Cyberdoll Sara, Re-Patriated Embran Enforcer

"Hello. My name is Sara. I hope I can be of assistance."


"When did we make another trump of Moonshade, I wondered, but then I noticed the hair: short, slightly shaggy strands of sterling silver falling in rows over her forehead, and I realized this was not her. In most physical respects they were identical, but this woman was a bit more... rounded... in certain areas. The clothing was not in Moonshade's style either, though similar enough to be disquieting; long grey gloves and a curious corset left her shoulders bare, while lifting and highlighting her museum-quality torso. Her legs, magnificent things, were clad in tight grey stockings and covered by a long, straight Cathayan skirt; quite pretty, really, with a very nice flower pattern, but most eyes would be drawn to the expanses of muscular, tanned thigh peeping out just below her hips. High heels completed the ensemble, tall, painful-looking things Moonshade would not be caught dead in. She stood in an elegant parlor, and proffered a business card of some sort at the viewer with a slightly arrogant smile and an amused glint in her yellow eyes."


Cyberdoll Sara (production number M1N-S3D) was designed, assembled, and built by Schaft, Prince of Embra, in the Cyberdyne Corporation's Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Erden, sometime in the thirteenth century; reliable dating is difficult to impossible given the conditions underneath the dome.

Designed as Schaft's 'ultimate customer service representative' (read: ultimate sex-slave) and hardbodied enforcer and ass-kicker, she spent the better part of a century performing those two roles to Schaft's satisfaction. In preperation for the Embran's great escape plan, the Embran Demi-Jewel of Metal was incorporated into her body (her heart, to be specific) and her combat skills greatly upgraded.

Unfortunatly for Schaft, his creation ran afoul of Kanako during her, Embra-Touga, and Yomiko's raid on Embra to free Embra-Nanami from Embra-Makoto's great machine. Schaft, while not an unintelligent man, failed to reckon upon a sufficiently creative Logrus user; while Sara nearly broke Kanako in two, Kanako managed to overcome her mental defences and wipe clean the sophisticated slave programs Schaft used to control her. Sara promptly threw him off a parapet and high-tailed it out of Embra with the others, carrying Yomiko most of the way.

Sara has spent most of her time since then kicking around Embra-Touga's shadow villa, taking care of the comatose Embra-Nanami, and helping him monitor conditions under the dome.

Personality and Aptitudes

Sara is extremely gregarious and friendly person under most circumstances; charming, outgoing, and friendly in a slightly formal way. She excels at hostessing when she decides to put forth the effort, having a vast knowledge bank of etiquette and social skills much in the manner of Yumi, as well as... other knowledges... also associated with Yumi. She speaks with a very pleasant, smooth voice with a pronounced elvish accent.

This, of course, is the default personality Schaft plugged into her while her primary purpose was to service him, and she tends to slip out of it pretty damn fast when placed under any kind of stress. Angry Sara is fairly scary, and tends to rant loudly at the things angering her. She doesn't suffer fools easily unless it's necessary for some greater goal, and even then will loudly berate them. During these frequent outbursts, her voice thickens and takes on the rough, caustic overtones common to Moonshade, with an accent best described as 'country.' Fortunatly, she tends to pop out of this state almost as fast as she goes into it, sometimes two or three times in the same conversation, as she's quite emotional.

Sara is no psychic powerhouse, though she has enough to defend herself in a pinch. A weakness of her Cyberdoll physiology is that pathetic human-psyche people can reprogram her to serve them if they get access to her inner circuitry. This is easier said than done; Sara, while she can be knocked down, is very hard to make stay down, bouncing back up and healing wounds at stupidly fast rates. The Eye of Metal is very good at repairing things MADE mostly of metal... she fights like a demon unleashed with her fists and feet, and occasionally tosses interesting tricks with her Metal abilities out. Giving her a sword or other non-blunt weapon is usually counterproductive; if she has to fight armed, she's been known to uproot something massive and solid and swing it like a baseball bat.

Sara, oddly enough, loves small children just to death.

Keeping Ota Minor away from her is a real good idea.

Reactions to Others

Notable Items

Sara's only possesion of any real note, aside from some various fashion accoutrements, is her Flawed Demi-Jewel of Metal.

I hope you brought a big can opener.

In-Game Developments

Sara managed to save Momiji from dying when Kanako Hall blew up, but was unable to save Kanako or Touga of Embra or Nanami of Embra.