Sumire Kanzaki

Admiral of the Southern Fleet of Amber

Raised by the Kanzaki family in Ember, she became a childhood friend of Princess Kanna. During the Herald Crisis, It was revealed that Sumire is the daughter of Drake by Nabiki, and was placed in Ember at birth to keep her safe from Drake's enemies. This revelation forced her to break off her on / off romantic relationship with Kentaro. She now serves as Admiral of the Southern Fleet.

Sumire is known to be competant in sorcery, and often wields a naginata known as Koucho-no-Tsubasa (aka "Butterfly's Wing") in combat. She has become a fairly impressive naval leader over the last century.

Drake seems to have decided to engage her to Nanbara. This is generally expected to be likely to get messy.

She recently led a successful investigation of the assassination attempt on Kentaro.

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