Setsuna, Disturbing Swordsman Son of Kuonji

"I am quite sure there is little chance that Amber will unleash its armies to burn and pillage, raping your women, slaying, boiling, and eating your children, taking all of your possessions, and leaving nothing of your homeland but a ashen wasteland devoid of life." (From Setsuna's brief (5 days) career as a diplomat. He claimed he was trying to be reassuring.)

Sean Gaffney on Setsuna: Setsuna is the little ball in the bottom of those imported cans of beer. He's the groove the cat licked out of the box of cookies. He's the reason bumblebees can fly. You know how when you make blueberry waffles, and there's one beautiful blueberry sitting in the middle of one of the squares? Okay, he's not that blueberry. He's the space surrounding it. He's the reason people use "M"s as "W"s in signage. He's 20 bucks, same as in Brooklyn. He's the broken exhibits in any science museum. He's the thing your cat sees when it suddenly goes nuts for no reason.


"The man was clad in a blue, white-trimmed surcoat over a dark green jacket and pants. His white hair gleamed in the starlight, and an evil grin spread across his pale-skinned face. He leapt skywards, twirling about in a circle, lighting trailing from his blade, as some great four-armed, two-headed beast (one head was dark skinned and dark haired and cranky, the other was dark haired, pale, and maniacally gleeful even as it fell to its attacker) armed with a giant crossbow and a logrus tendril fell to the ground, its chest slashed open and spurting blood as it fell dying to the right of him. The ground was littered with the slashed corpses of other strange beasts: fish-men, bat-winged insectoids, and especially rubbery orange tendrilled creatures which looked remarkably like giant traffic cones with eyestalks. To the left of him, stood a simple wooden table, on which sat a loose, very tall sheaf of papers held down by a golden unicorn paperweight. The words 'Secret History of...' could be seen above the paperweight. He was clearly trying to defend it. High above him, an owl struggled with some strange bat-like creature with a long tail and a triple-lobed red eye."


It remains unclear as to exactly when Setsuna was born, or who his parents are, though Kuonji claims to be one of them. There is some reason to believe his other parent may be Soujiro, for he speaks fondly of the man, and has been known to use some of Soujiro's moves in combat.

The first public record of his existence came when he attended Panopticon. He earned a batchelors (1351-7), Masters (1357-9), and Doctorate (1359-1369), studying under Professor Watson, and basically becoming a fanatical Cone People believer. In 1358, he, Prince Telemain, and Countess Yomiko defeated the Invasion of the Mole People. Unfortunately, no one else remembers said invasion, which may well have simply been a joint hallucination. In 1365, he returned from a field trip bearing his magical sword and accompanied by a sometimes talking owl, Sophia.

He then came to Amber in 1370. In the middle of a howling rainstorm by climbing over the walls, knocking out several guards who try to stop him, and slipping stealthfully into the castle. He almost manages to slip past Ramon into the King's chambers, but Ramon grabs him. He then asks why Ramon is guarding the Pattern Chamber. Setsuna claims he just wanted to walk the Pattern, so Ramon wakes up Makoto and Keiko, gathers a squad of guards, and hauls Setsuna down to the Pattern. Setsuna walks it with ease, then salutes them and has the Pattern send him...somewhere. He is not seen again for some years, but Kuonji comes by a day later and explains that Setsuna is, in fact, his son. Kuonji does not name the other parent.

Setsuna resurfaces at House Helgram in 1376, when he brings Loewen several dead dogs as presents. Loewen takes a shine to him, and he serves as a special agent for Loewen for the next thirteen years, until he snaps after Second Altamont, and flees raving into shadow.

1394 AY: Setsuna is revealed to not be dead when he and Damask and various other people burst out of a cake together at Miki and Kozue's four hundredth birthday party, then start to do a striptease for Kozue. Kozue turns red, and flees with them chasing after her. The various would-be entertainers all turn up thoroughly beaten over the next few days.

Setsuna begins writing 'The Secret History of the Cone People'.

In 1395 AY, Setsuna fights a duel with Lord North, who accuses him of killing Lord Northwest, his brother. Setsuna claims it was self-defense. He disarms Lord North and his owl pecks out Lord North's eyes, then Setsuna and his owl depart.

Ota Minor accuses Setsuna of killing his horse. Setsuna points out that the horse was found ripped apart by claws, and that he does not, in fact, have any claws. Ota Minor claims Setsuna set his owl on the horse. Setsuna laughs disdainfully at him and tells him he is a moron. Ota Minor replies that he doesn't have multiple wives...yet. Setsuna laughs at him again and turns to go, and Ota Minor gets mad and challenges him to a rose duel.

They fight an early-morning duel, so early the dew hasn't evaporated. This is revealed to be because the dew is actually a layer of oil Setsuna spread across the arena the previous night. He ignites it with the lightning from his sword, then blazes through it and plucks Ota's rose while Ota is still panicking. Anthy bans the use of burning oil in future duels.

1397 AY: Setsuna is spotted poking around a just burnt warehouse in the dock quarter; he claims to be looking for his owl.

Shortly afterwards, the first draft of 'The Secret History of the Cone People' vanishes. Setsuna angrily accuses Ota Minor of burning it. Ota Minor looks up from the marshmellows he is roasting and says he thought it was scrap paper. They fight a vicious brawl through the hallways of the castle until Misato, Makoto, Keiko, Naru, Uotani, Tomos, and Hanajima, along with fifty royal guards converge on them and force them to break it off.

Setsuna announces he is heading into shadow to work on a second draft where fools who don't deserve life won't burn it.

1411 AY: Setsuna resurfaces, when he breaks into the women's baths at House Helgram, and hacks three women to death while Kaname and Melissa are there, taking a bath. The usual riot breaks out, and Setsuna is confined in a cell. Further investigation shows the three women were already dead, and had been replaced by a trio of shapeshifting assassins. Setsuna is released, and Lord Helgram offers him work. Setsuna offers to return once he finally finishes the Secret History of the Cone People.

1417 AY: Setsuna is three pages away from finally finishing 'The Secret History of the Cone People', when Baron Munchausen drives a giant Logrus Bulldozer over his house in shadow in the belief that it is full of Vermicious Knids who wish to take his magic bag. He and Munchausen fight for three hours, at the end of which Setsuna takes Munchausen's magic bag and drives Munchausen off into shadow. Said magic bag turns out to be full of rabid Abyss Kitties, who hunt Setsuna for the next week before he manages to pick them all off in ambushes.

Setsuna now moves to Helgramways, and takes up service to Lord Loewen in return for the promise of an Ota Minor/Munchausen-proof vault to keep the continuing draft of 'The Secret History of the Cone People' in.

1420 AY: At a house Helgram party, Setsuna informs Lord Loewen that 'Nanbara is the biggest idiot ever to walk the Earth'. Nanbara challenges Setsuna to a duel. Setsuna accepts, but appoints his owl as his champion to fight in his stead. Nanbara and the owl fight an owl vs. owl duel (Nanbara shapeshifts, of course), which Nanbara wins by resorting to Logrus Tendrils. Hoji rules that using logrus tendrils in an animal-form fight is cheating, and forces them to duel again. Nanbara loses, much to his embarrassment. Loewen does not seem very pleased with Hoji, Nanbara, or Setsuna after this.

1420-25 AY (The Chaos/Melnibone War) The Chaos / Melnibone war becomes famed as 'The war where no army manages to reach the enemy intact'. The extensive use of shadow manipulation by both sides results in armies crossing shadow invariably arriving having been chewed to pieces. Many of the Chaos houses make only minimal contribution, as they care nothing for Lord Dirge or Melnibone. House Helgram puts forth great strength, however, and Lord Loewen goes forth with Usui, Cho, Setsuna, and Anji to spearhead Helgram's assaults, while leaving Sousuke in charge of the defense of Helgramways.

1424 AY: An attack on House Helgram in 1424 by an elite Melnibonean Dragon Rider corps is blunted when Melissa, Kurz, and Sousuke stage a desperate defense of the House (while most of its armies are off fighting in shadow), followed by Allen von Munchausen, Violet, Yomiko, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname popping out of nowhere and crushing the Melnibonean commander flat with Munchausen's flying gondola. The commander survives, only to be pulled apart by berserk swans. No, really. The Gondola crashes into the supposedly Munchausen-proof vault, destroying the latest draft of 'The Secret History of the Cone People'.

Melissa and Kurz are rewarded for their role in the Battle of Helgramways by becoming members of the Shin Ten Swords. Allen von Munchausen, Violet, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname are all decorated and honored by Loewen. Unfortunately, Munchausen shows up for the ceremony driving a dogsled, and is chased off into shadow by Lord Loewen in a screaming fit.

Setsuna (who had been off at the battlefront with Helgram's main army) now resigns from Helgram's service and vanishes into shadow, looking very angry.

1426 AY: Setsuna surfaces in the Jacquiverse, and gets into a huge brawl with Ota Minor at the Broken Drum. He then vanishes again.

1430 AY: Setsuna surfaces, and gives Tylor a copy of his finally completed 'Secret History of the Cone People'.

He seems to be working on another book now.

Personality and Aptitudes

Setsuna has the demeanor of a ruthless killer, except in scholarly mode, where he strikes one as a ruthless, intellectual killer. It is often hard to tell if he is actually a sociopath, or if he is somehow not saying what he means to say, as he will say things like "Your outfit looks much better when it's not dripping with blood," with a tone which seems to indicate that he is trying to be complimentary. He is a natural warrior of great skill, one of the very best of his generation.

He has a strong intellectual streak, and will happily spend hours discussing history, shadow, Pre-Logrus civilization, etc. However, he is somewhat obsessed by the Cone People, who he believes are the secret masters of the Outsiders. Everything is the fault of the Cone People. EVERYTHING. They spent DECADES manipulating things to prevent him publishing his Secret History. Setsuna's father, Kuonji, often seems somewhat exasperated with him, as Kuonji does not share his son's cone-people obsession.

Setsuna is known to have a great deal of respect for Lord Loewen, Lady Kodachi, and Lord Kuno. He also has said that 'Prince Beowulf is a natural-born killer', that 'Princess Kanna could crush a man's head with her thighs', that 'Princess Motoko is as graceful as a snake about to slither into a crib and eat a baby', that 'Princess Moonshade wallows potently in the blood of her enemies' and 'Prince Drake could destroy entire shadows with his mouth'.

Setsuna is known to believe fervently that Demetrius is a cone-people agent.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

Setsuna weilds a black blade that often hums a strange tune, and gives off lightning in battle. He also has a talking owl companion named Sophia.

In-Game Developments

Setsuna has been in Shamber of late, helping to defend it.

He has since joined Suzuka and Random's Spikard-hunting posse. Their first mission was a success.

It would appear that his mysterious mother is, in fact, Ex-Wu-Corrine.

Setsuna has now joined an operation by Ex-Wus Van, Corrine, and Juri to prevent artifacts of their fallen sister Haruka Minor from being taken by a gang of Vampires.