Commodore Ruka Tsuchiya

Dashing Commander of the Blue Squadron of the Northern Fleet

Commodore Ruka is a handsome, dashing man who commands the Blue Squadron of the Northern Fleet. Ruka attended Marching of 1332 with Princess Kanna, and has attended many Marchings since then with her, since they are now Husband and Wife, having married in 1333 before the birth of their daughter, Shiori.

Ruka Tsuchiya was born in 1241 AY, the seventh son of one of the merchant families of Amber, and as such was sent into the Navy at an early age so that he wouldn't starve or be a burden on his family. Fortunately, he had a knack for the naval life, and rose slowly but steadily in the ranks of the Amberite Navy, riding out the Succession Crisis, raids against the Shalomar Pirates, various wars against the Sea Peoples, and the First Melnibonean War, to his position as the second-in-command of the Shalomar Naval Base under Kozue before her resignation. Afterwards, he was given command of one of the squadrons of the Northern Fleet.

Ruka's parents are still alive, albeit extremely elderly -- while not likely long for this world, they are Amberites and naturally long-lived. So are many of his siblings. He has many nieces and nephews, who have had children themselves. The family as a whole was very pleased that Kanna married into the family and later had Shiori, who has continued the family's naval tradition.

Despite persistant rumors, his forelock is neither a Chaos Monster, a point item, or out to rule all Space and Time.