Scientific Report on the Shininess of Goody-Two-Shoes Destiny Clones

Trace patterns to see
If we're just rewriting history
The die it was cast long ago
A carbon copy we could have been
Buried under files that won't be seen
The die it was cast long ago...

This report prepared by the F9R Bureau of Useless Measurements.

Name: Destiny Kanako
Aliases: None.
Current Status: Late season replacement for Original Flavor Kanako.
Shininess: Fallen-angel-rises-again shiny.

Destiny Kanako appears to be a version of Kanako who returned from the Cave of Worlds cleansed of Outsider taint and in service to the Elder Gods. She was then captured by Abyss Monks, and appeared as a mind-controlled prisoner of Cydno during the Metal Gear Helgram events. She has since begun to integrate into House Belgalad, taking the place of the now-deceased original. Her first major act was to scrub out an insane Outsider-tainted Kanako Patternghost that had been causing some problems.

She has since worked with Princess Random and Lord Sousuke, dealing first with criminals and then aiding in raiding the Blue Crystal Caves. She refers to Sousuke as 'brother', even though she's 'really' Motoko and Moriya's child, or would have been if she had been supposed to exist.

Name: Destiny Random
Aliases: The Rose Prince.
Current Status: Heroically sexing Miroku in the Destiny Universe.

Destiny Random has made limited appearances so far, with her latest one being showing up to grant Random a magical war banner. She appears to be Destiny Miroku's lover when she isn't running around being princely and heroic.

Name: Destiny Miroku
Aliases: None.
Current Status: Probably having sex with Destiny Random.
Shininess: Probably greatly shiny just from regular sex with Destiny Random.

Destiny Random's lover. Little else known. He is the son of Motoko and Davros in the Destiny-verse.

Name: Destiny Setsuna
Aliases: Poor Bugger, Deserved Better.
Current Status: Dissolved into a fine Order-based geometric spray.
Shininess: Heroic-sacrifice shiny.

Destiny Setsuna appeared during the finale of Chloe and Suzuka's Smoke Ring mission, and appeared to be in some sort of relationship with the Destiny Suzuka of his universe. This motivated him to ask Fuyutsuki to send him to accompany Suzuka when she was cast into the other universe. During the Logruswrack disaster, he attempted to prevent the possessed Suzuka from destroying the Logrus with the Gloom Device, and was ripped apart within the Logrus.

Name: Destiny Kaname
Aliases: Yurika.
Current Status: Integrated into the family, taken on Telemain's Destiny, stabilized permanently by Balance.
Shininess: Fuckably shiny.

Destiny Kaname appeared shortly before all hell broke loose during Logruswrack, got tangled up with Sousuke and Regular Kaname, and ended up helping out during Metal Gear Helgram. She was then taken to Arcadia and, via Doctor Jacqui's laboratory, fitted into the scheme of the universe in the place of Telemain, resulting in a mass alteration of the memory, history and personality of vast numbers of people. Reaction to this has been mixed from those people capable of realizing it.

As of the Grand Dance of the Stars, Yurika has now been aligned with Balance, her soul stabilized, and will remain a part of the universe without needing Destiny to preserve her existence.

Name: Destiny Tomos
Aliases: None.
Current Status: MIA.
Shininess: Shinier than the alternatives.

Destiny Tomos appeared briefly and simultaneously to Regular Tomos at the same moment as Fate Tomos. There was a fight, nobody wins, Triangle Man, Triangle Man. Has not appeared since.

Name: Destiny Chloe
Aliases: None.
Current Status: MIA.
Shininess: Shiny with the love of justice.

Destiny Chloe is about the furthest from the "core" template of any of the Destiny clones yet encountered. She appeared alongside Destiny Setsuna at the final Smoke Ring battle to save the day, demonstrating formidable unarmed combat abilities, a love of justice, and basically how she is totally unlike Regular Chloe in almost every way. She was last seen at the Primal Pattern with Fuyutsuki; her current status is unknown, but there has been speculation she has been reintegrated into the Pattern.

Name: Destiny Nanami Minor (sort of)
Aliases: Manami.
Current Status: Just a dream.
Shininess: Pretty darn shiny.

Manami, a version of Nanami Minor if she had been raised by King Dios as his daughter, has appeared only in dreams so far. Her publicly-acknowledged parents appear to be Anthy and Dios, and she dresses and styles herself much like Dios, including having a broad skill set. It is doubtful whether or not she is actually a manifestation of Destiny in the same manner as the others, given Nanami Minor's pre-Complementation lack of Destiny.