Lady Suu

Artificer of Alars

But a slip of a child (if rather precociously brilliant) during the Herald Crisis, Suu met Motoko at the trial of Shizumaru, and took a liking to her, coming to visit her shortly thereafter at House Gainax. This friendship helped build the eventual alliance of Motoko with House Alars, which played a crucial role in the shifting of her house's alliances and its survival during the Herald Crisis.

She has since matured into a beautiful, intelligent woman, the bearer of the Dragon Spikard Hoard of the Dragon, and the Chief Artificer for House Alars. She's also married Prince Touga of Amber, and had two children by him, Aburatsubo and Haru.

She is quite friendly and charming, and often rather child-like; she has a strong rivalry in artificing with Aeris? and Wasyuu?.