Sidar Superweapons

Five great superweapons were built (or grown) in the latter days of the Second Sidar Empire, during the factionalization that led to the GodsWar. While many other things made by the elemental factions were nearly as nasty, the five weapons listed below were the most noteable for both their size and their potency. Each faction was secretive on how they really operated and what their most powerful weapons were, but as they were used during the GodsWar against the Outsiders and each other, some rudimentary knowledge of their capabilities remain.

In the wake of the GodsWar, the superweapons were lost to history, believed destroyed or lost at the same time as the falling of the Towers...

Until now.

A smaller version of Mageddon was being built by Boston and Telmar, the Fate-Simulacra copies of Shiori and Telemain, in Telemain's old fortress shadow from stolen copies of the plans, but the newer Mageddon was destroyed before it could be expanded to full size.

Versions of these superweapons also existed in the Arcadiaverse. Random was recent assigned to track them down.Their fates: