The Serpent of Chaos

Little is known in Amber of the Serpent, although rumor has it he has taken Princess Motoko as his bride for reasons unknown. He's generally believed in Amber to hate the Unicorn because the Unicorn helped Fuyutsuki steal his eye. Not all Chaosians seem to believe this, however.

The Serpent is known to have multiple aspects; unlike the Unicorn these are not separate avatars, like the Alicorn or the Narwhale, but rather different forms he shapeshifts into as the mood takes him.

Some Chaosians teach that the Serpent mated with Anno, Keeper of the Logrus, to produce Anno's three known children, Anthy, Setsuna, and Dios. Others find this ridiculous.

Like the Unicorn, the Serpent is in some manner linked to the Logrus as the Unicorn is linked to the Pattern. He may have assisted Anno in its creation.

In Chaos itself, the Serpent is worshipped as a god. Most people will never see him, although he appears at the Feast of the Serpent at the Chapel of the Serpent in the Courts every year, and sometimes manifests in other places where he is being worshipped (not always in a recognizable form).

His church presents the strange paradox of tending to be very hiearchical and conservative while preaching words of liberation and change. It remains unclear whether this represents his will or simply the result of the interaction between sentients and a god who is often not around to tell them they're screwing things up. The current head of the Cult of the Serpent is Rural VII, who is more lawyer than holy man, though not a bad sort.

As a result, the cult of the Serpent often finds itself challenged by prophetic figures who truthfully or not, claim special revelation from the Serpent and try to shake things up. To a greater or lesser extent, they seem to usually end up co-opted by the established cult, though they keep things from being stagnant.

One such group is the Stylite Order.

One such recent group calls itself 'The Valentinian Mysteries', but is generally referred to as 'The Church of Serpentology'.

The Cult of the Serpent has Fourteen major holidays, one for each of the thirteen months of the Chaosian Calendar, plus the Feast of the Serpent.


The Serpent is served by various of his Children, the most famous of whom is Daffyl, who guards the borders of the world.

He has recently taken Rabbit, Boar, Horse, and Monkey under his wing.