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This page is to help us plan out sessions. Please fill in the general times you are available and, as we continue to play, change the 'specific' section under your name so I know of specific circumstances which either are or are not suitable for playing.

Chris Bremer

General Times: Friday and Saturday only. The work god demands sacrifices.

Bad Times: Friday 16th - Christmas party thing at work. Will be running late and likely result in zombie Chris.

Travis Butler

General Times: Usually available between 7 PM and 11-12 PM, except weekends when I can run later.

Alan Harnum

General Times:

Specific Times of Good or Bad Import:

Andrew Huang


General Times: Wednesday Bible study resumes for me as of September. Rest of the week is usually good.

Specific Times of Good or Bad Import:

Mike Loader

Defeater of the Saxons, Protector of Bayern, Earl of Duke, Sultan of Swing, Registered CPA, Never Convicted of Arson

General Times: Most days except Wednesdays, which are almost always going to be out. Possibly Mondays for a few weeks will be out as well. Otherwise I am available all day every day if notified in advance. (updated for Season 4)

Specific Times of Good or Bad Import: I will likely be busy around the 22nd of this month.


General Times: Work lets out at 10:00 PM Eastern Mon-Fri; I will be home and ready to play twenty minutes after that. Saturday and Sunday nights I am available earlier. Schedule will change once my company starts being open weekends.

Specific Times of Import:

Philip Moyer

General Times: Usually available 7-8 PM to 10 PM EST, Sundays through Thursdays. 8-9 pm-ish on Fridays and Saturdays (basically, getting a nap before the game) until the body gives out by wobbling and teetering in my chair (usually 1-3 am). I am slowly requiring more sleep the longer I go without a new liver, however.

Occasionally, depending on circumstances and various planetary alignments (ie, no LEGO club meetings, no family outings, no shopping trips, etc.), I am also good for -afternoon- gaming on Saturdays and Sundays, if it is needed to kickstart the queue.

Specific Times of Good or Bad Import:

On Work Weekdays (Sunday evening to Thursday evening), I HAVE A HARD BEDTIME. If a scene or such is not completed by 9:30 (10 at the LATEST), I either need to have Shiori bow out as a character, or the scene gets forked. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. I really don't need my bosses harping more on how much I nap at work. -.-;;;


Yes sir, working on that TPS report right now!

General Times: Usually every day, though if something serious happens at work, not happening. If a serious event is about to take place, I'd prefer a weekend run as I can concentrate better. Specific Times of Good or Bad Import:

Dan Root

General Times: Any after ~6pm PST weekdays except Thursdays and Fridays. However, at least a day advanced notice is going to be necessary for almost any run, as I am unlikely to be on until 11pm PST without knowing I'm going to be running.

Specific Times of Good or Bad Import: None, currently.

John Biles Announcements

Greetings, fleshlings.

We have shifted over to the flex-scheduling system, which should hopefully meet everyone's needs without leading to the need to rend each other.

Consult the Queues and Guest-appearance Counter Worksheet for current status of the Queue.

John is teaches MWF and maybe Tuesday evenings, not yet certain. This means that on Sunday/Tuesday?/Thursday? Nights, I need to try and go to bed by 1 or 2. If Tuesday evening makes, I may just drop running Tuesday evenings or only be able to do short sessions.

The Current Planned Schedule

with edits for what actually happened

Forth the Nine Riders, Season 2 (beginning April 2003)

Forth the Nine Riders, Season 3 (beginning December 2003)

Forth the Nine Riders, Season 4 (beginning May 2005)

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