Shinobu Minor

Consort of the Prime Minister of Begma and Warrior Hussy

Shinobu Minor first appeared at the court of Amber shortly before the Herald Crisis, as a shy, withdrawn thirteen year old with a talent for cooking and an already potent mind and some sorcerous talent. During the Crisis, she was flung to Chaos, and returned after 40 years of fast-time (2 days of real time) as a powerful, tanned warrior in the full bloom of adulthood. This sent many people into shock. She remains very much the warrior hussy, though she's refined her sorcery somewhat, of late.

Shinobu Minor's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Shinobu Minor has since married Prime Minister Keitaro Orkuz of Begma, but has no children, yet. She is known to make periodic trips to Chaos to visit her foster parents, Thor and Sif, who she remains close to. She and Jacqui are on very good terms these days, and she is quite friendly with Jacqui's spouses, with Motoko, Moonshade, and Mitsune, and with Prince Beowulf, his wife, and his child.

She seems very understanding of Asuka, and patiently puts up with Asuka's fits of anger. She seems less understanding of Kaname's fits of temper. She is sometimes lectured by Violet due to her fashion sense. Shinobu has been known to spar with Captain Uotani of the Guard and with Nanami Minor during her visits to Amber (They beat her unarmed, she beats them with weapons), and with Prince Ramon as well. She is known to rather dislike Captain Hanajima and Princess Kanako. She and Deirdre get along quite well, though Deirdre loses all her sparring matches with her. She once beat Miroku into a pulp, and he now tends to avoid her. She and Moonshade have become quite good friends, and she is very friendly with Beowulf and Kanna as well.

Shinobu Minor and Keitaro were nearly blown up by the recent disaster in Begma, but escaped thanks to quick action on the part of the Hemingway-hunting posse.

In the aftermath of the Wrack, she has successfully taken control of House Aesir.