Irresponsible Ambassador Shigure

"Clearly, Setsuna, this is a sign that Cone People have been raiding the caravans on the Black Road. I'd appreciate it if you could take Kyou with you and put a stop to it. No, no, I'm sure it isn't really bandits."


"Slim, tall, and dark haired, he smiled confidently in a red and gold kimono covered with snakes and dogs chasing each other round trees. In his right hand, he held a pen, and he kneeled before a table covered with papers, covered with his neat handwriting. A brown-haired woman lurked expectantly behind him; she couldn't see he was, in fact, carefully reading a manga instead of writing."


Born to House Souma in 1335 AY, he was the son of a Souma diplomat, and was hauled all over the Black Zone. Deciding he liked it, he went into diplomacy, which gives him time to write a lot. His charm enabled him to win the coveted position of Ambassador to Amber.

He found out too late, it's a lot more work than he expected. Good thing he's got those relatives with him to be tricked into doing all the work...

Personality and Aptitudes

Shigure is a naturally lazy and sociable man, who enjoys being around other people and getting them to do his work for him. He greatly enjoys having his cousins as flunkies, although he's careful not to work them too hard.

He's also a very good writer, who enjoys entertaining people with stories, and he enjoys tormenting his publishers just a little too much.

He has a bit of a lecherous side, despite the ways in which his curse tends to inhibit sex.

Like all the Soumas, he turns into an animal when hugged or too excited or weak, namely a dog.

Shigure is fairly strong willed, and adept in shapeshifting and the Logrus as well.

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Notable Items

Shigure has a huge number of books, some of which he wrote himself.

In-Game Developments

He has been seen to be rather friendly with Minako of late. Like the other Soumas, he is rather twitchy about this Wind Dragon, which apparently helped curse his family...