Sousuke, Soldier-Heir of Helgram

"It tends to color your thinking."


"He stood rigidly in his uniform, awaiting orders at the front gate of Helgramways; at casual glance, he could have been just another soldier on guard duty, until you looked carefully at his features and saw the ways in which he resembled his parents. Honors covered much of his upper left breast; a careful observer could make out medals of honor from Helgram, Alars, and from Rebma, including a carefully shined and polished silver dolphin pin. He had his father's stern face and sharp eyes, but both were softened a little by the utter lack of malignacy in his gaze or in his calm, expressionless, disciplined face. His body was a tightly coiled killing machine, only lightly muscled but capable of blindingly fast motion. A small crossbow hung on one hip, a sword on the other. He saluted some unseen person; only her long-haired shadow could be seen, saluting him back. Two other shadows cast themselves upon the ground through the gate, obviously approaching it, one male, one female."


Born as a Summer Rites child in 1333 AY. He grew up friends with Munchausen, Kurz, and Melissa. Carefully trained nearly from infancy to be the perfect soldier and heir to Helgram, he and Melissa (and later Kurz) worked closely together from the start.

The trio gained experience in high-tech warfare from the Wagnerian Jyhad, when Lord Loewen decided to fight a war to keep his army in shape. House Helgram's forces move into shadow and attack six variations of the high-tech shadow of Wagner in a row, gradually refining various strategies through experiment.

Many adventures of theirs followed, until 1387, when Kaname came to Chaos to train with Millard Fillmore, Melissa's grandfather. Lord Loewen assigned the three of them to covertly follow and guard her. She mistook them for deadly assassins and tried to defeat them all singlehandedly. This led to much embarrassment.

At the time, House Helgram had allied with the Stylite order against N'Stylite: Generation 3. The result of this is the disaster which becomes known as Second Altamont. Kurz and Marko fought a duel on top of a pillar as the battle raged around them. Sousuke, Kaname, and Melissa are all known to have been present, but it remains unclear what they did, in part because...

No one present will explain exactly what happened next, although mentioning Second Altamont to a veteran is likely to reduce them to either gibbering madness or homocidal mania. It apparently had something to do with Baron Munchausen, 'the Moon Princess', the Giant Bat of Sumatra, an army of Huggy Corrines, werewolf-vampire Brittney Spears clones, and Andy Jackson fighting Michael Jackson on top of Bessie, the Giant Cow of the Atlan Tepes. Maybe. That may simply be the deranged ramblings of lunatic minds.

Many hijinks followed together, until 1414, when Kaname left for the Jacquiverse to train with Mutsumi. Sousuke, Kurz, and Melissa went into covert operations. During the Chaos/Melnibone War, they provided valuable information to House Helgram; they ended up commanding its defenses in 1424, during a major offensive push against Melnibone. And then...

An attack on House Helgram in 1424 by an elite Melnibonean Dragon Rider corps was blunted when Melissa, Kurz, and Sousuke staged a desperate defense of the House (while most of its armies were off fighting in shadow), followed by Allen von Munchausen, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname popping out of nowhere and crushing the Melnibonean commander flat with Munchausen's flying gondola. The commander surviveed, only to be pulled apart by berserk swans. No, really.

Lord Loewen rewarded the trio by promoting Melissa and Kurz to become the first two of Sousuke's Shin Ten Swords.

Personality and Aptitudes

Sousuke is the perfect soldier; he obeys his orders, and always does what he is told. Sort of. There are a few people who Sousuke couldn't allow to die if ordered to do so: Kaname, Melissa, Kurz (and possibly Munchausen, though the man seems to drive him insane). Stiff and formal, he tends to treat everything as a military operation. In part because he's good at that.

This not entirely a good thing, his obedience that is. The problem is that he's supposed to be a leader, but in practice, he tends to let Melissa be in charge, because he's used to obeying orders, not giving them. This has changed some recently, as the current run of crises has forced him to start acting with more independence, and serving as acting-head of Helgram while Loewen recovers from Logruswrack is likely to amplify this trend.

Sousuke is very brave, and very effective within the sphere of his training. Outside that training, he tends to be horribly inept, as he just doesn't get it, much to the frustration of his mother. (And even of his father at times).

Sousuke is very loyal to Nanbara, and will attempt to aid him in anything he can. In his own inimitable way... While he feels sorrow at Kanako's death, there's also a bit of secret relief; as he was worried about what being trapped in Nemuro Hall was doing to her soul, and he is confident she's now resting in the Serpent's coils. His feelings about Suzuka are even more mixed: anger at the death and destruction she's caused, and especially at her stupidity in getting herself banished to another universe and starting off this chain of disaster; unwilling sympathy at being used as a puppet by Yog-Sothoth, and at her current meek and humble behavior; worry about the hatred directed at her by most of the rest of Chaos; and above all else, obedience to the will of the Serpent in taking her under His protection. Of course, this is all before he knows all the truth behind the events of Yogfest...

Sousuke has a great liking of sports, both to participate and to watch.

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Notable Items

Sousuke goes through a lot of equipment, but is known to have a fairly durable suit of armor and a magic blade named Splitter which he's managed to hold onto.

In-Game Developments:

After survivng one assassination attempt from a group of fire and water elementals at the Helgram wargames, learning of the 'death' of his sister Kanako and of her misguided secrets, meeting his new sister Suzuka, and hearing the aftermath of all the other disasters of Day 4, Sousuke was feeling rather stunned by the flood of events that he has little idea how to cope with. After taking refuge in an unambiguous mission, locating and destroying the group responsible for the defeated invasion of Shamber.

A series of other missions were brought off mostly successfully, culminating on the capture of Galatea, the Chaos- and Arcadia-side partner of Kozue and Shinobu Major - and in the process, rescuing Jewel from her brainmunched state and stopping Galatea's Option Zeros for destroying Arcadia.

He woke up the next morning to find himself press-ganged by Tomo into "Who Wants to Marry a Chaos Lord," her Trump-o-Vision attempt to 'find him a girlfriend'. After a lot of initial confusion, he played along until he could find out what was going on and why his friends and parents went along with it; much to his surprise, he found himself enjoying himself by the end of the day, not least because he had someone in Yomi who knew how it felt to be fond of an old friend and yet want to throttle her. However, it didn't last...

The next morning, Kaname came down to Helgram to brief him on the Fate/Destiny? Pattern duplicates... and in the middle of the conversation, he was trumped by what turned out to be Kaname's duplicate. Yogfest '32 struck as his Kaname was trying to trace the call, and Other-Kaname pulled them through to her place as the only way she had to break the call. Trapped on the other side of Yig, Sousuke joined up with Michelle, Akari, and Akari's team to rescue Utena and Wakaba from their madness-induced flight, before making it back to Chaos in time to investigate the takeover of Helgramways. The assault was fraught with difficulty and teetered on the edge of disaster, but everyone survived in the end.

After welcoming Akari and her team to Helgramways, Sousuke went to talk to Lady Suroth, trying to avoid a Chaosian civil war over the throne; although trying to find a compromise she would accept was difficult, things are looking relatively favorable at the moment.