The Valentinian Mysteries

Aka, The Church of Serpentology

Founded in 1400 AY by a Tremere Magus and author of fiction, L. Ron Asimov, the Valentinian mysteries serve Valentinia, the Serpent of Occulted Knowledge. (Or possibly are L. Ron's little joke off the notorious Kundali adept, Valentine Michael Smith...)

Most Chaosians are blissfully unaware of its existence. Many of those who are think it's a huge scam, set up to pump tre-stone into L. Ron's pockets. The more tolerant argue that if it makes its members happy, who cares? And the small, but fervent membership argue they're on the way to true enlightenment.

It remains rather confused as to what all the church actually believes, because it keeps a tight hold on its mysteries, although the use of the Logrus can pretty easily yank copies of many of its secret documents out of shadow. Still, the basic teachings are laid out in several publically sold books, including 'Pienetics', 'Serpentology', and 'Foundation and Elvis'.

Serpentology teaches that all the problems of Chaos are caused by possession by Unicorn spirits known as 'Rhoans'. There's hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of them living in your body, causing you to act on their insane Unicorn impulses. Through hours and hours of (expensive) meditation and prayer sessions, known as 'clarification', you can identify the impulses they're associated with and drive them out of yourself. This eventually leads to you becoming 'Empty', the state of being in which you are no longer possessed by Rhoans. Empties perform the work of clarification of novices and study to achieve higher levels of initiation and power.

Most orthodox Chaosians think the church is a big scam, and there's rumors that its upper level teachings are incredibly heretical. There's also rumors it has a spy network and works to destroy anyone who leaves it, especially higher level initiatiates who sell secret church teachings on ChaosBay?.

However, nothing has been proven yet...

Prince Nanbara is a noted Serpentologist.