Tomos Valois, Child of Metal

Go away. Before you give me a reason to reclaim my sword.


I turned the new card, so fresh I could almost smell the wet paint upon it. Depicted was a man seated on a stone bench, hands resting on a gleaming silver and black cane held between his legs. His hair appeared platinum blonde at the scale of the trump but I knew it to be brownish blonde, shot through with streaks of gleaming true silver. The gaze of his muddy blue eys was cool, almost indifferent. His garments, exclusively the gray and brown of dusty earth, were simple, almost shapeless, covering limbs so lean they might be labelled gaunt. A hint of silver peeked out over one boot where his pants had pulled out. Staring at that lined face and hooded eyes, I shuddered, wondering if this seemingly lifeless shell was all that remained of former Captain Special Agent of the Amber Royal Guard, Tomos Valois.


Born in 1340 AY to Louise Valois, a descendant of Coretta Valois, younger sister of Queen Lorelei, Tomos father was a minor Daigan nobleman. At age 16, he joined the Castle Guards when his mother returned to Therin with her future husband. He was promoted to Corporal in 1363, Sergeant in 1373, and Captain in 1385, while engaging in numerous adventures of various sorts. He also served as Royal Bodyguard for Queen Yuriko from 1385 to 1400.

Tomos has been known to have been involved in a number of significant incidents, such as the Death Goddess Uprising in Siam in 1357, the stopping of the Pentagram Killer in 1367 and the subsequent Shopping Trip of Doom, the invasion of the firebreathing turtles in 1373, and the often retold (particularly by Munchausen) 1380 Incident with the Red Dragon Tong and Wan Lung, Evil Undead Chaos Sorcerer.

Personality and Aptitudes

Tomos is normally something of an elemental personality; flambouyant and genial, often generous, and fond of good stories, good drink, and good times. As a result of several recent crisis, it seems a good deal of the shine has come off. He seems quieter, intense, brooding and moody.

Tomos recently suffered a set of nearly crippling injuries, which have dramatically affected his abilities, reducing his speed, strength, and stamina. He once ranked one of the best three of his generation at swordplay, but his skills show signs of both injury and disuse; he's still quite skilled, but not nearly so dazzling as he once was. He remains tough, physically; again, one of the best of his generation, and in the family as well, but again, has suffered somewhat in the wake of his injuries. He's moderately strong, among the better of his peers, but not nearly on the level of those like Minor, Uo, or Kyou. Though most people only think of him as being adequately capable of leading troops, he's revealed that when he stops to think, he's surprisingly good at it. He's shown skills that put him as one of the better of the generation, approximately equal to Orien and Suzuka, with only Random, Asuka, and Nanbara being clearly better. He is not known for the stunning potency of his mind, but his new intensity seems to hint at a dramatic improvement there.

He's known to have walked a Broken Pattern and possess a few tricks beyond its basic use, and has also been seen using Power Words, though his skills at both do not seem at all extraordinary. He appears to be a shapeshifter of reasonable skill, something few were aware of until very recently. He's also begun to demonstrate an affinity for Elemental Metal, related to his heritage as the Child of Metal.

Beyond his skills as a guard and warrior, he's also given most of his close friends hand-knitted garments of his own making, and has an excellent hand for calligraphy.

In-Game Developments

After tracing the outbreak of Abyss Kittens to the KODT and eliminating them yet again, Tomos declined to follow up on the issue in Chaos, citing too close a personal emotional involvement in the matter. Instead, he, along with Captian Special Agents Hanajima and Uotani disappeared into Shadow to visit the Infinite Library. The information they acquired there led them to the Bureau of Destiny Maintenence, where Uo and Hana discovered some rather surprising facts about their own pasts and future destinies.

Upon completion of that quest, he went to visit the members of House Belgalad who were holed up in fast-time, raising the newest family member Anya with help from his sister Tohru. A bit of information that fell into his lap led him to Therin, where with the help of Drake, he discovered Tohru's entire family line descends from Drake himself, making them members of the Royal family. However, at the same time, assassins struck at the house of Fenchaud, killing Tohru's great-aunt and uncle and several step-cousins before Tomos could rescue the remainder.

He returned to the Belgalad retreat, gathering up his sister and companions, then returned to Therin, raiding the Masonic Temple, and capturing the ringleaders of the conspiracy aimed at the Fenchauds. Interrogation revealed they were pawns of the group known as the Ascended Masters.

The following morning he and Hanajima assisted Chloe in seeking a cure for the curse which seemingly plagues House Rebma, returning to Amber in the presence of the Wind Dragon, one of the Animal Gods of old. After calming down the city's panic reaction, he assisted his sister in getting ready for the Helgram engagement/wake/coming out, which included watching her walk the Pattern and confront Derith's ghost, and then presenting her with a gift to be given at ball. Around this time it was also revealed by Anthy and then Asuka that he had inherited the mantle of the Child of Metal.

After assisting King Tylor in repelling an attack on Castle Amber by Luke under the guidance of Wu-Sakura, he joined forces with Princess Sumire to hunt down those who attempted to assassinate Prince Kentaro and assault an International Juri stronghold. Upon his return to Amber he was recruited by Princess Random to protect King Thoric, and Princesses Random and Juri during their fast-timed pregnancies. He seems to have become fairly close to Princess Minako during their time together there; in fact, it's now rumoured she's gotten him pregnant.

After the fast-time retreat, he, Uotani, Hanajima, and Prince Kentaro returned to Kashfa in order to capture Countess Laura Terel, one of the Ascended Masters. Amid much confusion and encounters with two seperate assassins and the renknowned thief Nym, the Countess was captured, King Rinaldo was saved, the Chaos Assasin Noir was driven off without her kill, Nym escaped without the royal crowns, and a spare Chaosian Assassin was recovered.

Having developed a strange ability to find spawn of Kozue under couches, Tomos consulted with several of the family's pattern and genetics experts, eventually being drawn into the rescue of the new Princess Hurin from Arcadia's Tower of Metal, having become female along the way to deal with her own child. Following nearly directly on the heels of that mission, Tomos joined Chloe, Miroku, and several others in dealing with the aftermath of Logruswrack, helping retrieve Suzuka and the Gloom Device from inside the Logrus itself, ejecting Yog-Sothoth from the universe, and then rescuing Princess Azalyn from a variety of those who did not wish her to become Queen Azalyn.

In the aftermath of Logruswrack, Tomos worked with Chloe, assisting Touga in getting Chaos running smoothly. Together with Moonshade, they forged new chains and rebound the Fenris Wolf which was destroying House Aesir and Vanir. Then, they were sent to Venetia, to put out the fires and stop the looting of the Great College of Magic there. Afterwards they visited Al-Rassan, where they were to assist Shahid Al-Raschid in securing the throne in the wake of his father's death. They encountered resistance from Noir, actually the Fate duplicate of Chloe, and drew her into a trap, not realizing she was working with the Fate duplicate of Kaname. Tomos was greviously injured in the battle and medivaced by Touga to House Gainax to recover. After awakening, still partially crippled, he disappeared, apparently sent to Amber by Jack.

It turns out that he was severely mentally traumatized by his injuries and the events that followed, and retreated into fast time by himself, birthing Inigo and raising him to the age of 12 before anyone caught up with him. Faye, leading Vice, Mature, and Mireille, his newly found sister, dug him out of some sort of fast-timed alternate Amber, only to be interruped by Minako who was less than pleased. He was hauled off to Arcadia where he suffered a complete breakdown in front of the Arcadian Triumverate before being sent back to Amber for further harranguing. Wasyuu gave him sufficiently therapy to get him back on his feet, and he was given over to Vice and Mature for supervision, and the group decided to attempt to prevent Therin from exploding into revolution.

The Therin operation was interrupted by the news of Tohru's death and rebirth as a vampire, and he went to Adelphi in order to find a possible cure for her, along with the healing of the souls of Uotani and Hanajima. The answers in place, they were pulled away to fight Fate Shizumaru and Bust Rimururu after rescuing Akari from a fusion with Fate. He'd planned to take Uotani, Hanajima, and his sister to deal with Mirielle's old partner Kirika and recover the first item necessary to heal Hanajima, but the expedition was interrupted by the sting on the Ends of the World. Tomos and crew teamed up with Random, Juri, Vice, and Mature to prevent Violet from being assassinated by a team from New Chaos' House Wotan and cleverly avoided dying in Primal Chaos option zeroes.

After checking in with his minders, Tomos and Hana went to recover one of the artifacts necessary for healing her soul, and is now plotting a raid on Melnibone to free Princess Terebithia and tie up a number of loose ends from Mirielle's past.

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Notable Items

All of Tomos' normal gear was burnt away by Primal Chaos.

The Curse of Moriya

In the course of the game, Tomos has held many blades of particular potency, which he has given up for various reasons. Among them: