Captain Special Agent Uotani Arisa, Gangster Turned Trusted Royal Agent and Bodyguard

Uotani now points at Child. "I am the Daughter of the Bear, the Disciple of the Mistress of the 631 Secret Runes, Mistress of the High Rune of Ujikal. Lord of Chaos, I BANISH YOU IN THE NAME OF UJIKAL, WHO ABHORES ALL THE DELVINGS OF CHAOS!" She draws a rune in the air, a glowing sign of perfect symmetry and structure, and power flows into it from Anthy and her Eye and her Wheel. And then it soars across the open space towards Child.
Child stares in shock. "Ujikal is dead! I saw his towers burn, I saw his children scattered, his power bound into a spoon of all things and......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" The sign strikes him, and he hangs on it for a few seconds, and then explodes into a shower of crystalline fragments which burn and blow away in the wind, surging into the sky and floating towards a distant horizon.
Uotani says, "FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!"


"The tall, muscular blonde stood with her back to the viewer, a white towel wrapped around her waist down to her knees, and white bandages wrapped round her upper chest; she knotted them in place as the viewer watched, and stared into a large closet. To the left hung a plain grey dress on a hook, along with a simple white half-mask; a long wooden bat was propped up under it. In the middle, directly before her, was a guard uniform of Castle Amber, along with the cap of a Captain special agent. Crossed swords, each with a gauntlet riding on the hilt, hung next to it on the wall. She glanced over at the elaborate red dress, covered with golden unicorns, which hung from a hanger slung off a hook on the right side of the closet. The dress was strangely spectral and slightly transparent. The corner of her bed jutted into the picture on the left, three shadows lay across the floor to her right, one short and two tall.


Born sometime in 1333, her parents, a tailor and a seamstress, were both killed in the Dead Unicorn/Dead? Monkey riot of 1335. She grew up tall, strong, and tough, getting into many fights she always won. Her aunt Chanara raised her to age 14, teaching her to be a seamstress. At age 14, a boy, Thomas, convinced her to run away with him and join his 'band of heroes', which turned out to be a street gang. She lost her virginity to him; then he tried to dump her. So she beat the crap out of him and started her own, all female gang. Her first recruit was Hana-chan, whose family wanted to engage her to someone she hated.

Uo's naturally potent mind (by comparison to Joe Amberite) and her huge strength made her a very successful gang leader. Until the incident in 1349 which ended her gang career, she led the gang successfully. The exact events remain unclear, but apparently, it was the day before the Spring Equinox, 1349. Motoko's Quartet was in Amber for Deirdre and Miroku's 16th Birthday. Motoko, Keiko, and Anthy went shopping together, with Demetrius and Ramon as their packhorses. Somehow, she ended up punching them all out, except for Ramon, who chased her through the streets of the city. While carrying her back to the store, he offered her a chance to use her talents for good in the Castle Guard. She agreed on condition that he would help her fellow gang members find a future. Many of them ended up finding work through Ramon's efforts; a few of them became Castle Guards, including Hana-chan. It remains unclear why he took mercy on her. She profusely apologized to Keiko and the others, but they were all pretty hostile to her at first, except for Ramon, who began training her.

Years of extensive training followed. Years of beatings from Nanami Minor also followed, as Nanami Minor took out her rage on Uo; this led to intense hatred. It also spurred her to train relentlessly. She also worked hard to make up for the bad first meeting with Keiko and Motoko, and took lessons in etiquette from Haruna (with only some success). She met Rally after one brawl with Corey in the Iron Pot; they became good friends, and she trained in sharpshooting with Rally. Working hard and training hard, by 1354, she made corporal, and became the official trainer of new guardsmen in unarmed combat. That's how she met Tomos.

She, Tomos, and Hana-chan became close friends, often working together. The three of them demonstrated capacities that other guardsmen cannot match (leading to many speculations about them), and zoomed up the hiearchy, becoming special agents for the crown. Until 1406, they were mostly inseperable, fighting various menaces and protecting the Royal Family from many menaces.

By 1375, Uo was appointed sergeant. In 1395, she was part of the team assigned to 'protect' Keiko and Ramon on the trip to Wroland, and helped crush the assassins. She seemed disappointed that she came out without a scratch, whereas Nanami Minor got shot twice and bragged endlessly. For years, she and Keiko had been gradually healing their rift. After it, she and Keiko actually became friendly, and Keiko discovered she had the potential to learn magic. However, while she had a knack for power words, she also had almost no ability to control magical energies with any sort of fine control, and her spells tended to malfunction horribly. She decided to stick to Power Words, for now, anyway.

She took a brief leave of absence, and Seta took her to a Broken Pattern, where she walked it and learned the basics, then vanished into Shadow for a few years.

Shortly after her return, she became Royal Bodyguard, and served as Yuriko's bodyguard for many years, while Vash took a leave and vanished into Shadow. She recently passed the post off to Spike Spiegel and Jet, and became simply Special Agent Captain Uo of the Castle Guard again. She has provided muscle on many missions into shadow and protected many army commanders over the years. She's also had special gauntlets made for her by Bill Vincent. And they're not an imitation of Nanami Minor's gauntlet AT ALL. No, really.

1403 AY: After a year of watching Miroku mack on women, Captain Special Agent Uotani tells him to put up or shut up. A massive lovemaking session follows, at the end of which, Miroku passes out while she's just getting going. He is seen for weeks, begging her for another shot, but she tells him to come back when he can go the distance.

1413 AY: Captain Special Agent Uotani gives Miroku another chance. This time when he wears out, she wraps him in a package and leaves him in front of Bumpy's with a note that says 'Please Help This Man Learn How To Last In Bed'.

Since Tomos' return with Tohru, she has become firm friends with Tohru, who is bright and shining and full of hope and good cheer. Some of this has leaked into Uo, sanding off her rough edges a bit more.

Uotani has been seen reading tactics manuals lately; some people think she may well be trying to prepare for the day when Misato retires. Others think this is part of her ongoing rivalry with Nanami Minor.

Personality and Aptitudes

Uo-chan is a fierce scrapper by nature, one who responds poorly to insults, and is not very forgiving of anyone outside her close circle of friends: Prince Ramon, Princess Keiko, Princess Motoko, Moonshade, Tomos, Hana-chan, Tohru. She has great respect for 'Seta-Sensei' and 'Haruna-Sensei', who both like her. She's also very strongly loyal to Amber, and even more so to Prince Ramon and Princess Keiko.

She and Prince Ramon are very close; in fact, he's on rather better terms with her than he is with Nanami Minor, and almost certainly sees her more often. She trains daily with Ramon and Keiko and does weight training with them as well, and goes shopping with Keiko sometimes. She also seems to be on quite good terms with Moonshade and Motoko. Uotani seems to show up a remarkably large number of Belgalad family gatherings where one might not expect a simple guardswoman to appear. This has led some to speculate that Uotani quietly shares Ramon and Keiko's bed, though Uotani becomes violent when people ask this, and Keiko just laughs at anyone who suggests it. Ramon simply glares. Others speculate that she is an illegitimate child of one or the other of them, though given that no one else seems to bother hiding their bastards, this seems unlikely.

For a long time, Nanami Minor and Uotani had a bitter rivalry, but since their trip to Tir'na'nog, they seem to have finally reconciled. She still hates Corey, who always took Nanami Minor's side and beats her up periodically. She isn't too fond of Demetrius, more because he's hostile to her.

She tends to take the physical solution to problems, although she's trying to learn to be more subtle. Without much success. In part this is because she's an unarmed combat death machine on a par with Yuki, Kyou, and Nanami Minor. She can take and dish out huge amounts of punishment.

For a long time, she was unable to do sorcery, but now she seems to have gained enough fine control to be able to cast spells, and it seems to thrill her to death. She's also known as one of the great power word experts of the family, having delved deep into Haruna's lore.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

She has a pair of gauntlets made by Bill Vincent. And they aren't cheap knockoffs of Nanami Minor's gauntlet. Nope.

She also has acquired a pair of flaming gauntlets of unknown origin.

She occassionally shows up in very spectacular dresses on court occassions. Rumor has it she makes them herself.

In-Game Developments

Uotani seems perkier than usual of late.

Uotani has just finished helping to investigate the attempted murder of Prince Kentaro.

Uotani has, after some time in Babyland, gone to Tir'na'nog with Ramon and Keiko and emerged, apparently reconciled with Minor and now able to do sorcery.

Uotani rode with a posse to the aid of the Logrus, and seems to now be dating Miroku.

Uotani has since gone on a long mission in Uberwald, and after a trip to Adelphi is going through rough times with her boyfriend.

She was nearly slain by Primal Chaos, but saved by Vice, during the defense of the Embassy.

She blew Child into TINY BITS during a recent dream quest, OH YEAH.