Shiori, Princess of Ember

Daughter of Commodore Ruka Tsuchiya and Kanna, Crown Princess of Ember

(aka Commodore Shiori Juri Tsuchiya, Amber Navy ;
Shiori Tsuchiya, M.PLH Panopticon University ;
"The Sweetest Thing In Naval Pants" ;
"The Sweetest Thing Out Of Naval Pants")

o/~ Hold on tight, you know she's a little bit dangerous...
She's got what it takes to make ends meet
the eyes of a lover that hit like heat.
You know she's a little bit dangerous... o/~

--- Roxette, "Dangerous", Look Sharp!


"The following card in grandfather's deck was a potent one. A woman stood on the deck of a sailing ship, her full figure in profile against the background of sails and rigging. A violet naval jacket trimmed in orange wrapped around her torso, while sleek white pants sheathed her trim legs. The sun gleamed off the braid, buttons, and gold epaulets of the jacket, and brought out the highlights in her wavy raspberry hair. It also made her scarlet forelock stand out even more than it usually did. Brown-gloved hands rested atop the the golden hilt of her sword as she leaned on the blade in a fashion that was actually rather quite suggestive. The look she gave from her sea-blue eyes only enhanced that impression. The pose had been taken from her graduation portrait, and it was entirely suitable for this trump. This was a woman who was going places, and knew exactly where she wanted to go."

--- Princess Gabrielle of Ember describes her niece's trump

Past History

At first glance, it's hard to believe that the rising star of the Amberite navy is the daughter of one of the noted strength queens of the prior generation. Shorter than her mother and father, with deep wavy raspberry hair and a scarlet forelock, it's easier to believe that Shiori is possibly the love child of Kozue and Ruka than the daughter of Kanna and Ruka. But she has the Harad build (if a little on the slim side) and Harad attitudes, so any detractors can just go and hang themselves.

Born in 1333 AY in Ember, Shiori was raised in a house near the Shalomar Naval Base (bought by Kanna so she could be closer to her husband's duty station). Despite Kanna's best efforts, she could not always be close to her daughter due to her "Special Agent of Ember" status, so Shiori was partially raised by her Aunt Juri in New Rebma whenever her mother (or father) was away for an extended period of time. This mixed upbringing at Shalomar and in Rebma fostered a love of sailing, singing, and the sea that stayed with Shiori and has served her well over the decades. Shiori also developed the hobby of tending a small garden in the back yard of her house while her parents were away -- leading to an interest in the world of nature and a measure of responsibility and independance to go with it.

It soon became evident while growing up that Shiori was not going to inherit her mother's strength or her father's endurance in any signifigant measure. However, it was discovered in turn that she possessed some talent for, and an active interest in, both the sword and sorcery. Shiori started learning fencing early from her Aunt Juri, and began magical training at age ten (so as to teach her some measure of self control) from her Uncle Nagisa and Duchess Yumi.

Shiori entered Ohtori Academy at age 12 in 1345, refining her education, sorcerous training, and her martial skills. By the time of her graduation in 1351, Shiori was the president of the Academy Choir and the Fencing Team, having led them to several championships over the years. She immediately entered the Amber City Naval Academy after Ohtori, and continued to be rather driven, pushing herself towards naval excellence. Through hard work, a little luck, and a rather remarkable display of piloting and naval tactics, Shiori graduated from the ACNA in 1355 with top honors and a Captaincy, at the age of 22. (Some wags have expressed the opinion that Shiori's captaincy was due to favortisim by Kozue and Demetrius in light of her heritage and interests -- Shiori ignored them. Kozue and Demetrius's reactions have gone off the record.)

From there, Shiori served a stint in the Amber Navy, serving competantly but not standing out, due to the lack of any major wars at the time. However, Shiori did not mind this, instead taking the opportunity to expand her musical and martial skills by occasionally bringing Ember's Court Bard, Priss, along on her patrols. The two of them developed a decent friendship, and the habit of performing in the dockside taverns and bars whenever Shiori's ships sailed into port. This marked the beginning of Shiori's musical career, with an album compiling some of the best tracks from those sessions ("Sailors Take Warning").

In 1358, Shiori walked the Fire Pattern for the first time on her 25th birthday (she had been waiting for her Grandmother and Aunt to return from their cross-shadow adventures). After exiting the Navy, she began her Pattern training while looking for new places to expand her naval skills. This led to her entering a technical college in a fast-time high-tech shadow, and later teaming up with Telemain to participate in (and win) the Venitian Gondola Games of 1363. The two princ(ess)es of the blood then spent two years in the Venitia Sea College of Magi in Chaos.

With Telemain's encouragement, Shiori then entered Panopticon University in 1365, continuing to expand her education as she studied several facets of Pre-Logrus history. She graduated with a Master's Degree in 1373, having performed graduate work with the noted Shadow historian, Professor Morrison. The next twelve years found Shiori serving as a "Goodwill Ambassador" in Chaos, where she split her time studying magic with Davros and Motoko in the Amberite Embassy, and (to the surprise of many) with Lady Kodachi at Alarsways. In fact, Shiori was responsible for transplanting several forms of Emberite and Rebman plantlife to the House Alars Gardens, and she was known for spending long hours discussing magic, life, and plants with Lady Kodachi as they tended the gardens. Shiori also put on several concerts in the gardens, and pressed an album ("Live At Alarsways") during this time, in protest against the musical stylings of N'Stylite generation 3.

Shiori did not participate in the Second N'Stylite War in any fasion, as can be seen by the fact that she does not react to the words "Second Altamont" with insane gibbering or homicidal mania.

Shiori's time in Chaos ended with the outbreak of the Second Melnibonean War in 1386. She was unable to get her commision reactivated in time to prevent the sacking of the Kashfan coast, but made up for her tardiness by engaging in an agressive campaign against the naval component of the Melnibonean Military through the rest of the war. Her naval skill was sufficent to put to rest the complaints of her detractors from forty years prior.

Shiori then spent some time wandering around Shadow, and completed another album ("Sex & Violets" ) before returning in 1403 to serve in the Viking Wars. She helped her Aunt Kozue with coordinating naval maneuvers and the magical teams on the ships. After the Viking Wars completed, she joined up with the team that was working on defeating the Invasion of the Dark, putting her Panopticon degree to good use in determining the source of the invasion.

Since then, for the past three decades, Shiori has spent the majority of her time around the Amber and Rebma naval bases, as well as the ACNA, pursuing advanced naval training with her father, Commodore Ruka, and learning some of the arts of Submarine Warfare with her Aunt Kozue and the Pearl Fleet. This has not prevented her from undertaking the occasional mission out into Shadow for the various kingdoms of Order, nor has it stopped her from leading squadrons of ships on patrol, as suits her current ranking of Commodore in the Amber Navy. Shiori has also been known to teach the occasional course at the ACNA; when she does, course attendance always seems to increase...

Shiori continues to release albums under the "Snoop Mo G" label, though she's nowhere near as prolific as Random Tenjou has been. Shiori's content to perform at the taverns and bars that her naval travels take her, not seeking the glory that the Queen of Cross-Shadow Pop has gained.

Family Relationships

Shiori gets along moderately well with her immediate family, though she isn't seen as often as some due to her travels. She seems closest to her Aunt Juri and her Aunt Kozue, who have both factored importantly in her life. In fact, Shiori views Juri almost as much her mother as Kanna, though she doesn't love her mom or dad any less. Her relations with her biological parents (Kanna and Ruka) are relatively okay, though her lifestyle choices sometimes baffle them; for while Shiori is outgoing, energetic, opinionated, active, and skilled with ship, sword, spell, and song, she is also quite unashamedly bisexual, having had a string of lovers over the years of both genders. Although she (apparently) has some sense of who to flirt with and whom not, her sleeping around has caused non-favorable commentary among the social vultures of the court -- and led to friction with her mother on occasion. She avoids Nanami and Rimururu whenever possible, out of deference to their opinions on her lifestyle and a desire to keep out of major trouble.

With regards to the current generation, her opinions are more mixed. She really only knows the members of House Souma by their reputations, as well as Random's siblings from Arcadia. She has decent regard for Sosuke and Melissa, having met them during her time in Chaos. Every so often, she calls Nanbara "Wiggles", but never in his family's presence. She can stand being around Kanako, having also met her during her stay at the Amberite Embassy, but has never really understood her. Conversely, she thinks that Yomiko's pretty darn cool, and is flattered that Yomiko's such an ardent fan of her music. The two have on occasion been seen discussing some fine point of plant magic lore from the books Yomiko's collected from her travels. She's also been seen with Telemian (go figure), and the two of them have occasionally adventured together. And as for Orien -- he's her "Big Brother", and she's alternatively fond of and frustrated with him.