Shabazz, former Jewel Demon of Melnibone, now Sword Jewel Demon of Random and Newest Sword of Balance

o/' Don't be shocked by the tone of my voice. Just got my new weapon, weapon of choice o/'

"You wouldn't like me when I'm bored."


"The next trump was that of a longsword laid down on a granite table, and one of a very distinctive coloring scheme. Half of the blade was silver, while the other half was gold, with a silvery hilt. A dark gemstone was embedded at the pommel of the sword, and as I looked upon it, it almost seemed that something was stirring within."


Shabazz is a jewel demon originating from the mines of Melnibone. Not much is known about his life before serving Random, except that his previous master had run afoul of Asuka and was slain. In the fight, Shabazz was flung into a river and was cast adrift, until he somehow ended up in the Room of Lost Things in House Gainax, presented to Random from Jack as a snack. Luckily for Shabazz, the thought of eating a sentient snack was a bit distasteful to her. Instead, she kept him around in her pocket for a while, where he kept company with breadsticks, loose change, and for a while, a Monkey Paw. Eventually, Random's aunt Moonshade decided to bestow upon Random a sword made from her blood, dubbed 'Shinnou'. After a moment of thought, Random decided it'd be a neat idea to plug Shabazz into Shinnou, and the rest is history. Shabazz's status had unexpectedly changed recently, as he was fused with Random when she performed the rite to resurrect the holy trees of the Valar, and as a result is now the newest Blade of Balance in the universe.

More recent examination has raised the possibility Shabazz is now also the God of Swords. Exactly what this means is uncertain and has yet to be tested.

He is also the God of Bad Singing.

Personality and Aptitudes

Shabazz is a multifaceted being.

With his transformation into a Blade of Balance and God of Swords, Shabazz's new levels of ability are as of yet unknown and untested. He still retains the ability to shapeshift into any manner of weapon, so long as it does not require complex machinery. He also has the ability to rack and cast spells, which seems to be greatly amplified whenever Random taps into her link with the trees of the Valar. He recently recieved an upgrade when Random ate a dead Chaos Lord of old. Aside from now having rubies embedded in his blade and hilt, he now has the ability to mold shadow and take a humanoid form that will attract women with a shouta complex.

In terms of personality, Shabazz is somewhat like Random, except without the singing, and the sex, and the drugs. He is easily bored, often in need of some sort of distraction. Wild action in combat is his favorite choice, though television, magazines and being juggled sometimes do.

He is eerily like Morgenstern.

Don't call him Sandwich.

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Notable Items

Shabazz was fused with Shinnou, a sword made from Random's own body by Davros and Moonshade.

In-Game Developments

Shabazz has gained the ability to shapeshift from an experiment of Dr. Jacqui's.