Tohru Valois du Therin, Chambermaid at the Chaosian Embassy in Amber and younger sister to Captain Special Agent Tomos. Recently revealed Secret Princess in her spare time

"OOOOH! You turn into a tiger! You're so soft and furry!" (spoken to a young Souma who was, in fact, biting down on her hand at the time)

Her Trump

"A young girl charged towards the viewer across a field of shining purple grass and beautiful flowers, a rose tucked into her long brown hair over her left hair. Many blue ribbons were threaded through her hair, and she wore a simple blue and green dress and blue slippers. At first glance, her charge seemed aggressive, until you saw her happy smile and how her arms were spread wide to hug someone. One then noticed the single foot which jutted into the picture, as if someone was running away from said hug. A book lay discarded behind her; five irregular spheres, blue, green, white, silver, and red could be seen on the cover. The sun shone down brightly on her, driving away all shadows. Except for the inky black tendril reaching up out of the grass behind her."


Born of Tomos' mother and her husband Yves in 1416 AY, she was raised in Therin until her parents died (in a fire in 1424 AY), then stayed with wretched relatives. Tomos rescued her from that, and a chance encounter with Shigure led to him hiring her to work at the Chaos embassy.

Personality and Aptitudes

Bright and shining and innocent, Tohru instinctively finds people's good qualities. This makes her very good at befriending people who would normally be loners and wounded souls.

Tohru carries a picture of her papa with her everywhere, and often treats it like it WAS her papa. She sometimes takes him out and talks to him when depressed.

Tohru is especially close to her brother Tomos, who she loves greatly, and to Uo and Hana-chan, who both dote on her. She is also becoming close to Setsuna, Kyou, Yuki and some of the other Soumas.

Tohru very much likes to hug people, especially Soumas. She seems to have made it her quest in life to hug them all. She thinks shapeshifting is really neat, and has expressed great interest in learning how to do it. Yuki and Kyou are known to be trying to teach her. She's also expressed some interest in learning magic. Hanajima has been tutoring her. She's also taking sword training with her brother, and can often be seen practicing with a mop.

She's also been studying about the Cone People under Setsuna's tutelage, and possibly some other lore as well. In addition, she works at the Chaosian Embassy as a chambermaid, performing her duties well. She is a cook of great skill, and it's thought she may well be hired to become embassy cook as soon as Shigure can find some excuse to fire the current cook, Borizmas, who sees the writing on the wall, and has come to really hate Tohru.

Tohru has remarkable endurance for a sixteen year old, able to work very long hours, and go without sleep several days in a row if she needs to.

Thanks to recent intensive training, Tohru has demonstrated she is now a good enough martial artist to go toe to toe with Keiko or Tomos, a good enough swordswoman to match Hanajima, and a potent enough mind to impress (though certainly not surpass) Nanami Major. She's also been training in sorcery.

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Notable Items

Tohru almost always wears ribbons in her hair, although if they have any powers, they have yet to display them. She also always carries a small framed portrait of her father, Yves.

She now bears a sword named Sercepelorme, and wears jewelry bearing the insignia of House Valois.

In-Game Developments

Tohru seems to have recently tamed herself an Abyss Kitten, who she has named Sable. She has also had her hair changed from brown to orange (except for a brown forelock), assisted in reincarnating Nanami into Anya, and become a Princess of Amber descended from Drake. Yes, Drake.

Tohru apparently went head to head with a Derith Patternghost and won at the end of her first Patternwalk, leading to many people calling her very brave and not too wise. She got the information she wanted, though...

She has since attended the Catala-Helgram Engagement Ball, where she returned House Souma's Lesser Logrusfoil to them.

She was among those who defended Babyland.

Tohru has since gone to Chaos and helped to defend Azalyn from assault and rescue Kisa from Shadow.