Captain Random

    Come all you jolly mariners that love to take a dram
    Let's go and seek for Ran-dom who over the seas has come
    She is the greatest robber as you shall quickly hear
    There's not been such a robber found this last eight hundred years

    Barbara got a letter on the sixth of jan'ry
    Saying let bold cap. Random come in with all her company
    If that you do let her in until her tale is told 
    A ransom she will offer you, a twenty tons of gold

    Oh no, no, says the 'queen'
    that can never be
    Cap. Random she is a robber
    A robber on the sea

    Well Barbara she has provided a ship of noble fame
    Called 'The Broad-a-way' of you would know her name
    She was as well provided for as any ship could be
    With full five hundred men on board to bear her company

    When the Broad-a-way came where Random's ships did lie
    Who is the master of this ship the Broadway crew did cry
    The same am I says Random, why ashamed I ne'er will be
    If you were Barbara's fair ship you are welcome unto me

    For I never robbed an Amber ship, just Melnibone's or Cathay's
    Likewise the blackguard Wroland I met upon the main
    Oh had I got a letter through this two weeks past or three
    But you shall not have the triangle, this pains me greiviously 

    Six in the clock in the morning they began to fight
    So they did continue 'til nine o' clock at night
    Fight on, fight on says Random, so well it pleases me
    If you fight a day or more, your master I will be

    Then the Broad-a-way, she fired all in vain
    Until four hundred of her crew upon the decks lay slain
    Go home, go home says Cap. Random, tell Barbara from me
    You may rule queen o'er the stage, but Random's queen of sea!

--- Sung by Shiori at the Battle of Barbara's Fleet, 1432