Rulings, Clarifications, and other Semi-Important Questions

It has been deemed that a page which could provide a written record and running log of the various clarifications and modifications John continually must make to his home-brewed rules, as well as a place for airing complex and time-consuming questions where he may answer at his leisure rather than occupying time and energy on the Muck doing it.

Please note that this is a place in which to air specific questions or complaints about how the rules-as-written function (or fail to) and to propose changes to them. Specific problems with specific players should be resolved between the people involved, as should questions of GM or player conduct.

Please place your questions in the appropriate category on the appropriate sub-page, and use the bold tags around your question. (If you wish to make a comment or suggestion, just put it in plain text.) I (namely John, the GM) will answer things in italics.