be in her late 20s physically, with bobbed brown hair and matching brown eyes. She usually dresses in the clothing styles native to Frostspire, and has a blue, double-knotted headband in her hair. Although growing up has lent some maturity to her features, she is still very cute, more than beautiful. She is usually very warm and friendly (belying her elemental alignment) and energetic in the way that is best described by the Lipunese word 'genki'. One of the few things that will make her frown is mention of Urd, her former rival for Shizumaru's affections from back during the Annadil Crisis, even though Urd has rarely been seen since. Rimururu still has her ice powers, despite having left Frostspire's service when she married Shizumaru, and has an intelligent ice crystal named Konril as a constant companion. She wears a short sword of Frostspirean make at her back on her belt, though few have ever seen her use it.

She is intensely devoted to Shizumaru, and he to her. Both care for their daughter Akari, very much, as well. She largely went into seclusion during his imprisonment. She seems to have handled her son Moriya's death as well as any such death is ever handled. However, that death being followed up by Mitsune, her son's lover, hooking up with the Quartet, seems to have weighed on her increasingly heavily over the years. She seems to intensely hate Mitsune, and to greatly frown upon Moonshade and Motoko. In fact, she's fought three rose duels with Mitsune. And lost each and every one by a huge margin. Shizumaru has prevented further duels since his return from prison. Her encounters with Davros are exercises in mutual agony. She cannot forgive him for taking Mitsune as his wife, yet their old companionship and adventures together means that neither can retreat into the easy refuge of hatred either.

She has had few dealings with most of the current generation, and seems to frown on much of the previous generation, approving only of Kanna and Nausicaa, though she dislikes Kanna's child, Shiori. She especially dislikes Miroku (who she once froze in a block of ice and set adrift at sea in the middle of Shadow), Kurz (who got frozen in the same block with Miroku), and Nanbara (guess what happened to him). She seems very understanding of Asuka, and has a talent for bringing Asuka out of her rages. She seems to approve of Telemain, but also avoids him.

In recent years, she has developed a friendship with Nagisa and his wife Gabrielle. She also frequently invites her nephew, Kaede, and his wife, Nausicaa to visit her.

She is known to have walked a Broken Pattern early in the Interregnum; she now becomes increasingly uncomfortable and nervous the further away from a source of water she gets.

Rimururu assisted in battling the Hemingway Ghost Gang, and is now attending to the defenses of the Keep.