F9R Thematic Quotes From Out-of-Game Sources

"The spirit-child is an unwilling adventurer into chaos and sunlight, into the dreams of the living and the dead. Things that are not ready, not willing to be born or to become, things for which adequate preparations have not been made to sustain their momentous birth, things that are not resolved, things bound up with failure and with fear of being, they all keep recurring, keep coming back, and in themselves partake of the spirit-child's condition. They keep coming and going till their time is right..."

--Ben Okri, "The Famished Road"

"Does the ore admire the fire that transforms it?"

--T. E. Lawrence, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"

"They say that suffering refines the soul. I say, time enough to refine the soul when you have no other choice."

--From Lord Foul's Bane, first book of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

It could have been another story, the one that was meant
Instead of the one that happened. Living like this,

Hoping to revise what has been false or rendered unreadable
Is not what we wanted. Believing that the intended story

Would have been like a day in the west when everything
Is tirelessly present—the mountains casting their long shadow

Over the valley where the wind sings its circular tune
And trees respond with a dry clapping of leaves—was overly

Simple no doubt, and short-sighted. For soon the leaves,
Having gone black, would fall, and the annulling snow

Would pillow the walk, and we, with shovels in hand, would meet,
Bow, and scrape the sidewalk clean. What else would there be

This late in the day for us but desire to make amends
And start again, the sun’s compassion as it disappears.
--Mark Strand, "The Next Time"

Again I saw under the sun
That the race is not won by the swift,
Nor the battle by the valiant,
Nor a livelihood by the wise,
Nor riches by the shrewd,
Nor favor by the experts,
For a time of calamity comes to all alike.
--Ecclesiastes 9:11.

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