House Suroth

Masters of Shapeshifting


Suroth was the sixth daughter of Dios, his first of two by Queen Aviendha, born in 332 AY. She took more after her warrior mother than after her father, being quiet and strong and a little violent.

She spent decades in shadow building her skills, then took up leadership duties during the Reaver War. She slew the Reaver Lord Miktos by impersonating his wife, then killed him in bed (it remains debated as to if they had sex first).

She then found Surothways and turned it into a defensive fortress to help guard the borders of the Courts. She settled down with a band of followers to perfect her shifting skills, along with making many journeys into shadow to study and practice.

After many centuries, she abdicated in 982 AY, heading into Shadow. Some rumors claim she decided to go to other universes to study their shifting arts. A few claim she actually persona-shifted someone too strong of mind and has now taken their place.

Her daughter, Suroth II, rules her House.

Lady Suroth

Favored (Demon) Form:

An eight armed, four legged, scaled humanoid female with four heads, one facing each direction.
Human Form:
An old, muscular woman with stark white hair, orange eyes, clad in chainmail or plate armor.

Lady Suroth, Suroth II, is the eldest surviving daughter of Suroth, by her second husband, Tarlock. She was born in 532 AY. She has served in most of the House's offices before succeeding to the throne.

Suroth loves a good, friendly wrestling match, and loves to pit her skills against others. She typically invites all visitors of note for the strength to a friendly match during their visit. She has the most respect for anyone who has honed their skills at martial arts or shapeshifting.

She has a bit of a reputation as not being too bright, but she seems to have done quite well for her house despite this. She can handle an army reasonably well, but does not excel at such arts. In unarmed combat, she is likely the second best person in the universe. She is also a shifter of great skill.

In the past, she has tended to stay out of everything political except Security issues, where she tends to want to strengthen the ability of the Courts to defend itself. Observors expect that as Queen, she would probably find herself pressing for more centralization to accomplish this.

Suroth is known to greatly admire Prince Ramon, and many suspect if he wasn't married, she would probably be trying to get him to marry her, or at least to breed with her so as to produce the strongest children ever. Prince Orien and Princess Nanami Minor's skills have also been praised by her.

Suroth seems to be moderately friendly to Amber, with which she has had few dealings.

House Aptitudes

House Suroth are the greatest shapeshifters and martial artists in Chaos.

House Geography

A great plain in which a huge stone fortress juts upwards on a low ridge. Surothways is a very tangled castle, built in installments. It is full of secret passages which require lots of shifting to enter and to use effectively.

Notable Surothians and Residents of Surothways

Agla of Suroth

She is one of Lady Suroth's daughters, a flirtatious trump artist and alchemist of some note.

Dargo of Suroth

The great bore of Chaos. Legendary in his bility to ramble on forever unless you run away from him, without ever saying anything interesting. He actually does know a lot of useful stuff, but you have to pry for it. He is the grand-uncle of Lady Suroth.

Dilette of Suroth

One of the noted logrus and crossbow masters of House Suroth. She is another of Suroth's daughters, and she hates Xaemyl.

Egbrith of Suroth

A warrior of note, and heir to House Suroth. Noted for his knowledge of the use of shapeshifting in combat. He is a brave and honest man, but not the sharpest stick in the shed.

Larick of Suroth

Third husband to Lady Suroth, he is a notable practicioner of Shapeshifting sorcery.

Magist Markos of Suroth

A sorceror of fair skill, he is house Magist. He tends to be rather cranky about any insinuation he is not up to the level of some other House Magists. He is distantly related to Lady Suroth.

Nilota of Suroth

Crossbow expert and noted spy and explorer of shadow of House Suroth.

Xaemyl of Suroth

Died in the Logruswrack
Lord Xaemyl is consort to Lady Talia of Alars. He is one of the elder children of the current Lady Suroth, and is reknowned for his skill at demon-form combat, especially the use of his prehensile tail with poison stinger; it resembles a humanoid scorpion. He is known to be a quarrelsome man, and he and Lady Talia fight a lot.

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