The Order of the Rose

"An opportunity is at hand, and this time there need not be one rose knight to guide us all, but a legion of many! You, all of you out there, if you would just believe again, remember the dream of long ago when Chaos bloomed with roses, we can bring forth a new era of the Rose. And with that, I propose to you all the formation of a new union, a fellowship of those who believe in the greater good, to come together, as the Order of the Rose!"

-- Random, post-Logruswreck address to Chaos

The Order of the Rose, otherwise known as The Rose Knights, New Roses, or Neo-Roses, is a newly formed organization founded by Random, with the mission of doing noble deeds for Chaos, as the original Rose Knight once had. It is a largely volunteer organization that at one point was the majority in the Courts of Chaos, though since the passing of the crisis of the Logruswreck, its numbers have fallen. Despite that, it still retains enough numbers to be a significant force in Chaos should all their numbers be mobilized. The organization is an alleged neutral peacekeeping force, though its founder is known to be friendly with Princess Azalyn of Hendrake. Primarily an Old Chaos organization, it seems to be spreading to New Chaos as well. Whether the organization will endure and grow or fade as a passing fancy is yet to be seen.

The Leader

The Four Corners

Four people have risen among the ranks to become the major leaders of the Rose Order, considered just below Random in the command chain:

Notable Members