Suzuka, Newly-Minted Daughter of Motoko and Loewen

o/~Well, I'm a wicked young lady / But I've been trying hard lately... o/~


"She stood atop a crooked stone pillar, cobbled together with the blood-soaked, mis-matched rubble of destroyed buildings, red and white and grey brick soaked with red. She had grown wan and stretched since my last attempt at a card, as if put through some sort of crimper. Her battle costume was fraying and the dye from its colored borders was running, bleeding red and purple into the white interior; perhaps this was why she now wore a large, thick, heavy mantle, covering her nearly from head to toe; I discerned her swords wrapped tightly in a bundle and stowed within it. The classic beauty of her face was marred by the spiderweb of scars that now encircled her eyes, small fine lines with scalpel-clear borders. Behind her was the crazy vortex of a chaosian sky in full change, red and green and blue and grey and other swirling nameless colors in turbulent rainbow vortex. She held a broken stone in her upraised hand, and around her head swirled a blazing halo of equations in gold and crimson, numbers of the ancient world."


Suzuka, by her own and Kanako's admission, appears to have been 'born' at the same time as Kanako and Nanbara, despite the fact that she was never actually conceived. She was apparently tethered to Kanako in some fashion, and grew up and spent the vast majority of her existence to this point in time as a ghost, following Kanako around; evidence exists that Death had some sort of agenda relevant to her and actively intervened to fuck up her birth. She attained semi-solid status after Kanako's first unfortunate death at the hands of Random gave her access to the soul-batteries of Nemuro Hall, and was granted a fully independent existence by poorly-understood means within Tir'na Nog as a consolation prize for failing the quest for Wings of the Dragon.

While enjoying some initial successes, Suzuka made the mistake of badmouthing Fate and Destiny to Fuyutsuki and got booted out of the universe for her trouble. While off in a parallel reality she compounded her mistake by taking candy from strangers, resulting in her unleashing an Outsider portal upon the universe and then walking into the Logrus carrying a Logrus-killing Gloom Device, killing quite a lot of the population of Chaos, provoking a Chaosian Succession Crisis, and catapulting past Derith to seize his crown in the 'near-destruction of a primal sigil' sweepstakes.

She is currently working for the Serpent to expiate her crimes.

Personality and Aptitudes

Suzuka, along with her sister Anya, represent living and final proof the fact that none of Motoko's children inherited her tact at all. Her social skills appear to be very sub-par, perhaps owing to the fact that she has never quite had anyone to be social with before aside from Kanako. She is not icy in the manner Kanako; while initially she displayed a tendency to be subdued, she has grown icnreasingly erratic and prone to sudden mood swings as she demonstrates little ability to control strong emotions well, probably due to lack of practice. She posesses great skill with a blade, and a strong mind as well, though she cannot be counted among the premier minds of her peer group, but she seems to have inherited her mother's physical shortcomings, through she is tolerably tough. Initially neautral on the matter, she eventually developing feelings of antipathy towards the Powers that make Kanako's pale in comparison, especially a very virulent anti-Pattern bias.

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Notable Items

Suzuka habitually carries a pair of wooden bokkens and wears an Ohtori Academy Class of 1354 ring.